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01/24/11 ROH on HDNet preview- The All Night Express vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Tonight on HDNet Rhett Titus and Kenny King face Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

News broke last week that HDNet has cancelled ROH programing from their channel. The final show for ROH airs on 04/04/11  featuring Davey Richards and The Birscos vs. Roderick Strong and The Kings of Wrestling in what was said to be the best match in the history of the show.

The count down to the final show starts tonight with a main event of Titus and King vs Haas and Benjamin. Other matches include:

– The Bravado Brothers vs. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly
– Homicide vs. a local jobber
The show will also feature an interview with Homicide conducted by Jim Cornette

ROH on HDNet airs @ 7pm ct on HDNet


01/03/11 ROH on HDNet preview- Worlds Greatest Tag Team debuts on ROH TV

Tonight’s episode of ROH on HDNet will feature the ROH TV debuts of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin against The Bravado Brothers

Also on tonight’s show-

Eddie Edwards vs. Mark Briscoe for the ROH TV Title.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Homicide.

Mike Mondo vs. Grizzly Redwood

WWE ECW full episode/results

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The inevitable departure of ECW in two weeks meant that every superstar on the roster was out to impress this week.

ECW Roster Meeting w/ Tiffany

Tiffany announced that each superstar would become a free agent in two weeks and that now is the time for them to impress the other brands. She told them to enjoy the final two weeks and she pulled out some Mardi Gras beads and a drink to celebrate the Saints’ Super Bowl Victory over the Colts. Zack Ryder confronted her and asked if she was just going to party instead of helping them find new brands. Tiffany answered with a
“Woo Woo Woo” and “You Know It!”

Tag Team Number One Contender Match – Tatsu & Goldust vs. Croft & Beretta

The winner of this match will go on to face ShowMiz on the final episode of ECW for the Unified Tag Team Championships. Goldust began in the ring with Beretta and was quick to get the advantage over the young talent. Goldust tagged in Tatsu immediately after he brought Beretta to the ground with a snapmare.  Tatsu came in and went for a clothesline which was reversed into a school boy pin for Beretta. Beretta got the two count and tagged in Croft who went for another cover resulting in a two count.

Croft then tagged back in Beretta and he began to go to work on Tatsu’s head and neck. Beretta whipped Tatsu into the turnbuckle and went for the running cross body to top it all off, but Tatsu dodged it and tagged in Goldust. Goldust came in with a fury of punches that was capped off with a big boot right to the face of one third of FCW’s Dudebusters. Beretta then ducked out of the ring and Goldust chased but didn’t notice the tag made to Croft on his way out. Croft caught him off guard and hit a chop to the back of the knee.


When ECW returned, Croft was just tagging in Beretta and the two began to get cocky with tag in after tag in. Goldust was eventually hit with a huge clothesline from Beretta and then thrown into a modified figure four. He began to show some life and was again stopped via a tag out from Beretta to Croft.

Croft came in a subdued Goldust and brought back in Beretta again. Beretta put him into another leg lock and had it locked in, but Goldust was able to counter and hit a powerslam. Goldust finally reached Tatsu and Beretta tagged in Croft at the same time. Tatsu was on fire and hit is signature kicks to the gut.

Tatsu went for a pin, but Beretta broke it up just in the nick of time. Goldust then came in and took out Beretta over the top rope and Croft went for a roll-up. Croft’s roll-up attempt failed and he ran into Tatsu’s finishing kick. Tatsu scored the pinfall and clinched a tag team title shot for the last episode of ECW.

Tatsu & Goldust win by pinfall


Ezekiel Jackson vs. Perry Wallace

Wallace was an obvious jobber to Jackson because he was already in the ring when Jackson entered. This statement match began with Jackson throwing Wallace half way across the ring and the nailing him with a huge clothesline. Jackson then hit his finisher and pinned him for the easy three count.

Jackson wins by pinfall

Regal grabbed a microphone after the match was over and said that what happened at the Royal Rumble was a travesty and that his ejection was biased. He then bashed Tiffany by saying she set back female employment 25 years and she would only be redeemed if she gave Jackson a title shot on the final ECW. Jackson then grabbed the mic from Regal and said that his title reign would come to an end and he would be the final ECW champion.


