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TNA Impact results- ROB VAN DAM wins TNA Championship

A shockingly great show. Van Dam’s win was played off as a huge deal, and he looked big league in the process. The wrestling told the story tonight, and it wasn’t overbooked. This is the show TNA should have more often.
A.J. Styles came out after his victory over Pope D’Angelo Dinero gloating over being the best wrestler in the world. He said Ric Flair would be a little late because he got carried away at the postmatch victory party. Man, I can understand getting caught up in Europe because of Icelandic volcanoes, but for that? Styles is getting better and better at carrying interviews as a heel, which couldn’t be said in 2007.
Rob Van Dam came out to a huge ovation. His interview was scattershot, but he basically said he wasn’t as impressed with Styles and Styles was with himself. Jeff Hardy then showed up and said he was going to complete his quest to become the TNA Heavyweight champion soon. Then Hulk Hogan showed up to another monster pop. He actually did a great interview putting over what it meant to be the World Heavyweight champion, saying when he won the title it meant barbell curls and hot girls, money, limousines and proving yourself night in a and night out. In fact, this show did the best job of any in TNA history of getting the TNA title over.
Hogan, who had the crowd in the palm of his hand throughout all this, then announced that Hardy would face Van Dam tonight with the winner being the number one contender. Styles got upset thinking the winner would face him at the Sacrifice PPV in May, and claimed he wouldn’t be ready by Sacrifice. Hogan said he wasn’t talking about the winner getting the title shot at Sacrifice, the winner was getting the title shot tonight. Styles was furious. Flair was shown walking into the building and was irate upon learning Styles had to put the title on the line tonight. Somehow, all of this took 20 minutes, but it was actually good because of Hogan’s interview and the crowd.
As the next match began Taz, in what sounded like a statement handed down from management, mentioned that Dixie Carter had been in constant contact with Sean Waltman in the days leading up to Lockdown. She had approved that Waltman had been unable to attend, so he’s apparently not getting fired.
Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich defeated ODB and Daffney to retain the TNA Knockouts tag team titles in 2:41. I guess the Beautiful People are this decade’s Freebirds where the tag belts can be divided among three people. With Rayne the new Knockouts champion, Von Erich now has a share of the tag belts. There’s now competition between Von Erich and Judy Bagwell as the worst co-holder of a tag team championship ever. Lacey Von Erich and Daffney had about a minute of ring activity, which sounds like a recipe for disaster. It didn’t get far enough to become horrid or good, with Von Erich doing her handspring into an elbow drop. Still looked awkward, but it makes more sense than doing the moonsault, landing on her feet and doing an elbow drop. Finish was somewhat screwed up as ODB gave Velvet Sky a rolling reverse cradle while Madison Rayne distracted the referee. Von Erich was supposed to put hairspray into ODB’s eyes, but Von Erich was totally out of position. So ODB had to walk over to Von Erich in order to have hairspray put in her eyes, leading to Sky getting the pin. DUD
Jeremy Borash was backstage trying to catch up with Flair backstage. Instead, we eavesdropped on a conversation between Flair and Styles, where Styles told him that Flair was banned with ringside. Flair was upset and said he wanted a rematch from last night between Team Flair and Team Hogan, who had five minutes to accept or else they would lose by forfeit.
After a commercial, Abyss and Jeff Jarrett came out and said Team Abyss had already accomplished everything they wanted to do. Abyss pointed out that Van Dam and Hardy already had a match scheduled for tonight, but if they didn’t, Team Abyss would continue the beatdown of Team Flair. This brought out Flair, Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode and Desmond Wolfe, who attacked the faces. Jarrett and Abyss held off the heels until Sting came in the ring and hit Abyss and Jarrett with bat shots. Then Rob Terry, called “The Freak,” came out and again couldn’t muster a good pop from a hot crowd. Beer Money set aviation records bumping for Terry. But then Terry was supposed to gorilla press Wolfe and it was worse than painful because Terry couldn’t get him up. Even worse, Wolfe was supposed to be thrown onto Sting, and the spot looked clumsy. Then Terry tripped over his own feet delivering a clothesline on Sting, who looked none too happy about bumping as a heel to begin with, much less against someone still so green.
