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Video Review- Elimination Chamber

02/20/11 Elimination Chamber results- Miz retains, Cena/Edge victorious in chambers

World and WWE Title matches set for Wrestlemania after Miz and Edge leave Elimination Chamber as champions

WWE Tag Team Championship match
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater won the titles from Vladimir Kozlov(c) and Santino Marella(c)

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston

WWE Title match
The Miz(c) retained his title against Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

Elimination Chamber: World Heavyweight Championship match
Edge defeated Kane, Drew McIntyre, Big Show, Wade Barrett and Rey Mysterio

Elimination Chamber: #1 Contender for the WWE Title match
John Cena defeated Sheamus, John Morrison, The Truth, Randy Orton and CM Punk

Ross Report on CM Punk, Austin returning and Sting at Mania

Jim Ross has updated his blog with comments on CM Punk, Austin hosting Tough Enough and the rumors of Sting debuting for WWE at Wrestlemania

from Rajah-

CM Punk’s Character: “Is there a better wrestling villain on TV these days than CM Punk? Arguable question but for my sauce, Punk is right there at the top of the heap with a handful of his peers.”

Steve Austin Hosting Tough Enough:Steve Austin is very excited about hosting the new season of Tough Enough. It will be interesting to see how much star power and expertise is put in place when the training staffis announced. My instincts say that Austin will have a strong team to help him with the trainees. This will be a great opportunity for Stone Cold to be Stone Cold and to re-engage his many fans on a weekly TV series of which I have great expectations for and will be watching and DVR’ing every week. I do not know the status of Tough Enough airing outside the USA for those that are asking.”

Sting: “The Sting stories that have been on line regarding him coming to WWE have taken a life of their own. Will Sting ever come to WWE? Does a 51 year old guy want to engage in an ambitious, road schedule or any schedule? Could a deal be done and all the pieces be put in place before WM27? Is Sting even remotely interested in re-entering the squared circle on any level? I don’t know the answersto these questions nor, would I suggest, does anyone but Sting himself.”

“Agreed, any thing is possible but what is feasible, doable, etc are questions that none of us can answer. I have seen Sting once in approximately 15 years and that was for about 5 minutes in Charlotte last year at the annual fan convention. I do know that he is a great human being after being around him for over two decades beginning when he came to work for Bill Watts as one half of the Bladerunner tag team with Warrior. They were known as Sting and Rock as I recall when they began their careers with the large Cowboy. Some of my best memories of calling wrestling bouts involved Sting back in the day in UWF and in WCW.”


Alberto Del Rio wins 2011 Royal Rumble

Alberto Del Rio won the rumble and will likely face Edge for the title at Wrestlemania

credit- The Wrestling Observer

Final four are Cena & Orotn vs. Del Rio & Barrett.

Riley distraced Cena and Miz came out of the announcing chair and threw out Cena.

Del Rio won.

Orton threw out Barrett but then Del Rio immediately threw out Orton.  As he was celebrating, Santino Marella came out from the floor.  He had gone under the ropes way earlier.  He gave Del Rio the cobra and went to throw himout but Del Rio reversed and threw him over the top.

Match went 69 minutes total.  As far as the match went, most of the minor names were put in early.  there weren’t a lot of big crowd reactions, biggest by far were Booker T and Kevin Nash (as Diesel), but then both were eliminated immeidiately, which really upset the crowd in both cases.  In fact they were madder about them being eliminated.  Crowd seemed happy that Cena was thrown out.  The booking of the match was good and it was never boring, but nothing really special.  No surprises in the sense that aside from Ezekiel Jackson, throwing out Big Show, nobody who wasn’t a star threw out anyone who was a star nor were made a star and this is an easy match to do that.  John Morrison had a great spot where he was thrown out but landed Spiderman style on the barricade (foot never hit the floor), climbed to the top of the barricade, jumped to the ring steps and then got back in the ring.

