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WWE Smackdown full episode/results

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WWE Smackdown results 01/29/2010- ‘Hits and Misses’


Opening Segment: I had a few problems with the start of Smackdown, but on the whole it was good. I loved how Rey Mysterio interrupted DX. His verbal confrontation against Shawn Michaels was very well done. I loved how he called Michaels out for disrespecting him. Some of the jokes that ensued were not particularly funny, but they were ok. I also liked CM Punk’s interruption trying to get the focus back on him and his Straight Edge Society. I liked hearing Triple H say that he doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs either. At some point, someone had to say that since that part of Punk’s character shouldn’t be what makes him a heel (as opposed to his cult leader status). I could have done without the gay joke again. This all set up what was a bait-and-switch that I can live with. Assuming that Punk and Luke Gallows do get their Tag Team Title shot down the line, I am fine with getting to see Triple H vs. Punk and Mysterio vs. Michaels instead. Some may criticize WWE for not announcing that match ahead of time, but DX was advertised for the show, and this was an organic way to get to that match.

Triple H vs. Punk: This was a good match and a tease for what these two could possibly do in a longer PPV type match. They did a nice job of booking the match to keep switching control. This wasn’t a typical formula with Punk in control for the bulk of the middle of the match until Triple H made a come back. It went back and forth better than that. The DQ finish was predictable, but was the right move. Serena looked bad trying to jump on The Game’s back the first time, but got it right the second time. Michaels’ save worked well as did the confrontation between DX and Punk afterwards with Punk using Serena as a shield. The frustration shown by Triple H afterwards will help in the build to the eventual Tag Title match.

Jericho vs. Truth: I was glad to see WWE go to this match after it was set up on the previous night’s Superstars. Chris Jericho and R-Truth work well together. I like seeing another mid-card wrestler getting at least a mini push. Jericho has been on something of a losing streak lately, which I hope doesn’t continue for too long. He can only do so many great promos to keep his heat. He needs some wins too. But, it was a good match. My only complaint is that at 8 minutes, it was too short to have a commercial break. I would have rather seen the match only go 5 minutes without a commercial. Other than that, I enjoyed the match.

Morrison vs. McIntyre: This was another good match on this show. The quality wrestling just kept coming and I wasn’t going to complain. The announcers did a good job of setting the stage for this match, commenting on Drew McIntyre’s cheating ways and how he could not get disqualified in this match to keep the Intercontinental Title. I also liked John Morrison’s promo beforehand as it upheld the importance of the IC Belt. Morrison and McIntyre should be commended for having a no DQ match that wasn’t a garbage brawl. For the most part, it was a traditional wrestling match, but they used weapons and the ringside area in smart ways to enhance the action. Morrison had been on a track to the main event, but this losing streak against the rookie McIntyre goes against that. I would love to see Morrison go after the World Title in 2010, but it is hard to do that when he can’t beat the IC Champ.

Mysterio vs. Michaels: It seems that whenever WWE puts Rey Mysterio in the main event (or at the very least a prominent position) on Smackdown, the ratings are high. If that’s the case, and if DX is still a draw, then the ratings for this show culminating in this excellent main event have to be very good. I knew going into the match that the show had to end with Undertaker doing a double choke slam on Mysterio and Michaels. I also knew that Batista had to get involved after what he did to Mysterio last week and his backstage encounter with Michaels this week. The end of the show was predictable, yet very effective in hyping the Royal Rumble. The match itself did not disappoint. It went nearly 16 minutes and on a show that featured good to very good wrestling, this was the best. The match really went back and forth very well. They had so many counters and neither could sustain momentum. I like how the two quick, agile and high flying wrestlers also brawled some and used mat wrestling and submission holds. There was a little bit of everything. They each got to hit all their signature spots. The near falls at the end were convincing. As soon as Mysterio set up for a springboard after finally hitting the 6-1-9, I knew the Shelton Benjamin ending was coming. But again, it was awesome even if I saw it coming. These two in a 20+ minute PPV match would easily deliver a match of the year candidate.