Raw Recall was shown and didn’t do justice to what actually went down at the end of the over-hyped show. JLB was able to put in his two cents on this week’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…and apparently Fred Durst? Check it out.

Christian’s Response

Christian responded by saying that Regal is a just a bad disease that won’t go away and that he accepts the challenge that Jackson dished out. Christian also raised the stakes by saying that the match would be under Extreme Rules.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer- No Disqualifications

Shelton came out and said he remembers how much he hated when he was sent to ECW. He felt that he was better than ECW until he was kicked in the head by Yoshi Tatsu. He says he will miss ECW and the young superstars, but his last ECW moment will be wiping the sadistic smile off of Archer’s face.


Archer was surprisingly overpowered by Shelton to start the match. Shelton then put Archer into a headlock followed by a shoulder knockdown off the ropes. Archer retreated out of the ring and began to become frustrated. He came into the ring with a vengeance knocking down the Gold Standard with a huge European Uppercut. Shelton than countered a punch from Archer and locked him into a Boston crab. Archer crawled away and started to go to the top rope, but Shelton caught him with a dropkick knocking him out towards the announcer’s table.


When ECW returned, Archer was standing over a down Shelton with a kendo stick. Archer went to hit him again with the kendo stick, but Shelton nailed him with a steel chair. Shelton went for another hit with the chair, but Archer was able to move out of the way a land a big boot. Archer rolled Shelton into the ring and began to effectively use a ground and pound attack.

Then the referee moved Archer out of the way and the trainer came in to look at Shelton’s now bleeding head. Shelton pushed him away and told Archer to come and get him. Shelton got the first blow and took Archer to the top rope. The move turned out to be ill-fated when Archer got the advantage on the top rope and superplexed Shelton. Archer went for a pinfall, but Shelton kicked out at two and endured some more ground and pound.

Archer went for another pin and got another two count. Archer then stood up Shelton and locked him into a bear hug. Shelton started to power out and broke free long enough to land a springboard crossbody. Shelton went for the pin and got a two count. Archer got up and moved to the corner slowly. He dodged Shelton as he ran toward him, but as he turned away Shelton had climbed to the top ropes. Shelton hit an over castle from off the top rope and then followed with Paydirt. Shelton got the three count.

Benjamin wins by pinfall


The second to last episode of ECW was extremely…boring. The matches were the same old song and dance that has been done for the past month and all of the wrong decisions were made. However, the matches made for the final edition of ECW are very good so far. Beretta and Croft should have won the No. 1 contender’s match over Tatsu and Goldust because I can’t believe the latter to be legitimate contenders. The newly formed ShowMiz is going to walk all over this poorly formed tag team and prove once and for all how much better Raw is than ECW.

This week Abe was shown once and only in the background, so that alone should make it a poorly booked show. I liked the direction ECW was going before the announcement was made, but now you would think they would try to wow viewers with the final shows. They just didn’t do that and not to mention the champion, Christian, was only shown once for about a minute. The bogus final feud between Jackson and Christian for the lame duck title (thank you Sheamus) is just pointless altogether. Hopefully they can step it up for the finale, if not they should have just canceled it on the spot.

credit: Wrestling Daily

WWE ECW results

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WWE ECW results for 02/02/2010

Only three ECW wrestlers participated in Sunday’s Royal Rumble. They were in the ring for a grand total of 1 minute, 49 seconds. That fact serves as the proverbial canary in the coal mine as tonight Vince McMahon addresses the future of ECW. (On the other hand, 16 different wrestlers lasted less than 3 minutes in the Rumble, so ECW was not alone in being made to look small on Sunday).