Royal Rumble returns- Booker T and Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash and Booker T have been confirmed to return to WWE at Royal Rumble

from the Wrestling Observer-

There is a lesson to be learned here regarding shooting angles first and then trying to sign the guys up.  Booker T is confirmed to be in the Royal Rumble.  Kevin Nash is expected to be there as well.  Both canceled autograph signings scheduled this weekend.  Those in TNA and WWE both have confirmed Booker being expected at WWE instead of TNA on Monday.  When it comes to Nash, his name was just removed from the TNA roster (even though he had “left” the company months ago).  It is being reported he’s in the Rumble and all that does make sense but we haven’t had it confirmed by WWE people of that fact.  Booker T and Kevin Nash had been earmarked to start on Monday with TNA as part of  “They,” which makes Monday’s Impact very interesting as the only former Main Event Mafia member they can now bring in being Sting


Royal Rumble 2011 preview- matches, rumors, predictions

The Royal Rumble airs this Sunday(01/30/11) live from Boston, MA

Divas Title match/ 2-on-1 Handicap match
Lay-Cool vs. Natalya Hart(c)
Predicted winner- Lay-Cool may bring in recently signed Diva, Awesome Kong to be the muscle for their team

World Heavyweight Title match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Edge(c)
Predicted winner- Theres no way I could see Ziggler winning the title

WWE Title match
Randy Orton vs. The Miz(c)
Predicted winner- I expect Miz to retain his title here but to lose it at No Way Out in the elimination chamber

40-Man Royal Rumble Match
Predicted winner- There are several names rumored for a win at this years rumble, they include Triple H, Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. I would expect John Cena to emerge from the rumble victorious

Named participints by

  • Alberto Del Rio
  • CM Punk
  • “Dashing” Cody Rhodes
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Darren Young
  • David Hart Smith
  • David Otunga
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Ezekiel Jackson
  • Heath Slater
  • Husky Harris
  • Jack Swagger
  • John Cena
  • John Morrison
  • Justin Gabriel
  • Mark Henry
  • Mason Ryan
  • Michael McGillicutty
  • Primo
  • R-Truth
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Sheamus
  • Ted DiBiase
  • Tyson Kidd
  • Wade Barrett
  • William Regal
  • Yoshi Tatsu
  • Zack Ryder

12/19/10 WWE TLC results- Edge wins the World Title

WWE Tables, Ladders, Chairs ends two main event feuds as focus turns to Wrestlemania

Chairs Match:
John Cena def. Wade Barrett

World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match:
Edge def. World Heavyweight Champion Kane, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio

WWE Champion Tables Match:
WWE Champion The Miz def. Randy Orton

#1 Contender for the WWE Title Ladder Match:
John Morrison def. Sheamus

WWE Tag Team Title Match:
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov def. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

Divas Tag Team Tables Match:
Divas Champion Natalya and Beth Phoenix def. Team Lay-Cool

Intercontinental Title Triple Threat Ladder Match:
Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger

WWE Wrestlemania results- Michaels retires, Cena wins WWE Championship

Welcome to our coverage of WrestleMania from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

Announcers are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Stryker

The Miz & Big Show vs. R-Truth & John Morrison opens the show

3:00 match, with Show punching Morrison as Morrison tried a springboard move.  Show had tagged Miz behind Morrison’s back and Show pinned Morrison.  Total nothing match.

Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes

First half of the match was DiBiase & Rhodes working together on Orton.  They split up and broke up each other’s chances to win.  Orton made the big comeback, and ended up destroying both with a draping DDT at the same time.  He then used the punt on Rhodes and the RKO on DiBiase, getting the pin on DiBiase.  Mostly a by-the-numbers type of match for a feud that has been a disappointment most of the way.  Orton came out of it as a babyface.  He got a face reaction but he was not treated reacted to like a Cena or Michaels level super babyface like the crowd.

The heel women were out doing an interview.  They gave Jillian Hall a cameo doing her horrible singing.  Santino Marella came out for a promo.  He did a Slim Jim, bit a Slim Jim and Hall turned into mae Young, bit again and it turned into Gene Okerlund weareing a women’s evening gown.  Bit at Melina showed up.  They left together.  That was a cute segment.

Money in the Bank is next, Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin, Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Jack Swagger, Christian, Evan Bourne and MVP.  Kane has a black left eye.