Batista’s Hat: Batista just looked silly in that outfit with the sweater vest and hat. I honestly can’t remember what he said in his interview with Josh Mathews since I was distracted by his hat. My wife event commented that her pet from Petville has the same outfit that Batista was wearing which for those of you not familiar with the Facebook “game” is not a compliment. That outfit would have been perfect for a different type of heel, but not for a badass heel like Batista.

LayCool: As much as I liked the long Divas segment last week, I did not like this week’s Piggie James scene. I give Layla credit for going all out with it, but I didn’t find it entertaining in the least. It didn’t make me more disgusted with Michelle McCool. It didn’t make me want to see Mickie James get revenge by taking the Women’s Championship at the PPV more than I already did. It went on too long. If it had been shorter it wouldn’t have been so bad. The fact that a WWE referee would go along with the charade was pretty stupid also.

credit: PW Torch


WWE Superstars full episode/results

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Inside Pulse: WWE Superstars Report 01/21/10

Kelly Kelly def. Jillian Hall: This is Jillian’s third straight week opening Superstars. Hall tries to work the arm to start but allows Kelly to work her way to the corner and Double K uses the ropes to flip out of the hold. Kelly then follows with a hurricanrana for a quick two count. Jillian wins the next exchange and covers for two, then attacks the hair to maintain her advantage. She uses a surfboard in two sequences before Kelly finally fights out of it. Kelly hits her around the world head scissors and after an exchange in the corner tries a rollup that Jillian reverses for a pin attempt of her own. Jillian tosses her into the opposite corner and tries a handspring elbow from across the ring but Kelly kicks her in the back to halt the move. Kelly then hits her Kelly Kick according to Michael Cole (which is kind of a step-up Fame-Asser) for the victory.

Vance Archer def Shelton Benjamin: Nice tramp stamp on Archer who starts by backing Shelton into a corner to talk some trash. Benjamin doesn’t want to hear it and goes on the attack following a back elbow. Archer retreats to a corner and is able to drop Benjamin into the turnbuckle when he chases him to attack. He then goes for his finisher but Shelton reverses it into a small package for a quick two count. Vance tries to toss Benjamin over the top rope but he skins the cat and head scissors Archer out of the ring and we take a commercial break.

As we return from the break, Archer is in control but Shelton leaps over him on a toss and subsequent charge into the corner but eats a big boot on his own follow up. Vance works a chinlock before breaking it from some strikes as he continues to work over the neck of Benjamin. Eventually Shelton fights back and hits his double ax handle off a corner reversal. A spin kick and a German suplex with a bridge both get a nearfalls for Benjamin. Archer retakes the advantage and ties Shelton up in the corner in the “tree of woe” position just like their match on Superstars a few weeks ago. However this time Benjamin is ready for it and kicks Vance as he charges in after a ref break. Shelton then uses an Oklahoma roll to pin Archer for the win.

Kane def Chris Jericho: Interesting Royal Rumble trivia from the announce team, Kane and Shawn Michaels have the most appearance in the Rumble match with 11 apiece. Jericho stalls to start and exits the ring a couple of times in an attempt to avoid Kane’s grasp. Chris pimp slap’s Kane but pays for it as the Big Red Machine pounds on him to take control of the match. After hitting his low dropkick off the ropes, Kane starts trying to work on the arm. Jericho makes his way to the ropes and begins an attack of his own after the ref forces a break. Jericho ducks a charge and pulls the top rope down with him and Kane tumbles outside of the ring. Vintage Jericho follows with a rebound dropkick from the corner as Kane tries to climb back in and we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Jericho is in control and matt Striker lets us know that has been the story during the break as well. Chris tries a double ax off the second rope, but Kane catches him and tosses him back into the corner. But he charges and misses, sending himself into the ringpost to give the advantage back to Jericho. An enziguri gets a long two count for Jericho who starts to taunt the crowd before locking in a sleeper hold, which if you watch Smackdown you know is Kane’s greatest weakness. A bulldog attempt by Jericho is somewhat reversed by Kane and after both struggle to their feet Kane takes the advantage. Side walk slam gets a long two count for Kane but when he tries for his flying clothesline Jericho dropkicks him in the gut for a nearfall of his own. Jericho hits the bulldog properly but misses on the Lionsault and eats a big boot. Chris slides out of a slam attempt and chopblocks Kane before trying and failing to lock on the Walls of Jericho. He then tries for the Codebreaker but isn’t able to connect as Kane sidesteps him. Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Jericho bails outside of the ring and runs up the ramp and decides to tack the loss via count out. Extremely lame ending to a match seemed to have been building towards a much better finish.