Flair was screaming about a rematch, and Bischoff came out. Despite his abrupt face turn from the night before, the crowd didn’t know how to react to him. Bischoff announced that Flair would get his wish and there would be a rematch between Team Flair and Team Hogan, except Hogan’s squad would consist of Jarrett, Abyss, Terry and a mystery partner.
Matt Morgan walked up to Shannon Moore, referring to himself in plural tense as the tag team champions. Moore was ready the Dilligaff book. Moore asked him if he was referring to his ego as a second person. Morgan asked him if he wanted to defend the tag belts with him tonight, but Moore told him he had an X Division title shot next week and told him to kiss his ass. Morgan told him he made a big mistake.
Bischoff and Hogan talked backstage about how they conned Flair at Lockdown. Hogan brought up the ranking system that was supposed to be unveiled weeks ago, but Bischoff said he would get on it next week. Bischoff then asked his secretary Miss Tessmacher about the papers for his rankings. Tessmacher asked him if they were “in the green thingee or the red thingee.” Hogan watched Tessmacher’s ass as she walked away and asked Bischoff about his “little thingee.” Humor straight from “Thunder in Paradise.” This was all for Hogan on the night as he did his second hour disappearing act.
Van Dam did a promo about how difficult it was to face one of his best friends tonight, but he was still ready. Show was pretty great from this point forward.
Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy to get the title shot against Styles later in the show in 13:29. Most of the first six minutes was interrupted by commercials because they wanted to time the meat of the much against the opening of Raw. Crowd was into it all the way like they were seeing a dream match, and both men came off as big deals here for the first time since they joined (or in Hardy’s case, rejoined) the company. Once they came back from the break, Van Dam had hardway juice coming straight down his nose, which Mike Tenay explained was from his match against Storm the night before. Great match. Van Dam hit a corkscrew legdrop off the apron while Hardy was draped on the barricade, then came back with a slingshot legdrop with Hardy on the apron. Van Dam flew back in the ring with a crossbody for a two count. Hardy came back with a flying clothesline and a legdrop across the groin. Van Dam reversed an Irish Whip and teased the rolling monkey flip, but Hardy crossed up the spot with a flying clothesline for a two count. Van Dam fought back with right hands and did a split-legged dropdown, but Hardy dropped down into a cradle for a two count.
Crowd was chanting “This is Awesome” and unlike last night, it was much better suited. Hardy went to the top rope, but Van Dam crotched him, place him on the ropes, and came off the top with the Rider Kick, which sent Hardy to the floor. Van Dam put Hardy back in the ring, and came back with a corkscrew legdrop and rolling splash for a near fall. Hardy backed Van Dam into the ropes and went for the Hardiac Arrest, but missed. Van Dam came off with a split-legged moonsault, but only got two with his original finisher. Hardy escaped a splash and hit his gourdbuster, then went to the top rope for the Swanton, but Van Dam against crotched him after a spin kick. Hardy recovered and threw Van Dam off the top rope, then went for the Swanton again but missed. Van Dam then quickly followed with the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin. ***3/4
Christy Hemme was backstage with Van Dam and Hardy. This was weird. Van Dam and Hardy did commentary on the highlights from their match while Hemme laughed in the background. They were still better than Michael Cole. Van Dam admitted Hardy took a lot out of him, but he would still be ready for Styles tonight.
Abyss gave Terry and Jarrett a pep talk about their rematch with Team Flair tonight. He acknowledged that he didn’t know who Bischoff has selected for their mystery partner tonight.
Tenay laid out the rules of the Team Flair-Team Hogan rematch, which was basically Lethal Lockdown without the cage or weapons. The rules were Sting and Jarrett would open the match for five minutes, and each member would come in at two minute intervals. After the first five minutes, it was standard tag team rules. With Bischoff now a face, Jarrett had his full ring entrance back. A pin or submission couldn’t be recorded until all eight men were involved in the match. They actually did a better job explaining this match in five minutes than they did in the three weeks proceeding the PPV.