A surprise winner in Jack Swagger.  He and Christian were both on the top struggling over the briefcase.  He grabbed the briefcase and slammed it into Christian’s head and Christian took a big bump.  Swagger took forever to unhook the thing.  Kind of one of those time stood still moments.  Really good match.  Lots of big bumps.  Evan Bourne used a shooting star press on a ladder bridge, Christian did a reverse DDT on Matt off the ladder.  Crowd really was mad when they thought McIntyre was going to win.  He was up about the unlock the briefcase when the ladder was shoved over and he crotched himself.  A lot of the usual ladder spots, but this was also the safest when it came to avoiding the head like the elimination of the teeter totter spot that bashed in Joey mercury’s face a few years back in a ladder match.  There was also a cool spot where Kingston used two halves of a broken ladder and tried to use it to climb.  Much better than anything else up to this point.

They are showing Hall of Fame stuff with Howard Finkel making his annual Mania appearance to announce it.  Everyone got a nice reaction.  Ted DiBiase’s reaction was the biggest with Bob Uecker’s as the second biggest.  They had tons of members of the Hart Family for Stu.  Betty Nance was there for Gorgeous George.

HHH vs. Sheamus

HHH won with the pedigree.  The story is that HHH was playing possum, pretending to be knocked out after Sheamus’ bicycle kick.  Sheamus took too long in going for the kill, then went to pick HHH instead of going for the pin and he used a kick to the stomach and pedigree.  HHH had earlier become the “first person’ to kick out of the bicycle kick and Sheamus kicked out of a spinebuster.  They have a really cool video deal that comes from the ceiling into the ring with graphics of the winners shown after wins by the stars like Orton and HHH after the win.  This seemed to be set up to have HHH as the top contender for the title.  Good match.

Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk

Punk did an interview saying the place was filled with 70,000 people hopped up on drugs to the point they believe Mysterio is a superhero.  He got real good heat for his promo.  He was wearing a ponytail on his mask with Mysterio with an Avatar costume.

They only got 6:00 so this wasn’t even close to the level of their Smackdown TV match.  Good finishishing series of spots.  Mysterio went for a 619 but Serena protected Punk.  Luke Gallows distracted Mysterio, and Punk picked him up for the GTS.  Mysterio reversed the GTS into a huracanrana.  The move flipped Punk into Gallows and he kind of like speared him off the apron.  Mysterio then hit the 619 and a springboard splash for the pin.  The match was good given the amount of time they were given, but this was hardly the WrestleMania match you would expect from these two.

Vince vs. Bret is next

The Hart Family are heel lumberjacks having turned on Bret.  Smith, Bruce, Diana and Ellie turning on Bret is art imitating life.  Bruce Hart is the referee.  Bruce was the guy who Pat Patterson chose to feud with Bret years ago and Bret turned it down, saying the feud would never fly and Bret chose Owen instead, which ended up being one of Bret’s best programs.  Smith looks a lot like Stu.  But Bret said he knew about it ahead of time and the Hart family was paid up front and Bruce hugged Bret.

Match was strange, to say the least.  It was the most anti-psychology match in history, as Vince just took a beating with like two dozen chair shots before the sharpshooter finish.  Crowd did pop for the sharpshooter but the crowd had no idea how to react to this.  Hart Family posing at the end got a polite applause because fans knew they were supposed to.  Vince took some very legitimate punishment, the most notable bump being when David Hart Smith picked Vince up and Tyson Kidd came off the top rope to the floor with a Hart attack style clothesline.  Vince took the Road Warrior double impact and landed badly on the back of his head on the floor.  Bret even did a few low blows.  There was a point when this was like overkill, but I think the idea was they had to go 10:00 and Vince would take a beating.  Vince got no offense in at all.  He did get a tire iron and made the family all back off, but when he went to use it on Bret, Bret ducked, and beat on him some more, including with a tire iron shot to the throat done in Ernie Ladd/Luke Graham thumb thrust to the throat style.