The show began with Abraham Washington explaining his absence the last few weeks by saying NBC has offered him the Tonight Show spot. And here I thought his absence was because of divine intervention. Anyway, he turned down NBC’s offer to stay with the WWE Universe. He then bickered with Tony Atlas before bringing out Christian. Abe mentioned that Christian has held his title longer than any other champion in WWE. Christian actually said he didn’t know that, which lends great credibility to the title. Zack Ryder, fresh off of the career making one minute Royal Rumble appearance, interrupted. Incredibly, he then introduced Gregory Helms’ mugshot on the Titantron. He pointed out that Helms was a hypocrite and that he was the heart and soul of ECW. Christian came back by saying that Ryder was jealous because Helms was on TMZ and that he gets recognized in public. He then defended Helms by saying that everyone makes mistakes; like Tiffany giving Abe Washington a show, Christian appearing on the show, Ryder’s hairstyle and choice of “Tila Tequila” as a girlfriend. At that point, Washington and Atlas stepped between the two men and the show ended. By the way, it was never explained what Helms was arrested for, so that part of the segment went over a lot of people’s heads. This was a tolerable Washington Show, solely because of Christian.

Shelton Benjamin v. Vance Archer
Early on, Benjamin hit an impressive tope over the top rope and onto Archer on the floor. Returning to the ring, Archer tried to work a headlock but Shelton powered into a back suplex. Shelton sent Archer to the floor and tried a leap from the apron. Archer moved which sent Shelton crashing into the barricade. After a commercial break, Archer was working a pressure hold. He moved to a vertical suplex and then a side suplex for a couple of near falls. Archer missed a flying knee which led to Shelton’s comeback. He hit a hanging neck breaker into a near fall. In the corner, Archer sat down when Shelton tried for a sunset flip. Archer grabbed the ropes too soon and the referee had no choice but to disallow the pin. They awkwardly moved to a double takedown and pinning combination with Archer using his legs on the ropes for the pin. The first near was supposed to be the finish, I assume as they went for the same thing just a moment later. Archer completely blew the timing on the first one as he failed to wait until the referee got down to count the pin. All in all, this was just a mediocre match with a botched finish. After a couple months on television, it should be obvious by now that Vance Archer has nothing whatsoever to offer and is taking a roster spot and a push away from someone.
Archer d. Shelton, Pin 10:01, ½*.
The Raw Rebound focused on last night’s Bret Hart-Vince McMahon segment (well, it wasn’t going to focus on the Kofi Kingston-Big Show match). They plugged that they would show what happened between John Cena and Batista after the show went off the air on Smackdown, which is something different. And turning the Bret-Vince event into a tag team match is an obvious, but very wise decision, as I just do not see how Bret Hart and Vince McMahon can do anything credible in the ring at this point for any extended period of time.
Also, Christian and Zack Ryder was announced as the main event, not for the ECW championship presumably.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Trent Barreta
Each man’s tag team partner was at ringside. Yoshi started with a drop kick and arm drag combination. Barreta then used the referee as a shield to land a forearm which dropped Yoshi. Barreta got a near fall off of a standing drop kick. After a rest hold, Yoshi came back with a back body drop and a series of kicks. Going up to the top, Yoshi was caught by Barreta and a huracanrana. A rollup gave Barreta a long two count. Barreta argued the near fall which allowed Yoshi to hit a roundhouse kick to the head for the victory. The finish worked because the near fall prior to it was close enough where you bought Barreta arguing the call.
Yoshi d. Barreta, Pin, 3:59, **.

Vince McMahon came out to the top of the ramp and announced that in three weeks time, ECW will go off the air. He then announced a replacement in the timeslot, which would be the next evolution in television history. The whole promo lasted less than one minute.
In the ring, Gregory Helms introduced William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson. Helms tried to talk about Jackson losing on Sunday, but Regal turned to the arrest last week without actually explaining what happened. Regal and Jackson then double-teamed Helms for a minute. Christian ran down with a kendo stick, cleared the ring and made a belated save.

Christian v. Zack Ryder
Christian started with a spinning heel kick, sending Ryder to the apron. There, Christian tripped Ryder and followed up with a drop kick through the ropes sending Ryder to the floor. Christian went up top, but Ryder sidestepped Christian. Ryder then slingshot Christian under the bottom rope. Ryder connected with the rough Ryder leg lariat for a near fall. Ryder tried for a superplex but Christian pushed off and connected with a body press off the top rope. Christian used a flapjack and a missile dropkick off of the top rope for another near fall. The champ then attempted a springboard sunset flip but couldn’t get the leverage to pull over Ryder who nearly picked up the win with a counter. Ryder tried to follow up with a charge in the corner but Christian slipped out of the way and hit his pendulum kick. He then came off the middle rope with an elbow and connected with the kill switch. As Christian went for the decisive pin, Ezekiel Jackson and William Regal ran in for the disqualification. After the bell, Jackson fired Christian to the floor where Regal hit the knee tremble. Jackson fired Christian into the steps as the antepenultimate edition of ECW on SyFy concluded.
Christian d. Ryder, Pin, 5:29, **¼.

