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Lashley wins, opponent cries foul

Wes Sims had something on his mind as he sat patiently waiting for the rest of the fighters to file in for Saturday night’s Strikeforce postfight press conference.

The 6-foot-8 veteran of the UFC and its reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter,” brooded with a hood over his bruised head while wearing sunglasses. When his conqueror Bobby Lashley showed, Sims had a few things to say. He walked over the 6-3, 250-pounder, got in his face  and shoved him. Fellow Strikeforce fighter Mo Lawal got in between the big guys and then it was time for Sims to vent.

“I warned [the referee] three times that he kept gouging me in the throat,” Sims said. “Then I rolled over and gave my back, I took one strike and the ref stops it? I ain’t no rookie. I’ve been in the sport for a long. I have a helluva high pain threshhold. Bogus stoppage.”

Sims suggested there was no way “they” were going to let Lashley lose — then he got personal.

“He needs to go back to being a security guard. He doesn’t have the mike skills to be a pro wrestler.”

Lashley was part of the WWE from 2004-2008 and is now in TNA.

“He’s just a big juiced up monkey. He ain’t got the MMA skills.”

Sims expanded on his thoughts about Lashley and steroids.

“He’s juiced. We did not have a drug test. And his own wrestlers threw him under the bus. I’m good friends with a lot of wrestlers.”

Sims took the fight on with less than 10 days notice and was on his back in the opening minute. Once on the ground, Lashley wailed away with 25-plus shots. Lashley moved to 5-0 with a win at the 2:06 mark of the first round.

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TNA Impact full episode/results

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“The Band” is the title of tonight’s episode of iMPACT!

We start things off this week with a video package of what went down on January 4th at the first TNA iMPACT! of 2010 and the debut of Hulk Hogan in TNA. Without a doubt TNA goes straight into the action with the debut of Generation Me.
Generation Me vs. Motor City Machine Guns

The new guys show up and show us why they got signed. Generation Me bring it to the MCMG’s and catch the win in their TNA debut. These kids were fast and furious and full of high flying tactics. Reminded me of the Hardys in their early days.

Members of “The Band” arrived during this match backstage. Are we calling the nWo “The Band” ?? You guys coulda came up with a lil something better, come on…

Meanwhile The Nasty Boys are in their new locker room and have Team 3D locked out. New feud here for sure. Now the NB’s are defiantly old cats and most people aren’t interested in seeing the same old same old, but I believe this is a fresh tag feud for TNA. I don’t think these teams have never squared off in the past. Correct me if I’m wrong here. It’s nice to see that TNA cares about the tag division.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and gives AJ his props for their match last week on iMPACT! Styles comes out and thanks Kurt then tells him that at Genesis it’s Angle’s last shot for 2010. This was a Cena-Orton moment. Styles gets bum rushed by the masked man on his way up the ramp. The masked man gets AJ in the ring and beats down Styles and takes off the mask and it’s…..Tomko! AJ’s former partner.

Bubba the Love Sponge is in the back with “The Band”. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman. Bubba’s asking where Foley is and gets no answers. Christy calls Waltman Six Pac. Classic!

credit: PWNewsNow

Oct. 18th – TNA Bound for Glory Results


TNA Bound for Glory: AJ Styles Retains, Eric Young becomes a Legend, Joe Submitted, Abyss pins Foley

Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe

Good match.  Crowd was into this, more because they were so heavily cheering Joe and booing Lashley.  Lashley’s been booked like hell, but a lot of this was also because Joe is from Southern California.  Joe dominated the match which made the crowd happy, but when Joe tried a third uranage, Joe reversed into an Anaconda vise.  Joe never tapped but ref Earl Hebner stopped the match.  They kept showing Kristal Marshall in the crowd, like she was coming in, but called Kristal Lashley with no acknoweldgement she’d ever worked in wrestling.

Mick Foley vs. Abyss in Monster’s Brawl

Crazy, fucked up match.  A series of stunt bumps, starting with Abyss taking a bump off the structure in the entrance through the stage and broke, and then Foley did a elbow drop with a barbed wire bat on him.  The match continued like that.  Crowd loved it.  Abyss gave Dr. Stevie, the ref, shock treatment.  Totally screwed up spot as Daffney gave Foley a taser and he nailed Abyss with it.  Jamie Tucker ran in and was supposed to count two and Abyss was to kick out.  Well, he counted three, and Abyss kicked out, they ignored the count since it wasn’t the finish, and continued.  That flattened the crowd, but they did get them back.  Finish saw Abyss choke slam Daffney off the top rope onto a barbed wire board, then give Stevie a black hole slam on Stevie on thumb tacks.  Finally he choke slammed Foley on a barbed wire board, dragged Stevie and grabbed Stevie’s hand to count three as he pinned Foley.

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TNA Impact Preview


TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV on Thursday night for two hours of Total Nonstop Action as the road continues to the August 16 “Hard Justice” Pay-Per-View event!

The below is a preview of what will take place on the broadcast (card is subject to change)

– What happened with the huge brawl involving nearly the entire roster and the authorities taking control? Tensions reach a reach a breaking point on Thursday’s “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV as a full scale riot breaks out! Don’t miss the chaotic footage!