Announced attendance was 72,219.  The numbers in Detroit and Houston were made up.  The Orlando number two years ago was legit, although heavily papered.  It’ll probably be months before whether or not this is a legitimate number and how much was papered comes out.  Still, there are a ton of people there.

Chris Jericho vs. Edge for the world title

Jericho retained the title with a belt shot after ref Jack Doan had been knocked down by an elbow by Edge, and a codebreaker.  Excellent match, best thing so far on the show.  Lots of near falls.  Edge kicked out of a codebreaker and also survived the Walls of Jericho and a half crab after Jericho had worked on the injured Achilles tendon injury.  The one spear spot during the match saw Jericho side step.   Jericho also went for a spear and went for a high kick.  Post-match saw them clear off the announcers table and Edge did a running spear off two tables and they went off the table through the barricade.  That was one nasty shot.

They are showing clips of the Battle Royal.

The women’s ten-person match with Maryse & Vickie Guerrero & Layla & Alicia Fox & Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix & Mickie James & Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim & Eve Torres

Everyone did their move.  The finish was McCool and Layla balanced Vickie as she did the frog splash onto Kelly.  It was an ugly looking move and then Vickie in cradling Kelly actually pulled her shoulder up.  The ref did his job and held up the count since Kelly’s shoulder was up but it only made it looked more screwed up.  Then Vickie pinned Kelly.

John Cena vs. Batista for the WWE title

They are doing a big military entrance for Cena.  This is even more elaborate than the one Kurt angle got.  Cena got the biggest reaction so far on the show.

Very good match.  Both kicked out of each others’ big moves, spinebuster and Batista bomb as well as the Attitude Adjustment.  Several other near falls as well.  The finish saw Cena come off the top but was caught in a Batista bomb as he came off (mistimed) for a near fall  Batista went for a second Batista bomb but Cena escape and turned it into an STF for the submission via tap out and title change.  Cena smiled and posed with fans in the front row wearing “I Hate Cena” T-shirts.  That was pretty funny.  Very rare to have a WrestleMania with only one title change the entire show.

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels ends the show

These two are winning match of the year two straight years.  Fantatsic match, every bit as good as last year’s match with the two of them kicking out of every one of each others’ usual finishes.  The highlight was Michaels first superkicking Undertaker onto the table on the floor, and then doing a moonsault off the top rope to the floor onto Undertaker on the announcers table.  Undertaker used a tombstone piledriver that Michaels kicked out of.  They paused for a long time and Michaels did the throat slice, then slapped Undertaker in the face.  Undertaker then did a jumping tombstone piledriver for the pin.  Undertaker did a great job selling his knee for most of the match.

Big fireworks display at the end of the show.

Undertaker helped Michaels to his feet and they shook hands and hugged.   Michaels looked to the sky and people were cheerign for him and started chanting his name and he started crying.  He got a huge reaction leaving the ring shaking peope’s hands on the way out.

credit: Wrestling Observer

First ECW, Now WWE Kills Survivor Series

According to Pwinsider, Vince McMahon announced during WWE’s latest conference call that after 23 years, the Survivor Series pay-per-view has come to an end.

Along with WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble, and Summer Slam, Survivor Series was considered to be one the “big four” PPVs in the WWE calendar.

However, the buy rate for the 2009 edition took a serious nosedive, almost 30 percent less compared to the 2008 edition.

Vince was quoted as saying:

“We think that Survivor Series is obsolete, as far as that title is concerned. It was something that worked many, many years ago, in terms of a creative standpoint, various teams competing. That really is not advantageous as the consumer now looks as what actually they are buying.”

Interestingly enough, last year’s PPV was headlined by a WWE Title match featuring John Cena, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. In fact, not since 2004 has the Survivor Series match headlined the PPV itself.

Therefore, while it could be argued that the Survivor Series concept is obsolete indeed, it could well be argued that WWE themselves pushed it into oblivion.

The lack of compelling feuds, coupled with the decision to base the event around two title matches featuring guys who have already been overexposed on TV, or have won the respective titles enough times to count, certainly played a factor in the sad demise of this famous wrestling event.

