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TNA Impact full episode/results

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Tonight’s Impact opens with a recap of TNA Genesis, highlighting the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match that saw AJ Styles retain due to interference by Ric Flair, and Styles’ subsequent heel turn

Ric Flair, AJ Styles, and 3 bimbos – er, women of questionable repute, get out of an arriving limo and head to the ring.

Flair comes out to the ring with two of the bimbos from the limo and cuts a promo.  He says there are three reasons he came to TNA.  His hatred of Hulk Hogan, to work with AJ Styles whom he says he will work with until he’s done with the business, and Dixie Carter, who he alleges he slept with.  He then introduces Styles, who comes out with the third bimbo.  AJ cuts a heel promo saying no matter what he’s done TNA has never been known as the house that Styles built.  He goes on to point out he’s one of the originals and the only grand slam champ ever, but guys like Foley, Sting, Joe, and Jarrett get the credit.  The whole promo is very much in the style of Flair and not half-bad.  Angle interrupts the promo and comes out with the Hulkster himself.   He recounts that he said Angle’s last shot was at Genesis, but because of Flair’s assistance Hulk decided to “change his mind” and makes a match between AJ and Kurt for the TNA Title.  If Flair interferes, Angle will become champion.  Hogan ends by saying ”This is real, this is damn real!”

We come back from commercial to Mick Foley smashing various objects backstage, repeatedly saying “Bischoff!”  He legitimately looks crazy.

Matt Morgan & Hernandez (c) vs. The British Invasion – TNA Tag Team Championships

Our first match is a return match from Genesis, the British Invasion vs. Matt Morgan and Hernandez for the TNA Tag Team championships.  The Brits jump Morgan and Hernandez from behind, with Morgan and Williams starting as the legal men.  Morgan quickly regains control and hits a variety of offensive maneuvers, including a side slam, but then falls prey to illegal help from Magnus.  Magnus is tagged in and works over Morgan, who manages to hit a clothesline and hot-tag Hernandez who cleans house.  Hernandez hits a Complete Dust-type maneuver on Williams for a 2-count.  The Invasion come back and hit a kick/german suplex combo for a near-fall.  Rob Terry comes out and throws his briefcase in to Magnus, who accidentally nails Williams with it, allowing Morgan and Hernandez to pick up the victory.  After the match, Mick Foley comes out with a steel chair and lays out the entire Invasion with chair shots and a double arm DDT.  Foley looks into the camera and tells Eric Bischoff to schedule an appointment for him later tonight, because Mick is coming to see him.

We come back from commercial and see a recap of a JJ interview on Bubba The Love Sponge.  After his controversial comments about Haiti, I hope we see a lot less of Bubba, like none of him at all.  (P.S. GO KONG!)

Hogan and Bischoff are shown in an office and talk about keeping “Cactus Jack” under control.  Kevin Nash walks in and is beseeched by Hulk to keep Hall and Waltman in line, and to “nail it” in his match with Eric Young against The Nasty Boys.

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviews The Pope, who repeatedly refers to his opponent Orlando Jordan as “Whoopi” and sees two pimp slaps in his future.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Orlando Jordan

The crowd is behind Dinero big time.  The match starts off with some chain wrestling, then turns into a slugfest after Jordan slaps Dinero.  Dinero takes control and lands on Jordan, who is strung across the bottom rope.  Jordan gets the last laugh as he dragon screws Pope back in to the ring, hurting the same leg that was brutalized by Desmond Wolfe at Genesis.  OJ hits a flatliner on Dinero for a big win in his TNA debut.

Kurt Angle is interviewed by Christy Hemme.  Angle says justice was served by Hulk Hogan when Hogan gave him a rematch for the title, and that he will serve up some justice of his own tonight on AJ Styles.

Back from commercial, Eric Young asks Kevin Nash if he’s with Young, or if he’s with Waltman and Hall.  Nash says Young will fit right in with them.

A history of The Beautiful People and Angelina Love is shown.  Angelina vs. Madison Rayne is scheduled for later tonight.

More Bubba the Love Sponge/Jarrett interview.  They end up setting up a meeting between Jarrett and Hogan.

Bobby Lashley walks into Eric Bischoff’s office and says he just wants to wrestle and is done with letting his wife talk for him.  Bischoff says it takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and that he’ll talk to Hogan and have an answer for Lashley next week.

Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love

Angelina dominates initially and just pummels Madison.  Angelina hits a bicycle kick for the win in about 2 minutes.  Angelina then strangles Madison Rayne with her own top she had ripped off.  The Beautiful People come out and eventually beat down Angelina with the ugly stick.

Bubba is backstage with Hall and Waltman.  Waltman sounds blazed, which Hall of all people points out by saying “take another hit cheech.”  Hall then goes on to say he believes tonight, he and Waltman will earn TNA contracts.

Back from commercial, Hogan and Bischoff comes out to the ring.  Hulk says TNA has a lot of momentum, but he’s sick of the “rock, paper, and scissors” clowns running around TNA.  He says he wants to see them wrestle!  That makes one of us.  Nash, Hall and Waltman come out and get berated by Hogan.  Hogan kicks Hall and Waltman out of the building.  Mick Foley comes down and tries to get at Bischoff, but is stopped by security.  Bischoff tells security to get Foley back to his office and that they’ll talk.

The Nasty Boys vs. Kevin Nash & Eric Young

The Nasties didn’t actually look too horrible in this one.  Typical Nasty Boy-type brawling throughout most of the match.  Big Sexy got thrown into the steps on the outside by Knobbs, allowing Sags to hit a Pumphandle Drop on Young for the win.  During the commercial break, the Nasty Boys were assaulted by Team 3D.

Mr. Anderson comes to the ring and cuts a promo saying actions speak louder than words.  He then brags about beating Abyss, who is standing right behind him silently.  He continues to berate Abyss, who eventually gets a few good shots in before Mr. Anderson escapes.

Eric Bischoff and a restrained-by-security Mick Foley are shown in Bischoff’s office.  A confident Bischoff asks for some privacy, and to be left alone with Mick Foley.  Foley says he hates what Bischoff has done to his company, and will stop what he’s doing by force if necessary.  Bischoff then orders the cameramen out of his office.

A.J. Styles (c) vs. Kurt Angle – TNA Heavyweight Championship

Early on, Angle hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near-fall, then hits a snap suplex.  Angle is very aggressive and absolutely works AJ over.  Angle with another near fall after a vicious clothesline.  AJ turns the tables on Angle after a mule kick low blow.

Back from commercial, Styles hits a wicked chop block on Angle.  AJ then slaps on a figure-four, a la his new mentor.  Angle eventually makes it to the ropes.  Angle fights his way back with punches and a clothesline and then hits a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a triple german suplex.  AJ escapes an Angle Slam and hits a Pele kick.  AJ then goes for the Styles Clash, but Angle reverses and locks in an ankle lock.  AJ rolls through and slaps on an ankle lock. In what could only be described as the Orlando Screwjob, Earl Hebner immediately calls for the bell.  Angle is in disbelief.  Hogan comes out to try to sort things out, but Angle thinks Hogan is in on it and says “I Quit!”  He then spits in Hulk Hogan’s face.  Angle is dropping F-bombs left and right, I assume to make everything look like it’s legitimate.

Back from the break, Eric Bischoff stumbles out to the ring, bleeding profusely from his forehead.  To close out the show, Bischoff screams “Mick Foley, you’re fired!”

credit: The Wrestling Daily