Team Hogan of Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry and the returning Samoa Joe defeated Team Flair of Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode and Desmond Wolfe in 16:39. Sting and Jarrett brawled to the back of the building before the bell even sounded. Sting hit Jarrett with several chair shots and threw him into wall several times. Jarrett made his comeback with a series of chair shots to Sting’s back. Sting reversed an Irish Whip and Jarrett went flying back into the wall. Someone in the crowd had a sign that said “How Much Does That Guy Weigh?” Apparently, somebody longed for the color commentary of Art Donovan. They finally got in the ring, and Sting missed a Stinger Splash and Jarrett followed with a flying clothesline. Both men gave each other a clothesline and were down as the five minute interval ended. The first partner out was Wolfe, so they actually got the psychology right. Wolfe tagged in and went to work on Jarrett. Wolfe teased the Tower of London, but Jarrett escaped and gave him a back suplex. Terry was the first partner out for Team Hogan, and Wolfe barely got over for a Terry backdrop. Meanwhile, Orlando Jordan watched Terry from the ramp. Terry gave Wolfe a powerslam and a Jackhammer.
This was the only sight of Jordan the entire match, so who knows where they’re going with that? Hate to beat up on the guy, but the crowd was going nuts for everything tonight except for Terry’s offense, though he got a good pop coming out. After a commercial, Roode was out for Team Flair and Abyss out for Team Hogan. Abyss gave Roode a choke slam. Storm was out last for Team Flair to make it 4-on-3. Abyss missed a charge in the corner and ran into Storm’s boot, followed by a blockbuster from Roode. Abyss recovered and gave Storm a sidewalk slam and make a tag to Jarrett. Storm tagged in Wolfe. Storm tried to give Jarrett a Bronco Buster but missed, and Jarrett came out of the corner with a clothesline to Roode and Wolfe. Then the clock ran down for the mystery fourth member, and it was Samoa Joe, who got a good but not great pop. Joe had a catatonic look in his eyes, and Tenay pointed out Joe hadn’t been seen since he was abducted two months ago. He didn’t mentioned Joe lost to Jordan, and the quicker everyone forgets that the better. Joe cleaned house on everybody, including giving Roode the STO out of the corner. Joe got the pin with a musclebuster on Roode. Joe refused to stay around with the rest of the faces to celebrate, and Abyss and Jarrett just looked confused afterwards. Hopefully, there will be an explanation of who abducted Joe, but I’m not holding my breath. ***1/2
At this point there must have been a timing issue because Flair came out to cut a promo, but as he was in mid-sentence, they cut to a commercial. They aired the point of the segment afterwards, where Flair challenged Abyss next week for his Hall of Fame ring, and Flair put up his Hall of Fame ring. Wouldn’t it be great if somebody stuck in Europe right now found Douglas Williams in an airport in Istanbul right now, then kidnapped the TNA title, hijacked it and talked Vince McMahon into putting it on the line next week on Raw? Well, no it wouldn’t because the WWE would acknowledge someone not even on their radar. So why does TNA do something like this?
Rob Van Dam defeated A.J. Styles to become the TNA World Heavyweight champion in 10:32. Styles threw his robe over Van Dam’s head before the bell and wasted no time in busting him open across his forehead again. Styles then followed with his somersault tope over the top rope. Van Dam didn’t catch him right and Styles landed partially on the back of his head. Tenay and Taz were at their best here because they didn’t have to call anything that insulted your intelligence. Van Dam was doing his Ricky Morton-style babyface selling with Tenay mentioning he was wrestling his fourth match in two days.
Styles gave Van Dam a dragon screw, and Van Dam sold his left leg for the rest of the match. Van Dam came back with a monkey flip and Rolling Thunder. Styles came back with a single-leg takedown into the Figure Four leglock, but Van Dam made the ropes after a bit of a struggle. Styles went for the Figure Four again, but Van Dam got the small package for a two count. Van Dam missed a clothesline, and Styles came back with the Pele kick. Styles went for the Styles clash, but Van Dam backdropped him over the top rope. Styles landed on his feet on the apron and went for a springboard missile dropkick, but Van Dam gave him a power bomb. Van Dam then went right to the top rope and gave him the Five Star Frog Splash for the surprise pin, and the pop was enormous. ***
Confetti started pouring into the ring. Hardy came down, and I was waiting for modern day wrestling rules to kick in and have Hardy turn on him. Instead, it was something great. Hardy congratulated Van Dam, and it turned into the best postmatch world championship celebration in ages. All the faces, Hogan and even Dixie Carter came in to congratulate Van Dam, which was one hell of a way to get the belt over as a big deal.