During the 2000s, the most famous Survivor Series match remains the polarizing 2001 WWF vs. Alliance (WCW/ECW) match, which attracted criticism for its ending which centred around Kurt Angle, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, rather than any WCW or ECW star.

However, that match was in kayfabe terms one of the biggest in our time, and in reality, the 2001 buy rate bettered several of its future editions.

The second oldest WWE PPV has now comes to its end. WWE cites re-branding as one of the factors that required them to move on from the brand, although SS fit in perfectly with their basis of themed PPVs, such as Elimination Chamber and TLC.

More specialty matches will likely be explored for the themed PPVs, with the most recent WWE Online Survey concerning a prospective War Games or King of the Ring-type tournament.

The War Games inclusion raised my eyebrow, with the possibility of its return being nothing short of tantalizing. Having seen the cage match devolve into disturbing concepts such as the Punjabi Prison match, it would be great to finally see cage matches done right.

As for the King of the Ring deal, I don’t know. It was entertaining back in the day, but now it would not work for me. As shown not too long ago, attempts to bring it back have been mediocre at best, with the winners not really guaranteed anything for it.

credit: Bleacher Report

WWE Royal Rumble results

Every year the WWE Royal Rumble match typically includes at least one major surprise. This year was no different.

During the 30-man battle royal, Edge made his return after a six-month absence from a torn Achilles tendon to win the match. As the winner, he will now get to face the champion of his choice at WrestleMania 26 — the company’s premiere event — which will take place on March 28.

The final four people in the match were Edge, Shawn Michaels, Batista and John Cena. Michaels was the first eliminated out of the bunch by Batista who knocked him off the apron to the floor. Batista was then the next to go after he charged Cena who ducked out of the way and pulled down the top rope with “The Animal” falling over the top rope to the floor.

The finish of the match would come about a minute later when Cena went for a clothesline but Edge countered and tossed Cena over the top and onto the floor for the win to cap off what turned out to be a very entertaining Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Triple H, one of the perennial favorites, was eliminated before the 20th entrant in the match when fellow DX member Shawn Michaels superkicked him over the top rope and out of the ring.


The longstanding belief had been that Edge would not be healthy enough to return to action until at least WrestleMania if not later. But over the past few weeks, there had been some talk that he had already recovered and the WWE was trying to keep it a secret so he could make a surprise return.

There were also five title matches as part of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in a good match with plenty of back-and-forth action. While The Undertaker towered over Mysterio, he ended up taking a good share of punishment, including several kicks in the face which bloodied the big man’s nose. In the end, Mysterio landed a flurry of moves and went for his signature West Coast Pop only to be caught by The Undertaker who crushed him with the Last Ride and covered him for the pin.

WWE Champion Sheamus kept his championship after beating Randy Orton by disqualification. The two exchanged moves for close to ten minutes before Sheamus and Orton wound up outside the ring. Once there, Orton’s cohort Cody Rhodes hit the champion and slid him back in the ring. Orton then hit his RKO finisher on Sheamus but the referee had seen the interference and called for the bell.

After the match, Rhodes tried to apologize but that fell on deaf ears with Orton furious and then taking out his frustrations on his fellow Legacy member. The third member of the group, Ted DiBiase, sprinted to the ring and tried to play peacemaker but was instead punched by Orton.

Orton then yelled at both Rhodes and DiBiase for a moment but once he was done, he turned around and was dropped by a big boot to the face from Sheamus.

Earlier on the show, Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool in about 20 seconds to win the WWE Women’s Championship. McCool entered the ring first and made fun of her opponent, calling her Piggie James as she had done for weeks. James then came to the ring and immediately hit her with a DDT for the victory.

Christian held on to the ECW title by beating Ezekiel Jackson in a solid match. The end saw both men try to hit their finishers only to reverse one another. Finally, Christian was able to connect on his Killswitch maneuver for the pin.

The other title match saw The Miz successfully defend his United States Championship against MVP. The match was not advertised in advance but was added during the show.

MVP was in control for most of the match and nearly scored a pin on several occasions. Instead, it was the Miz catching him in a small package for the three-count out of nowhere for the victory.

credit: Fan House


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