credit: Inside Pulse

WWE Raw results

The Royal Rumble match itself is the primary focus of WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV build this year and Bret Hart will return next week on Raw.

DX spoke to each other and the crowd to start the show. HHH wanted to know where the leprechaun was. Shawn Michaels said he sent Hornswoggle home because this was serious business. Hooray! Michaels talked about how important winning the Royal Rumble is to him. HHH said it is important to him too. He knows Michaels wants Undertaker, but he wants a title shot. HHH said that it will come down to them and they will always be friends, but if HHH has to step on Shawn’s dream to get to his he will. Michaels said that he understood. This was a very strong segment. HHH in particular was really good.

DX beat Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Michaels was in control early but Legacy took over. The announcers said that this year’s Royal Rumble is the most star studded ever. They need to stop saying that every single year. It just makes them seem full of it.

Michaels kicked DiBiase in the gut and tagged HHH. HHH came in with a high knee and face buster for DiBiase and spine busters for both Legacy members. He went for the pedigree but Michaels tagged himself in. Michaels and HHH teased dissension but Michaels hit sweet chin music on DiBiase and HHH knocked Rhodes out of the ring. Michaels covered for the pin.

MVP cut a promo before his match. He said that Miz can’t keep running from him forever because he’s the number one contender and he will take the title. Miz came out and started talking about MVP’s incarceration again. MVP said Miz would be very popular in jail and there would be a bunch of friends fighting to be Miz’s exclusive friend. That was clever. I say if Raw becomes more like Oz, that’s a good thing.

Big Show beat MVP. They put over the idea that Miz and Big Show are now aligned, so Miz is apparently taking Chris Jericho’s spot. I think the dynamic between Show and the trash-talking, egotistical smaller heel works well, so it’s smart to keep it going. This match, on the other hand, was not what I would call smart booking. MVP hit a face buster and yakuza kick but then he was just caught with a choke slam for the clean pin in two minutes or so. After the match the announcers were still selling an MVP vs. Miz title match. This segment sure buried MVP, Miz and the title.

Backstage, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were bickering. Randy Orton suggested they get it together and said that he would take the title from Sheamus with or without them. Oddly, Randy Orton had very little presence on this show.

Vince McMahon came out and said that if Undertaker were there he would dare him to call Vince a coward. He then said there’s no reason to bring back Bret Hart because the people have forgotten about him. He went into the crowd asking fans why he should bring back Bret. Let’s just say these fans did not represent themselves well as sentient beings. Vince concluded there was no good reason to bring back Bret and went to leave.

John Cena interrupted. He didn’t like Vince’s comments about Bret Hart or his treatment of Roddy Piper. Cena noted they helped to build Vince’s empire and he treats these people like commodities. Cena said Vince is just about himself and is pathetic. Cena told Vince to do the right thing and invite Bret to Raw next week. So Vince did. And then he made Sheamus vs. Cena for later in the show.

I thought this was very good segment. I liked the way they set up Bret’s return and the basic thrust of the angle. The one negative is that Cena has done so many smarmy, cutesy promos that everything he says comes across as insincere to me now. It makes him less effective when doing serious promos, which I thought at one point he was excellent at.

Kofi Kingston beat the Miz. Miz worked over Kingston briefly. Kingston hit a frog splash off the top but Miz kicked out at two. MVP’s music played, Miz turned his back on Kingston like an idiot and of course Kingston then hit trouble in paradise for the pin. This was some continued great build for a US title program.

John Cena and Dule Hill did comedy backstage. James Roday was on speaker phone, I guess since they figured some people would miss him otherwise. Alicia Fox came in and was flirting with Hill. Hill said he would come to ringside as a good luck charm for her but she threatened him if she lost.

