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02/04/11 Smackdown Full Episode- Booker T returns to Smackdown; Ziggler will not be denied


02/04/11 Smackdown spoilers- Edge retains; Elimination Chamber challengers set

Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, Kane and Drew McIntyre will compete for the World Title at the Elimination Chamber PPV

credit- Inside Pulse

Vickie Guerrero with Dolph Ziggler in tow announce Smackdown Elimination Chamber qualifying matches and then call out Kelly Kelly. Kelly is sick of Vickie being involved in her personal life and going through her stuff backstage. Ziggler gets in her face, so Kelly smacks him and Vickie. LayCool attack, but Edge makes the save.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel defeat Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella in a non-title match.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston when Alberto Del Rio distracted Kofi.

A 2.21.11 Promo Airs.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger to get into the Elimination Chamber.

Edge is concerned backstage because if Kelly Kelly is pinned tonight, he loses his title. Kelly is mad at Edge not having faith in her, compares him to Drew McIntyre, and storms off.

Alberto Del Rio is in the ring with a piñata, Hornswoggle and Ricardo. Hornwsoggle accidentally hits Del Rio, so Del Rio kicks him, then attacks Kofi Kingston when he tries to save, with an assist to Ricardo.

Well, looks like Kofi vs. Del Rio at EC.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Kane squashed Chavo

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Wade Barrett defeats Big Show when Corre beat Show down and Wade is now in the EC. Ezekiel cuts a promo setting up him vs. Show.

Edge and Ziggler are the final two EC members.

Naturally, since one of them will hold the belt going in.

World Heavyweight Championship match
Edge and Kelly Kelly defeated Dolph Ziggler and Lay Cool. After the match, Vickie fires Kelly and states that next week is Edge vs. Ziggler with Vickie as guest referee.

01/28/11 Smackdown spoilers- Rated RKO reunites; Kingston strong going into Royal Rumble

With Royal Rumble only days away the Raw and Smackdown brand Superstars try to gain momentum

Vickie Gurrero comes out to start the show, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Randy Orton comes out to thank Vickie for letting him be on the show. Orton then started to talk about how he was going to beat Ziggler tonight and win the title at the rumble. Ziggler came out to demand more respect from Orton but Orton told Ziggler respected is earned, Orton then layed out Ziggler with an RKO.

Drew McIntyre b JTG

Todd Grisham interviewed Cody Rhodes backstage. Cody informed Todd that he suffered a broken nose last week at the hands of Rey Mysterio. Cody demanded to do the whole interview with his back to the camera so his face couldn’t be seen.

Alberto Del Rio and Michael Tarver discussed things backstage.

Kofi Kingston won a mini Rumble throwing out Del Rio and Kane

After the match Del Rio and Kane attacked Kingston, this brought out Rey Mysterio and Vickie signed a tag match for the four men.

Mysterio and Kingston b Kane and Del Rio

Big Show came out to talk about the rumble. Show said he had never won a rumble and was hungry to win this Sunday and go to Wrestlemania. This brought out The Corre and Show challenged them to a match.

Show b Heath Slater

After the match The Corre attacked Show; R-Truth, Chris Masters, Marella, Kozlov and Daniel Bryan made the save.

Rated RKO b The Miz and Dolph Ziggler

Edge won the match for his team with the spear. After the match Vickie informed Edge that the spear was now a banned move and if he used it in a match he would be DQed.

01/07/11 Smackdown spoilers- World Title match, New #1 Contender

Dolph Ziggler loses his title but earns a shot at the World Title

World Title Last Man Standing match:
Kane vs Edge(c)
Edge retains the title via countout

Intercontinental Title match:
Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler(c)
Kingston wins the title, Ziggler is given a rematch right after the match by Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler loses the rematch and Kingston remains Intercontinental Champion.

Backstage segment with Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly.

#1 Contenders match for the World Title:
Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre vs The Big Show
Vickie Guerrero adds Ziggler to the match who wins and is named the new number one contender. After the match Wade Barrett attacks Big Show

Michelle McCool vs Kelly Kelly
McCool gets the win and continues attacking Kelly Kelly after the match, this brings out Drew McIntyre to make the save.

Two out of Three Falls match:
Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio wins the first fall, Mysterio ties it up with a win in the second fall. Del Rio gets the third pin to win the match after interferance from Ricardo Rodiguez.

12/31/10 Smackdown spoilers- Triple threat match for the Intercontinental Title

Smackdown gains momentum heading into the new year

Smackdown starts with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero reviewing Ziggler’s match with John Cena last week. The two are interupted by Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston, both men want a shot at Ziggler’s Intercontinental Title. They three men are then interrupted by Smackdown GM- Teddy Long who informs them that Ziggler will defend his title tonight against them in a triple threat match.