– How will Bobby Lashley react to the beatdown at the hands of The Main Event Mafia? Tune in and find out!

– NEW TNA Legends Champion Mick Foley will be present on the broadcast!

– The featured match on Thursday’s broadcast will be “The Icon” Sting taking on Brutus Magnus of The British Invasion

– Eric Young of The World Elite faces Daniels

– A special sitdown interview will air with Hernandez as he talks about his return to TNA Wrestling

– TNA World Tag Team Champions Booker T and Scott Steiner of The Main Event Mafia will team with new IWGP Tag Team Champions The British Invasion to face Team 3D and Beer Money in an 8-man tag team match.

– In the second match of their Best Of 3 Series, it will be “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles taking on “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

All this and much more on Thursday’s broadcast as the road to the August 16 “Hard Justice” Pay-Per-View continues!

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TNA Impact Preview


Preview for tonights HUGE 200th episode of “Impact”

Tonight, TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV at 9/8c for two hours of Total Nonstop Action with the huge 200th episode of “iMPACT!”. To celebrate the occasion, TNA Wrestling is presenting the biggest event in “iMPACT!” history, featuring all of your favorite superstars!

– There will be a “War Of Champions” with two World Titles on the line

– Plus, what does “The God Of Thunder” Bobby Lashley have planned for The Main Event Mafia? Lashley will appear on Thursday’s huge broadcast!

– The event will also feature the in-ring return of Hernandez, who will face “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe!

–  What’s next for Taz in Total Nonstop Action? Tune in and find out!

– In the first match in a “Best Of 3” series, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan will face “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles!
– In Knockouts action, it will be The Beautiful People taking on Tara, Awesome Kong and ODB
– Plus, for the New Japan IWGP Tag Team Titles, it will be Team 3D defending against The British Invasion in a Tables Match

All this and much more on Thursday’s huge 200th episode of TNA “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV starting at 9/8c!

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Mick Foley Talks About WWE/TNA, Lashley, Stand-Up Comedy


TNA Superstar Mick Foley was interviewed this week by and spoke about his time in TNA Wrestling, how TNA compares to WWE, Bobby Lashley in TNA and more.

Doing Stand-Up Comedy: “It’s the first official stand-up comedy engagement for me. I have spoken at many colleges, and I’ve made people laugh. I don’t want to try to emulate anybody out there. I’ve got some ideas. I’ve tried for so long to keep what I say and do in the roughly PG-13 area. It will be a real big relief, just for one night, to have a 21-and-older crowd to talk about things of a more risqué nature.” Aug. 22 at the Improv in Hollywood.

His Time In TNA So Far: “It has been a great experience in TNA. It’s been the best possible move I could have made. Really, just over the last few nights, I got my confidence back as far as being a singles wrestler. I don’t feel like every match coming up is a chance to destroy my legacy. I look at it as a way to possibly try out some new things. I used to really dread the possibility of having that bad singles match that people would look at and say, `I really wish he would have stayed retired for good.’

TNA vs. WWE: “This is the most fun I’ve had in at least 10 years, and I’m probably having more fun now than I was even then. I still felt some tension, book related tension, that was not WWE’s fault. This is a really good time in my life. I feel like I’m contributing. The schedule is not so grueling that I can’t have a good family life. I feel like the young guys like having me around. When something happens, some kind of circumstance or injury, I’m a credible guy to step in and go to bat

Bobby Lashley “I think it’s huge for TNA to sign Bobby Lashley. Obviously, Vince McMahon saw his potential, and he really tapped Bobby as his next big superstar. That was well on the way to happening, when they had a falling out, and I think we’ll be able to benefit in a way WWE was not. Bobby’s a great a talent, a great guy, and he’s capable of having big matches with the best talent we have.”

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TNA Impact Results


Bobby Lashley made his return, teasing joining the Mafia, but instead joining the Frontline

The Big News: Taz did his first bona fide promo since around 2001, and it was worth the wait. Aside from that, it was another night where the babyfaces left you shaking your head.

Taz made his Impact debut and immediately mentioned wrestling for “a little promotion” called ECW. He talked about suffering spinal injuries that caused his wrestling career to be cut short. He skipped over the two years he actually wrestled in WWE and jumped straight to his announcing career on Smackdown and ECW on ScyFy. When Tazz made his debut in the WWE at the 2000 Royal Rumble, he had all of Madison Square Garden roaring for him when he went over Kurt Angle clean. And it was all downhill from there. He talked about watching TNA Wrestling one night and seeing this wrestler with untapped potential, and his name was Samoa Joe. I remember watching TNA in 2005 and thinking Joe was the most charismatic star in the company by his third appearance. And it’s all been downhill from there. Except for Lockdown 2008. Taz said he saw the second coming of himself when he saw Joe. What kind of a message is that? Taz said he told Joe he could bring him to the next level. Taz said he was forever indebted to Angle for security Joe’s services to the Mafia. Taz said tonight Joe would become the next X Division champion when he faces Homicide, then did the old “Beat Joe if you can” catchphrase. Crowd was totally behind Taz, and it was a good promo for someone who hasn’t cut one in forever in this context.

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