Sheamus beat John Cena via DQ. John Cena hit a suplex but Sheamus took over with a DDT and power slam. He threw Cena into the steps on the outside and they teased a count out. Cena got in and hit the Cena slam and five knuckle but Sheamus avoided the FU. Sheamus hit a back breaker but Cena countered a big boot attempt into the STF. Sheamus grabbed the bottom rope and hit the big boot on the floor. They teased a count out again but Randy Orton ran in and gave Sheamus the RKO. Cena then gave Orton the FU and stood over the two title participants to end the show.

Final Thoughts:

This show reminded me a lot of last week’s show. The build towards the Royal Rumble gave each show more focus and they were better shows than other recent editions of Raw. Each show was also highlighted by an excellent opening segment. I thought the Vince McMahon segment this week was strong as well.

On the negative side, the treatment of championships on this show was so bad. The US champion and number one contender both lost relatively cleanly in just a few minutes, and there are no signs that either of the two winners will be moving into the title picture. So what exactly does the US title even signify?

Then in the main event of the go home show for the Royal Rumble, both wrestlers in the WWE title match were left laying as a third guy who isn’t even challenging for the title stands over them. Maybe I’m being rigid and close-minded here, but I’d never build a title match by having both champion and challenger lose and I’d never have the final image prior to a PPV title match be both champion and challenger laid out. These seem to me pretty basic propositions.

credit: Wrestling Observer

WWE Smackdown full episode/results

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Inside Pulse: WWE Smackdown Report 01/22/10

Finlay def Batista: Dave quickly backs Finlay into a corner and then stops to flex which pisses the Irishman off and he goes on the attack. Finlay hits his Rolling Thunder for a two count and boots Batista outside of the ring. Fit follows Batista out and will soon wish he had not as Dave brutally attacks him, partially destroying the announce table and drawing a disqualification in the process of displaying his rage. Batista eventually returns to the ring and cuts a promo about how he is going to win the Royal Rumble and go on to WrestleMania to face the Undertaker for the title and end his streak.

CM Punk and Luke Gallows join us as we are treated to a replay of their victory last week that earned them the #1 contendership to the tag-titles last week. Punk starts his promo on the ramp this week and continues it all the way to the ring. He lets us know that their title shot will be next week on Smackdown and that they will beat the morally corrupt team of DX. As he walks around the ring to consider whom he might save this week, a young lady leaps from the stands and tries to grab Punk to volunteer until a member of security to intervene and lead her away as she proclaims that she needs Punk. He sees this and reconsiders allowing her into the ring as his choice for the week. She says her name is Serena and is of course the awesome Serena Deeb who has a developmental deal and I think has made a few appearances on ECW and on She happily takes the pledge but before she gets her head shaved we actually break for commercials. But when we return she happily allows her head to be shaved and I hope she got a nice bonus for sacrificing her hair. If they are going to use any of these segments to add a member to Punk’s stable she’d be a fine choice.

John Morrison & R-Truth def Chris Jericho & Drew McIntyre: This was supposed to be a handicapped match with Jericho and McIntyre teaming against Morrison as per Vickie Guerrero’s orders. But Teddy Long stops the match from starting it and brings out Truth to even the odds and allow for another commercial break. Jericho starts again Morrison and John gets an early advantage before tagging in R-Truth. The faces combine for some Rocker-esque tandem offense on Jericho and follow by attacking McIntyre on the apron and then dumping Jericho on top of him at ringside. Chris is able to turn the tide and gets a cheap shot on Truth to knock him off the apron before he and Drew follow with a similar attack on Morrison. The Shaman of Sexy gets caught on the wrong side of town for an extended period and Jericho takes advantage of this segment to head over to the announce table to offer them some tips. Morrison fights back and hits his backbreaker/Russian legsweep combo on Jericho and it leaves both men trying to reach their corners. But it is McIntyre who is able to tag in and he decks Truth to prevent Morrison from reaching him and we hit another commercial break.

