TNA Impact full episode/results

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The plot thickens this week on iMPACT!

The show starts off with a video package about Foley and The Band. Tonight’s episode is called “Hulk’s Moment of Truth” I agree naming the episodes is wack. The Immortal One comes to the ring off the top on iMPACT!

Does Hulk even know what “Crackalackin’” really means? I think not. Whatchyou know bout “Swagger” Hogan?

So Hulk says he has heightened security tonight and locked down the iMPACT! Zone tonight to keep Hall and Pac out.

“If you gotta go to the washroom you better hold it” ? That’s what the man said. How about the fans just piss all over you Hulkster? Hogan threatens to put on the red and yellow to deal with Hall and Pac.

Then the World Eliteless Eric Young interrupts Hulk and says he wants Pac and Hall back in TNA so he can whoop their ass. Hogan’s no “Johnny Come Lately” and puts Young in his place and tells him if he wants Hall and Pac to take it off the property. Where Hulk, miles away? The iMPACT! Zone’s at Universal Studios in Disney World.

TNA 8 Card Stud Qualifying Match – Orlando Jordan vs. D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero

I must admit The Pope is growing on me more and more every week. Dude is defiantly doin better in TNA than he was in WWE. I’m starting to like his swag. Taz is killing me tho’, he doesn’t even know the refs names.

Orlando was classic blessing Pope before the match started. Pope takes it to Jordan coming off his win last week over Styles. Somebody shave Jordan’s head for Christ’s sake. Orlando turns the tide for a bit till Pope hits the Coronation and Orlando kicks out.The Pope takes this one after hitting Jordan with the Deangelo Dinero Express.

Double J is in Eric Bishoff’s office or is it Hogan’s office. Either way they have a convo that has overtones of sarcasm each way. Jarrett tries to get in the 8 Card Stud Tournament, but Easy E shuts him down. Everyone seems to want to fall in line all off a sudden. Fight the power fellas!

TNA 8 Card Stud Qualifying Match – Suicide vs Matt Morgan

Morgan “The DNA of TNA” runs over suicide like a train. Suicide mounts a comeback on the big man till he catches a Carbon Footprint to the face and this oooooveer. You didn’t really expect Suicide to win did you?

Now, Foley is in the office with Eric making nice with the boss. Foley pleads for Abyss and JB’s jobs.

Eric makes the match of Foley vs. Abyss in the 8 Card Stud Tournament at Against All Odds and Eric says if Foley messes around that he will unmask Abyss next week. This is a Kane moment for sure. Bad move if that goes down.

Anderson and Angle are gonna team up to face in the main event on iMPACT! This week.
Seeing this interview felt like watching WWE.

Miiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeer ……ah you know the rest. Angle threatens Anderson then goes and tells Young to stay inside and let him deal with Hall and Pac.

X Division Championship Match – Doug Williams vs. Amazing Red

Red’s pretty damn quick and gives Doug a run for his money. Taz again says some stupid shit “Doug is from European” and “Doug would be good in the X Division” Dude he’s the X Division Champ. Does that not put him in the X Division?

Red gets Amazing with nuff high flyalazz….spin kick to Doug from Red and he almost gets him for the pin. This Brooklyn native brings the heat but gets caught in a Rolling German Suplex from Doug Williams and the BI member retains his X Division Championship.

The Beautiful People vs. Angelina Love & Tara

I love Velvet’s ass, damn did you catch that pum pum printa shot?

Beautiful People I love you! See with the ramp you can’t run around the ring. Not a good look. Velvet chokes Love with her own hair. Hmmm…

Is a sunset flip between two women not softcore porn? Anyway Tara and Angelina run tings off the start of the match but the BP get the numbers game working for them. Ugly stick behind the refs back and the BP get the win!

After the match it’s an Ugly Stick beat down on Tara. I can think of a few things to do with that stick and those three ladies!

Hernandez & Desmond Wolfe vs. Mr. Anderson & Kurt Angle

I keep waiting for Anderson to mess up and say Kennedy! Here we got two teams where the members don’t like each other at all. That’s a recipe for disaster. Anderson and Super Mex start it off. Angle had Wolfe tapping in the Angle Lock right in the centre of the ring but the ref never saw it. This match was truly ever man for himself as Angle proved by attacking Anderson during the match. Anderson tosses Angle out the ring to get the pin on Wolfe. Stealing Angle’s victory.

Samoa Joe comes to the ring and calls out AJ Styles. I’m waiting for AJ to dye his hair blonde like Flair. I doubt Styles will lose the strap at Against All Odds. Joe gives Styles a lecture….Flair talks about respect and AJ goes on a conceited rant. Woooooo!! Joe calls Flair AJ’s sugar daddy and gets AJ hot as hell and rushes the ring and catches a beatdown. Enter Flair and it gets ugly for Joe. Security comes to Joe’s rescue. Hey Tuff Guy Wooooooo!!!

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the TNA Championship this Sunday at Against All Odds! Backstage, Bischoff informs AJ that he will be the guest ref in his title match at Against All Odds. See ya Champ!

Hulkster leaves a door open for Hall and Pac to confront Angle.

Angle hits the ring and calls out Hall and Pac, who promptly rush the ring and bring it to Angle. The brass knucks come out and Angle gets a beat down Band style. Out comes Hogan. Hogan’s not part of the Band but still using the NWO theme music. The Band give s Hulk the too sweet sign. Hall and Pac give Hulk the knucks to clock Angle with as they hold him but the Hulkster clocks Hall, then Pac. Can Angle trust Hogan now? I highly doubt it.

Not a bad iMPACT! Overall. Things slowly seem more organized and some direction is starting to form here.

This week we got some X Division action finally and it was a good mix. There may be some hope here after all.

credit: PW News Now


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