Cody forfeits a match against the Big Show

Trent Baretta loses by ref stoppage after a missed dive in his match with Drew McIntytre. After their match Drew dropped Baretta with his double arm DDT.

The team of Edge and Rey Mysterio beat their rivals(Kane and Alberto Del Rio) in a tag team match.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix beat Michelle McCool and Layla clean.

Dolph Ziggler rolled up Kofi Kingston to retain his title

Annoucned for next weeks Smackdown–

Edge vs. Kane in a Last Man Standing match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio in Two out of Three Fallas match

10/29/10 Smackdown Spoilers- #1 Contenders Match

This Friday on Smackdown Kane eulogizes The Undertaker, Swagger battles Kaval and a new #1 contender is announced for The World Title

Undertaker’s funeral

Kane and Paul Bearer come out to start the show. The World Champion informs the Smackdown audience that Undertaker is dead and so is their feud. In an act of disrespect Alberto Del Rio interrupts the funeral to demand a match for Kane’s title. A pissed off Rey Mysterio runs out to lay a beat down on his arch nemesis Del Rio. The madness brings out The Rated R Superstar and he spears Kane, solidifying himself as worthy of a title shot.

Teddy Long announces a #1 contenders match for the World Title

Backstage Del Rio demands a title match with Kane. Teddy instead puts Del Rio in a match with Rey Mysterio and Edge with the winner getting a title match with Kane at Survivor Series.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

In a Bragging Rights rematch Daniel Bryan gets another win over Ziggler.

Paul Bearer cuts a promo backstage saying that the winner of the #1 contenders match will be destroyed by Kane.

Cody Rhodes is then shown being a jerk to Kelly Kelly. Big Show plays the hero and challenges Rhodes to a match. Cody insists on facing Show in a tag team match because he’s a tag team wrestler.

Jack Swagger vs. Kaval

The great debate of who would win this match is settled with Swagger getting the submission victory over Kaval.

Halloween Divas segment

A divas Halloween Costume Contest quickly deteriorates into a heel vs face, four on four tag team match.  Kelly Kelly, The Bellas and Melina beat Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and LayCool.

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre vs. Big Show and Kofi Kingston

Big Show and Kofi get the win setting off a fight between the former tag team champs Cody and Drew.

#1 Contenders Match: Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

Edge is propelled into the Worl Title picture after he beats two of the top Superstars on Smackdown.

WWE Monday Night Raw LIVE Results

9:53 PM- Piven turns heel, Miz can never appear on Raw again(or until next week)


Sargent Slaughter hosts Raw next week

Piven and Dr. Ken fear Orton. Legacy/heels are the hand picked lumberjacks

Miz and Cena trade punches. Cena plants Miz into the mat, Miz rolls out of the ring. Charro and Dr. Ken make sure Miz is ok. Cena pushed out of the ring, lands in The Masterlock.

Miz with a stiff clothesline. Attacks Cena in the corner. Miz charges Cena, runs into Cena’s boot.

You cant see me. Orton pulls down the rope, Cena falls to the outside. Lumberjacks maul Cena. Cena plants and pins Miz with the F-U. Miz is gone 😦

Piven from the top rope with a CROSS BODY!, caught by Cena. Dr. Ken bargins with Cena, begs for life to be saved. Funny. ‘THE GOOD GUYS WON!’ Dr. Ken gets gorlla pressed to the outside.

Cena and Orton stare eachother down.

9:46 PM- Segment filler

Triple H calls Shawn Michaels to come back, begs. Dial tone says HBK isnt ‘ready’

More of The Goods

Cena is ready for The Miz

9:33 PM- Big Show proves his dominance against Kofi Kingston


Randy Orton dosent care about Jeremy Pivens movie. Slaps and intimidates Piven and Dr. Ken, threatens kicking them in the skull. ‘This has been fun until now’

Hot woman in crowd stares at Kofi Kingston’s abs. Jericho accompanies Big Show to the ring

WWE Poll results- 85% of WWE Fans think Shaq would beat Big Show

Kofi starts off with some quick strikes but Big Show over powers him with his strength. Jericho refers to the NEW Big Show as a destroyer and their team as the most dominat force in WWE.

Big chop across Kofi’s chest. Kofi gets caught in the high rent district and gets slamed to the mat, followed by a splash. Kofi gets his foot on the rope. Colossal clutch in the ropes, ref breaks it up.

Kofi battles back with kicks, stuns Show. Kofi hits a high top rope leg drop, Show kicks out. Show spears Kofi in half. Punches to the kidneys

The ref stops the match due to closed fists strikes, Big Show tears Kofi apart after the bell.