As we return to action Morrison is still trying to fight off McIntyre to make a tag but a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker halts his efforts. Jericho returns to the fray and amps up the taunting as he continues to hold the advantage for his team. Chris tries to set-up for a superplex but John fights out of it and tosses Jericho off. Morrison follows with a crossbody and nearly makes a tag after fighting out of a Walls of Jericho attempt but McIntyre tags back in and cuts him off. Drew goes for another tilt-a-whirl but Morrison reverses it into a ddt and both men make tags. Truth explodes with a flurry of offense and nails Jericho with a kick that leads to a pin attempt that McIntyre breaks up. Morrison returns to the ring to dump Drew out and they scuffle outside as Truth rolls up Jericho for a nearfall. McIntyre is tossed back in the ring by Morrison and that distracts the ref from Jericho’s pin attempt on Truth after an enziguri. While Drew is being removed by the ref, John kicks Jericho in the head, Truth follows with an ax kick and then pins him for the win.

Michelle McCool and Layla have an in-ring promo to throw Mickie James a party (complete with a pig cake) for leaving Smackdown. Lots of fat jokes and other stupidity take place until Maria interrupts to denounce their bitchiness. Maria says they are annoying and proclaims that their taunts will be ending as of tonight. So they make fun of her for awhile. Mickie comes out to reiterate that she is not going anywhere and the verbal catfight continues until finally a brawl ensues. Beth Phoenix joins the fun and after pondering the situation for a moment she joins the heel side and assists in beating the good girls down. Eventually the food gets involved and Mickie gets cake and punch dumped all over her. This angle gets dumber and more annoying to watch every week.

Cryme Tyme vs. Charlie Haas & Mike Knox: JTG starts against Mike Knox and is able to quickly hit the Mug Shot on him but instead of following up he dances around and Knox is able to tag in Charlie. But the match does not go much further as Kane comes out to let us know none of the people in the ring are important. He enters the ring and tosses both teams over the top rope before lighting up the turnbuckles and Striker and Grisham try to pretend he might win the Rumble.

Matt Hardy & Great Khali def The Hart Dynasty (with Natalya): Natalya tries to flirt with Khali before the match starts as Grisham gets in a Leno joke. Matt and Tyson start the match and Kidd quickly backs him into his team’s corner. A tag is made, Smith trips Hardy and Kidd follows with a leg drop. DH then enters the ring and hits a delayed vertical suplex on Matt to keep their advantage. Natalya goes over to Khali and tries to lure him away from the ring as Smith and Kidd set Hardy up for a springboard Hart Attack. But Matt shoves Smith into Kidd to halt the attempt and then gets David in a small package for the quick pinfall.

Your main event of the night is Rey Mysterio “calling out” the Undertaker. The dead champ answers this challenge and I think his entrance took longer than two of the matches tonight. Rey says he’ll win the title, Taker says Mysterio will rest in peace and then leaves without incident. As Taker walks back up the ramp, Batista attacks Mysterio from behind and hits a Batista Bomb. Next week is set-up to be a “big” pre-Rumble episode of Smackdown with Drew McIntyre defending the intercontinental championship against John Morrison and DX defending the unified tag titles against CM Punk and Luke Gallows. However, this week’s show was extremely weak with only one legitimate match and only one good promo in a show filled with annoying nonsense.

credit: Inside Pulse

WWE ECW full episode/results

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WWE ECW results: Christian v. William Regal

This match is non-title. They started for the first couple of minutes working off of mat holds, such as arm ringers and front face locks. They then maneuvered to a series of near falls on the mat off a sunset flip attempt by Christian. Christian eventually back body dropped Regal who then slid out of the ropes. Christian hit a baseball slide through the ropes and onto Regal on the floor. Christian then went outside to fire Regal back in the ring and had a stare down with Ezekiel Jackson on the floor. The match went to a commercial break at that point.

During the break, Christian hit a high crossbody off of the top rope for a near fall. They then went to mat work with Christian holding a headlock. Regal countered by rolling into a near fall. Regal then got the better of a standing exchange and took the advantage back. Regal then worked a full nelson for a bit before Christian powered out. Regal maneuvered out of a backslide attempt with a back kick and retook the advantage. Regal put down Christian with a clothesline and went to work on the mat again. Christian eventually tried for the kill switch but Regal countered into an exploder suplex.

