Local Guy- WWE Superstar Charlie Haas


Clean Dallas featured local wrestler Charlie Haas

Haas was a two-time Big East Champion at Seton Hall University, but after graduation, Haas ventured into the workforce and became a stockbroker with Goldman-Sachs. There was a time when it appeared the wrestling career of Haas would end after he graduated college. Still, the drive to wrestle was always there.

Haas pursued his dream and began to hit the independent circuit, and along with his brother Russ, they established themselves as a talented tag team. Russ met an untimely death in November 2001, but this did not deter Charlie from the dream he shared with his brother.

After debuting the day after Christmas in 2002, Haas began to team with Shelton Benjamin. The duo developed into one of SmackDown’s top tag teams. Twice they captured the WWE Tag Team Championship before disbanding.

In 2008, Haas’ athleticism brought him success in the ring and the Superstar changed things up and shocked our fans with his unorthodox attire. During this time, he seemed to be going through some “character changes,” but now, with the 2009 WWE Supplemental Draft, seems to be back within himself as a member of the SmackDown family.

… for more visit wwe/charlie haas



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