TNA Impact full episode/results

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The plot thickens this week on iMPACT!

The show starts off with a video package about Foley and The Band. Tonight’s episode is called “Hulk’s Moment of Truth” I agree naming the episodes is wack. The Immortal One comes to the ring off the top on iMPACT!

Does Hulk even know what “Crackalackin’” really means? I think not. Whatchyou know bout “Swagger” Hogan?

So Hulk says he has heightened security tonight and locked down the iMPACT! Zone tonight to keep Hall and Pac out.

“If you gotta go to the washroom you better hold it” ? That’s what the man said. How about the fans just piss all over you Hulkster? Hogan threatens to put on the red and yellow to deal with Hall and Pac.

Then the World Eliteless Eric Young interrupts Hulk and says he wants Pac and Hall back in TNA so he can whoop their ass. Hogan’s no “Johnny Come Lately” and puts Young in his place and tells him if he wants Hall and Pac to take it off the property. Where Hulk, miles away? The iMPACT! Zone’s at Universal Studios in Disney World.

TNA 8 Card Stud Qualifying Match – Orlando Jordan vs. D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero

I must admit The Pope is growing on me more and more every week. Dude is defiantly doin better in TNA than he was in WWE. I’m starting to like his swag. Taz is killing me tho’, he doesn’t even know the refs names.

Orlando was classic blessing Pope before the match started. Pope takes it to Jordan coming off his win last week over Styles. Somebody shave Jordan’s head for Christ’s sake. Orlando turns the tide for a bit till Pope hits the Coronation and Orlando kicks out.The Pope takes this one after hitting Jordan with the Deangelo Dinero Express.

Double J is in Eric Bishoff’s office or is it Hogan’s office. Either way they have a convo that has overtones of sarcasm each way. Jarrett tries to get in the 8 Card Stud Tournament, but Easy E shuts him down. Everyone seems to want to fall in line all off a sudden. Fight the power fellas!

TNA 8 Card Stud Qualifying Match – Suicide vs Matt Morgan

Morgan “The DNA of TNA” runs over suicide like a train. Suicide mounts a comeback on the big man till he catches a Carbon Footprint to the face and this oooooveer. You didn’t really expect Suicide to win did you?

Now, Foley is in the office with Eric making nice with the boss. Foley pleads for Abyss and JB’s jobs.

Eric makes the match of Foley vs. Abyss in the 8 Card Stud Tournament at Against All Odds and Eric says if Foley messes around that he will unmask Abyss next week. This is a Kane moment for sure. Bad move if that goes down.

Anderson and Angle are gonna team up to face in the main event on iMPACT! This week.
Seeing this interview felt like watching WWE.

Miiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeer ……ah you know the rest. Angle threatens Anderson then goes and tells Young to stay inside and let him deal with Hall and Pac.

X Division Championship Match – Doug Williams vs. Amazing Red

Red’s pretty damn quick and gives Doug a run for his money. Taz again says some stupid shit “Doug is from European” and “Doug would be good in the X Division” Dude he’s the X Division Champ. Does that not put him in the X Division?

Red gets Amazing with nuff high flyalazz….spin kick to Doug from Red and he almost gets him for the pin. This Brooklyn native brings the heat but gets caught in a Rolling German Suplex from Doug Williams and the BI member retains his X Division Championship.

The Beautiful People vs. Angelina Love & Tara

I love Velvet’s ass, damn did you catch that pum pum printa shot?

Beautiful People I love you! See with the ramp you can’t run around the ring. Not a good look. Velvet chokes Love with her own hair. Hmmm…

Is a sunset flip between two women not softcore porn? Anyway Tara and Angelina run tings off the start of the match but the BP get the numbers game working for them. Ugly stick behind the refs back and the BP get the win!

After the match it’s an Ugly Stick beat down on Tara. I can think of a few things to do with that stick and those three ladies!

Hernandez & Desmond Wolfe vs. Mr. Anderson & Kurt Angle

I keep waiting for Anderson to mess up and say Kennedy! Here we got two teams where the members don’t like each other at all. That’s a recipe for disaster. Anderson and Super Mex start it off. Angle had Wolfe tapping in the Angle Lock right in the centre of the ring but the ref never saw it. This match was truly ever man for himself as Angle proved by attacking Anderson during the match. Anderson tosses Angle out the ring to get the pin on Wolfe. Stealing Angle’s victory.

Samoa Joe comes to the ring and calls out AJ Styles. I’m waiting for AJ to dye his hair blonde like Flair. I doubt Styles will lose the strap at Against All Odds. Joe gives Styles a lecture….Flair talks about respect and AJ goes on a conceited rant. Woooooo!! Joe calls Flair AJ’s sugar daddy and gets AJ hot as hell and rushes the ring and catches a beatdown. Enter Flair and it gets ugly for Joe. Security comes to Joe’s rescue. Hey Tuff Guy Wooooooo!!!

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the TNA Championship this Sunday at Against All Odds! Backstage, Bischoff informs AJ that he will be the guest ref in his title match at Against All Odds. See ya Champ!

Hulkster leaves a door open for Hall and Pac to confront Angle.

Angle hits the ring and calls out Hall and Pac, who promptly rush the ring and bring it to Angle. The brass knucks come out and Angle gets a beat down Band style. Out comes Hogan. Hogan’s not part of the Band but still using the NWO theme music. The Band give s Hulk the too sweet sign. Hall and Pac give Hulk the knucks to clock Angle with as they hold him but the Hulkster clocks Hall, then Pac. Can Angle trust Hogan now? I highly doubt it.

Not a bad iMPACT! Overall. Things slowly seem more organized and some direction is starting to form here.

This week we got some X Division action finally and it was a good mix. There may be some hope here after all.

credit: PW News Now