Regal then laid Christian’s head against the post and punted him. It was weird to see something like that just played off as a transition move. Christian made a comeback with a dropkick and then tried for a missile dropkick off of the top but Regal moved out of the way (and did not bump for the dropkick which missed by a foot). Regal moved in for the knee trembler but Christian took him down and into a rolling cradle as Regal charged. Christian connected with a springboard sunset flip but Regal slipped out at one. Christian hit an elbow off of the middle rope and fired Regal to the floor. At that point, Jackson ran in for the disqualification.

Afterwards, Jackson pounded on Christian allowing to connect with the knee trembler. Jackson used his modified uranage finisher twice as the show concluded.  The show at least delivered a strong main event this week after several weeks without one (not so coincidentally, Christian wasn’t wrestling regularly on the show because of the tournament to crown a number one contender).
Christian d. Regal, DQ, 16:30, ***¼.

credit: Wrestling Observer

Bryan and Vinny Show- Raw, Smackdown, Best of WWF vol. 1

The Bryan and Vinny Show returns tonight with a look at some of the greatest moments and matches in WWF history — or at least, that’s what they claim.

BEST OF WWF VOLUME 1 from Coliseum Home Video opens the show, featuring Hogan, Andre, ADRIAN ADONIS~!, Snuka, Piper, Gorilla, ALI, and tons more. Then it’s back to reality, the 2010 versions of Raw and Smackdown, which, to be honest, weren’t all that bad. Plus some AWESOME new songs, Vinny comments on the King of the Board contest he could give a damn less about, and more.

Best of all it’s FREE, so please post the link or file elsewhere and help spread the word about! And if you like what you hear, consider signing up for a subscription as Vinny and I do two to three shows per week in addition to the other 10-12 brand new shows, plus members have full access to our thousands of hours of audio and hundreds of new and archived Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Newsletters. It’s a steal, so sign up and join the fun! Only at

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WWE Raw results

The road to WrestleMania is underway, with Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker taking center stage.

HHH spoke with Vince backstage. Vince said that he’s not a coward and that he may have to call out Undertaker. HHH said that Vince could have just let the thing with Bret go but he had to get the last shot. HHH added that if Vince brings Bret back it will just make Bret a bigger star but that if Vince doesn’t everyone will know he’s a coward.

Randy Orton beat Chris Masters

Masters isn’t over as a face yet. They need to give people a reason to like him. The pec flexing is a reason to be amused by him but it’s not a reason to root for him. Sheamus came out to watch the match. Orton hit a back breaker but his RKO attempt was countered with the Masterlock. Orton got to the ropes and then hit the RKO suddenly for the pin. The finish worked well. Sheamus after the match gave Orton the big boot and stood over him.

Final Thoughts:

I thought this show was definitely better than recent weeks. It was kind of a strange show, in that there were a number of segments that I really liked and a number of segments that I really disliked.

The sell for the Royal Rumble at the end was kind of troubling. The fun of the Royal Rumble for years has always been the drama of someone breaking through and getting their shot at the title and a higher spot on the card. That happened with Yokozuna and Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and Chris Benoit, Batista and Rey Mysterio. Even when guys had been on top before, the Rumble usually gave them their first shot to be champion as a face, as happened with the Rock, Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

That’s basically the whole appeal of the Royal Rumble: to find out who will be the next guy to take his place as one of the top stars in the business. Yet this year, it’s just the same group of guys vying for yet another shot at a title they’ve wrestled for a million times. I don’t care about Shawn Michaels, HHH, Big Show or John Cena wrestling for the title. There’s no drama. There’s no coronation of a new star. It’s just the same stuff.

I think Mania will do well this year because they’ve started to set up a number of interesting programs with the guys that they have. But they’re missing that new guy bursting into the top scene and that takes a lot of the steam out of the Rumble in my opinion.

credit: Wrestling Observer