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02/01/11 NXT Full Episode- Brodus Clay vs Ted DiBiase; Pro/Rookie tag team action


10/26/10 NXT- Full Episode

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WWE NXT results- Slater upsets Jericho

The show kicks off with NXT Host Matt Striker, who introduces the eight NXT Rookies as they prepare for their latest NXT challenge!

This week’s challenge was a physical test of strength of balance called “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Rookies” where two NXT Rookies will stand on pedestals and battle with barbell-style sticks with cushions on both sides and whoever knocks their adversary off of the pedestal will be declared the winner! The first two Rookies to take part in the challenge was the number four Rookie, Heath Slater, and the number five Rookie, David “A-List” Otunga with Slater being able to knock Otunga off of the pedestal to advance! Next up were the two big men of the NXT competition as Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield and, in a close battle, it was Skip Sheffield narrowly beating Wade Barrett! Next up was Daniel Bryan and Michael Tarver with Daniel Bryan winning after Michael Tarver willingly forfeited the contest! Then it was down to Justin Gabriel and Darren Young with Young knocking Gabriel off of his pedestal to be the final Rookie to advance to the semi-finals! With Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield, Daniel Bryan, and Darren Young in the semi-finals, who will win the “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Rookies” competition to get their own feature on

The number five NXT Rookie, David “A-List” Otunga, was in action on NXT as he went one-on-one with the number three NXT Rookie, Justin Gabriel! After his WWE Pro, R-Truth, refused to help his NXT Rookie David Otunga get the unfair advantage on a roll-up counter, Justin Gabriel was able to roll Otunga up to pick up the win! How will David Otunga respond to R-Truth’s refusal to lend the unfair assist?

Then it was time for the semi-finals of the “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Rookies” competition as Skip Sheffield was able to knock Heath Slater off of his pedestal to advance to the Finals! Next up was Daniel Bryan and Darren Young with Darren Young knocking Bryan off of his pedestal to advance to the finals of the competition!

After forfeiting the “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Rookies” competition, Michael Tarver made an appearance in the ring and issues an open challenge to any NXT Rookie or WWE Pro! The challenge was answered by Skip Sheffield and the match was set to begin, but CM Punk, Luke Gallows, Serena, & Darren Young come out! Punk states that Darren Young is also looking for “competition” before announcing that he is adding Darren Young to the match between Skip Sheffield and Michael Tarver to make it a Triple Threat Match! In the middle of the match, it looked like Darren Young was set to pick up the win as he ascended to the top rope, but Luke Gallows came out and knocked Darren Young off of the top rope and took Skip Sheffield out as well, which left the door open for Michael Tarver to pick up the win! However, Tarver wasted too much time and Darren Young was able to catch Tarver with a modified full-nelson slam en route to picking up the win! How will CM Punk respond to Luke Gallows trying to cost Darren Young the match?

In the finals of the “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Rookie” competition, it was Skip Sheffield, after a too-close-to-call competition, who won the rematch over Darren Young to win the “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Rookie” competition and earn an exclusive feature on!

Then it was time for the WWE Pro Vs. NXT Rookie main event as NXT Rookie Heath Slater would compete in the biggest match of his young career as he went one-on-one with the former World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho! In a monumental upset, it was the NXT Rookie, Heath Slater, who countered an attempt at the Walls of Jericho to roll-up the six-time World Champion and pick up the victory over Chris Jericho! After the shocking loss, an enraged Chris Jericho rampaged the ringside area by dismantling the announce table and the ring steps and shouting at the referee of the match! Defeating an elite Superstar like Chris Jericho will no doubt give a major boost to the rise of Heath Slater in the NXT competition. Is Heath Slater well on his way to unseating Daniel Bryan as the number one Rookie in NXT?

credit: Wrestling 101

WWE ECW full episode/results

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The inevitable departure of ECW in two weeks meant that every superstar on the roster was out to impress this week.

ECW Roster Meeting w/ Tiffany

Tiffany announced that each superstar would become a free agent in two weeks and that now is the time for them to impress the other brands. She told them to enjoy the final two weeks and she pulled out some Mardi Gras beads and a drink to celebrate the Saints’ Super Bowl Victory over the Colts. Zack Ryder confronted her and asked if she was just going to party instead of helping them find new brands. Tiffany answered with a
“Woo Woo Woo” and “You Know It!”

Tag Team Number One Contender Match – Tatsu & Goldust vs. Croft & Beretta

The winner of this match will go on to face ShowMiz on the final episode of ECW for the Unified Tag Team Championships. Goldust began in the ring with Beretta and was quick to get the advantage over the young talent. Goldust tagged in Tatsu immediately after he brought Beretta to the ground with a snapmare.  Tatsu came in and went for a clothesline which was reversed into a school boy pin for Beretta. Beretta got the two count and tagged in Croft who went for another cover resulting in a two count.

Croft then tagged back in Beretta and he began to go to work on Tatsu’s head and neck. Beretta whipped Tatsu into the turnbuckle and went for the running cross body to top it all off, but Tatsu dodged it and tagged in Goldust. Goldust came in with a fury of punches that was capped off with a big boot right to the face of one third of FCW’s Dudebusters. Beretta then ducked out of the ring and Goldust chased but didn’t notice the tag made to Croft on his way out. Croft caught him off guard and hit a chop to the back of the knee.