9:25 PM-Mark Henry vs. Chavo Guerrero

Charro is ready to take on Hornswoggle. Piven says swoggle has chickenpox. Mark Henry takes his place + leprechaun hat in memory of Hornswoggle.

Markswoggle(tm) vs Chavo

Henry intimidates Chavo to the outside of the ring. Henry tosses him back inside. Worlds Strongest Slam. Chavo cries out for pepe. 1.2.3.

Hornswoggle is a liar, he was hiding under the ring. Tadpol splash. I predict Chavos next burrial will be with the returning Eugene.

Next- Kofi vs Big Show for the U.S. Title

9:13 PM – Carlito beats Primo


Charro confuses Piven with Joe Rogan. Charro vs Horngobbler one on one. Haha.. Chavo thinks Dr. Ken is the teleporter from Heroes..

Depressed Carlito vs. Primo.. guess this is the blow off match

Announcers put over Primo’s offense. Depressed Calito shows off his orange boots as he rolls out of the ring. Suicide dive from Primo to the outside on Carlito.

Carlito lands a top rope rolling DDT neckbreaker on Primo. Primo fights back, spinning shoulder block. Cartwheel, Mokeyflip.. Primo breaks his shoulder on the turn post as he misses a corner charge.

Carlito hits the Backstabber. 1.2.3.

8:58 PM- Legacy pins The Game. Heat is stolen by DX return


Rhodes has Triple H in a headlock after Dibiase hangs Triple H on the top rope.

Dibiase tagged in. Dibiase stomps Triple H in the corner. Rhodes tagged in, more kicks.  Dibiase attacks Triple H behind the refs back.

Triple H fights back, but its cut off by Dibiase. Rhodes tagged in, elbows to Triple H’s head. Knee drop on Triple H.

Cody Rhodes misses the moonsault. Momentum shift?

Rhodes tries to tag in Dibiase. Triple H stops the tag, attacks Dibiase

High Knee. Facebuster. Spinebuster. RAWR! Stalks Rhodes for the pedigree.

Dibiase breaks it up, DRAM STREAT! Pin, Triple H kicks out.

Rhodes drops Triple H with the Crossroads, 1.2.3


Triple H grabs the mic, breaks down 😦 … Triple H hints at a DX return

8: 50- Rhodes and Dibiase play The Game


The Game wants to teach Legacy a lesson

Rhodes starts things off

Triple H sets the pace. Dibiase tagged in. Pedigree? Rhodes stops it.. Triple H still in control

commercal break

8:40 PM-WWE loses ratings

Beth Phoenix/Jillian Hall vs Mickie James/Gail Kim

Crowd dies.

The Glamazon slams Kim for the pin.

Recap of the Triple H/Legacy feud. Triple H vs. Rhodes/Dibiase hype is NEXT!

Triple H is on his way to the ring.

8:25 PM – Piven makes Big Show vs Kingston for the U.S. Title

We relive Shaq as GM last week on Raw

ESPN clips shown. Didnt ESPN rip WWE and Shaq?

Cole- the Shaq stuff was everywhere ‘even youtube’… vote: Shaq vs. Big Show?

Dr. Ken calls Big Show the BIG FAT SHOW.

Piven and Dr. Ken piss off the Big Show. Big Show vs Jeremy Piven(?)

Piven suggests Big Show vs. Kofi for the US title instead

Dr. Ken is not funny.

Micki James and Gail Kim- Diva tag team action is next!.. who cares!?

8:18 PM – Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne


Swagger vs. Bourne

Swagger over powers Bourne early

Bourne is tiny compared to Swagger. Announcers point this out at least twenty times.

Powerslam. Swagger taunts Bourne with pushups

Gutwrench Powerbomb. 1.2.3.


Bourne is pwned more with a kick to the head, a splash and a second gutwrench powerbombs. MVP makes the save.

8:OO PM – Jeremy Piven and the Asian guy from Mad TV open Raw


Jeremy Piven Opens Raw.

Dr. Ken is not lol

Miz says Piven makes a “mockery” of Raw

Piven- Miz is not the goods

The Miz is embarrassed… again

Miz wants Cena

Miz to Piven “I order you to make it happen”

Cena is loved by Piven and Loyd(?). Fail.

Cena plugs the Goods for the 5th time to start the show

Piven makes Cena vs Le Miz interesting. Lumberjack match? Miz yawns.

Miz will be banned from Summer Fest. Crowd confused.

Cena corrects Piven, Summer Slam*

If Miz loses he is banned from Raw for ALL ETERNITY! WIN!