WWE NXT results(full episode)- The Miz still hates Daniel Bryan

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Complete WWE NXT Results Report For March 9, 2010

On this episode of NXT, we find out from Matt Striker that the person who will go on to be the next WWE Superstar will be decided by a vote amongst the WWE Pros. The “twist”… Pros CANNOT vote for OR against their own rookie.

We open the first match with David Otunga vs Darrin Young. I find it somewhat creepy and amusing that Otunga comes to the start of the rap and rips off his tear-away pants to just his trunks. The match was said to be a requested rematch by Darrin Young. The match was pretty solid. I did notice, though, that when Young pulled Otunga’s head down on the rope to choke and fling him off the ring, Otunga didnt really allow himself to fall forward into the rope like he’s supposed to. He just kind of fell backwards off the ring skirt. Darrin Young seems to be going for the heel character now, or at least the crowd thinks so, because he grounded David Otunga and locked his chin with his wrists and pulled up and as soon as he locked the move in, the boos poured in from the crowd. R-Truth, at ringside, countered this by gaining momentum for Otunga by smacking the mat in rhythm to start a crowd clap. At point in the match, Young got so fired up after gaining control in the match that he started smacking his behind/back leg region. Just a little odd, no? Another odd thing was the beginning of a repetitive headlock Young did two to three times within a matter of a minute or so. But Darrin’s fall through the 2nd rope looked very smooth and very convincing in my opinion. And the whole time, CM Punk looked unamused. Punk either played with his gum or talked to Luke Gallows with a bored look on his face. The match came to an end when R-Truth and Luke Gallows got into a dispute that distracted the ref from seeing CM Punk grab Otunga’s leg, distracting David from Darrin coming up behind him and finishing him with a move where he locked a full nelson, threw Otunga up, and slung him to the left arm, face-platting him on the mat. Looks like a rough finisher, but in all honesty, it was cool.
When commercial came back, they showed a “during the commercial break” video of R-Truth attacking Otunga. I’d like to tell you why he did, but I couldnt understand what he was saying to Otunga.

Daniel Bryan’s vignette showed a portrait of an average man…who just happens to be a well-known, 10 year in-ring wrestling veteran. He’s still getting respect talks from Miz, who slaps the bruised ribs of Bryan, and informs him he has to learn to wrestle during injury and announces he’ll face Jericho’s rookie, Wade Barrett “with a boo-boo.” Jericho calls Wade his protege. His vignette basically has him talking about why he loves hurting people… for money. He claims he wants the WWE spot so he can hurt people and get paid millions for doing it. Wade says he’s 6ft 7in, but the commentators say he’s 6ft 5in. The first minutes of the match are Wade just targeting the bruised area of Bryan, who has his ribs wrapped, and Jericho takes credit for it claiming he told Barrett to do it before the show. The high spots in the match were Daniel Bryan’s awesome flying knee to Wade from the skirt to outside the ring, Bryan’s slip off the top rope to the ring mat (which was realistic. I had to watch several times to see if it was even planned or not) which led to him losing the match when Wade picked Bryan up into the fireman’s carry then slung him forward onto his back, and Jericho applying a regular Walls Of Jericho this time after the match while Michael Cole says the Walls Of Jericho “is about respect.”

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1 Response to “WWE NXT results(full episode)- The Miz still hates Daniel Bryan”

  1. 1 norma March 28, 2010 at 09:52 pm

    I really don’t think the Miz hate anyone. He knows real talent, and after (10) ten yrs of wrestling D. Bryan should be alot better. To the Miz he is not a star and he is not where he should be. The man has not won a match yet against anyone. The media should be ashame of themselves for having him in the top spot. People already know now that the show is fixed. There are rookies on the show with very little experience are winning and running circles around his ability. Yes, Bryan has shown he has heart and could take a beaten. All the wrestlers have heart.

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