When ECW returned, Croft was just tagging in Beretta and the two began to get cocky with tag in after tag in. Goldust was eventually hit with a huge clothesline from Beretta and then thrown into a modified figure four. He began to show some life and was again stopped via a tag out from Beretta to Croft.

Croft came in a subdued Goldust and brought back in Beretta again. Beretta put him into another leg lock and had it locked in, but Goldust was able to counter and hit a powerslam. Goldust finally reached Tatsu and Beretta tagged in Croft at the same time. Tatsu was on fire and hit is signature kicks to the gut.

Tatsu went for a pin, but Beretta broke it up just in the nick of time. Goldust then came in and took out Beretta over the top rope and Croft went for a roll-up. Croft’s roll-up attempt failed and he ran into Tatsu’s finishing kick. Tatsu scored the pinfall and clinched a tag team title shot for the last episode of ECW.

Tatsu & Goldust win by pinfall


Ezekiel Jackson vs. Perry Wallace

Wallace was an obvious jobber to Jackson because he was already in the ring when Jackson entered. This statement match began with Jackson throwing Wallace half way across the ring and the nailing him with a huge clothesline. Jackson then hit his finisher and pinned him for the easy three count.

Jackson wins by pinfall

Regal grabbed a microphone after the match was over and said that what happened at the Royal Rumble was a travesty and that his ejection was biased. He then bashed Tiffany by saying she set back female employment 25 years and she would only be redeemed if she gave Jackson a title shot on the final ECW. Jackson then grabbed the mic from Regal and said that his title reign would come to an end and he would be the final ECW champion.


Raw Recall was shown and didn’t do justice to what actually went down at the end of the over-hyped show. JLB was able to put in his two cents on this week’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…and apparently Fred Durst? Check it out.

Christian’s Response

Christian responded by saying that Regal is a just a bad disease that won’t go away and that he accepts the challenge that Jackson dished out. Christian also raised the stakes by saying that the match would be under Extreme Rules.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer- No Disqualifications

Shelton came out and said he remembers how much he hated when he was sent to ECW. He felt that he was better than ECW until he was kicked in the head by Yoshi Tatsu. He says he will miss ECW and the young superstars, but his last ECW moment will be wiping the sadistic smile off of Archer’s face.


Archer was surprisingly overpowered by Shelton to start the match. Shelton then put Archer into a headlock followed by a shoulder knockdown off the ropes. Archer retreated out of the ring and began to become frustrated. He came into the ring with a vengeance knocking down the Gold Standard with a huge European Uppercut. Shelton than countered a punch from Archer and locked him into a Boston crab. Archer crawled away and started to go to the top rope, but Shelton caught him with a dropkick knocking him out towards the announcer’s table.


When ECW returned, Archer was standing over a down Shelton with a kendo stick. Archer went to hit him again with the kendo stick, but Shelton nailed him with a steel chair. Shelton went for another hit with the chair, but Archer was able to move out of the way a land a big boot. Archer rolled Shelton into the ring and began to effectively use a ground and pound attack.

Then the referee moved Archer out of the way and the trainer came in to look at Shelton’s now bleeding head. Shelton pushed him away and told Archer to come and get him. Shelton got the first blow and took Archer to the top rope. The move turned out to be ill-fated when Archer got the advantage on the top rope and superplexed Shelton. Archer went for a pinfall, but Shelton kicked out at two and endured some more ground and pound.

Archer went for another pin and got another two count. Archer then stood up Shelton and locked him into a bear hug. Shelton started to power out and broke free long enough to land a springboard crossbody. Shelton went for the pin and got a two count. Archer got up and moved to the corner slowly. He dodged Shelton as he ran toward him, but as he turned away Shelton had climbed to the top ropes. Shelton hit an over castle from off the top rope and then followed with Paydirt. Shelton got the three count.

Benjamin wins by pinfall


The second to last episode of ECW was extremely…boring. The matches were the same old song and dance that has been done for the past month and all of the wrong decisions were made. However, the matches made for the final edition of ECW are very good so far. Beretta and Croft should have won the No. 1 contender’s match over Tatsu and Goldust because I can’t believe the latter to be legitimate contenders. The newly formed ShowMiz is going to walk all over this poorly formed tag team and prove once and for all how much better Raw is than ECW.

This week Abe was shown once and only in the background, so that alone should make it a poorly booked show. I liked the direction ECW was going before the announcement was made, but now you would think they would try to wow viewers with the final shows. They just didn’t do that and not to mention the champion, Christian, was only shown once for about a minute. The bogus final feud between Jackson and Christian for the lame duck title (thank you Sheamus) is just pointless altogether. Hopefully they can step it up for the finale, if not they should have just canceled it on the spot.

credit: Wrestling Daily

ECW to be replaced by NXT

Last night on ECW, Vince McMahon announced the brand is coming to an end and a new show featuring the “next generation” of WWE programming will debut in 3 weeks during the same timeslot on SyFy.

The brand will be called WWE NXT, as in “next generation.” Word came out earlier today that there’s already an “NXT” wrestling promotion based out of Scottland. To give more background on the original NXT promotion, it’s actually a developmental promotion of sort for the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, a member of the UK’s branch of the National Wrestling Alliance.

credit: Rajah