credit: Wrestling Observer

WWE Superstars full episode/results

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Inside Pulse: WWE Superstars Report 01/21/10

Kelly Kelly def. Jillian Hall: This is Jillian’s third straight week opening Superstars. Hall tries to work the arm to start but allows Kelly to work her way to the corner and Double K uses the ropes to flip out of the hold. Kelly then follows with a hurricanrana for a quick two count. Jillian wins the next exchange and covers for two, then attacks the hair to maintain her advantage. She uses a surfboard in two sequences before Kelly finally fights out of it. Kelly hits her around the world head scissors and after an exchange in the corner tries a rollup that Jillian reverses for a pin attempt of her own. Jillian tosses her into the opposite corner and tries a handspring elbow from across the ring but Kelly kicks her in the back to halt the move. Kelly then hits her Kelly Kick according to Michael Cole (which is kind of a step-up Fame-Asser) for the victory.

Vance Archer def Shelton Benjamin: Nice tramp stamp on Archer who starts by backing Shelton into a corner to talk some trash. Benjamin doesn’t want to hear it and goes on the attack following a back elbow. Archer retreats to a corner and is able to drop Benjamin into the turnbuckle when he chases him to attack. He then goes for his finisher but Shelton reverses it into a small package for a quick two count. Vance tries to toss Benjamin over the top rope but he skins the cat and head scissors Archer out of the ring and we take a commercial break.

As we return from the break, Archer is in control but Shelton leaps over him on a toss and subsequent charge into the corner but eats a big boot on his own follow up. Vance works a chinlock before breaking it from some strikes as he continues to work over the neck of Benjamin. Eventually Shelton fights back and hits his double ax handle off a corner reversal. A spin kick and a German suplex with a bridge both get a nearfalls for Benjamin. Archer retakes the advantage and ties Shelton up in the corner in the “tree of woe” position just like their match on Superstars a few weeks ago. However this time Benjamin is ready for it and kicks Vance as he charges in after a ref break. Shelton then uses an Oklahoma roll to pin Archer for the win.

Kane def Chris Jericho: Interesting Royal Rumble trivia from the announce team, Kane and Shawn Michaels have the most appearance in the Rumble match with 11 apiece. Jericho stalls to start and exits the ring a couple of times in an attempt to avoid Kane’s grasp. Chris pimp slap’s Kane but pays for it as the Big Red Machine pounds on him to take control of the match. After hitting his low dropkick off the ropes, Kane starts trying to work on the arm. Jericho makes his way to the ropes and begins an attack of his own after the ref forces a break. Jericho ducks a charge and pulls the top rope down with him and Kane tumbles outside of the ring. Vintage Jericho follows with a rebound dropkick from the corner as Kane tries to climb back in and we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Jericho is in control and matt Striker lets us know that has been the story during the break as well. Chris tries a double ax off the second rope, but Kane catches him and tosses him back into the corner. But he charges and misses, sending himself into the ringpost to give the advantage back to Jericho. An enziguri gets a long two count for Jericho who starts to taunt the crowd before locking in a sleeper hold, which if you watch Smackdown you know is Kane’s greatest weakness. A bulldog attempt by Jericho is somewhat reversed by Kane and after both struggle to their feet Kane takes the advantage. Side walk slam gets a long two count for Kane but when he tries for his flying clothesline Jericho dropkicks him in the gut for a nearfall of his own. Jericho hits the bulldog properly but misses on the Lionsault and eats a big boot. Chris slides out of a slam attempt and chopblocks Kane before trying and failing to lock on the Walls of Jericho. He then tries for the Codebreaker but isn’t able to connect as Kane sidesteps him. Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Jericho bails outside of the ring and runs up the ramp and decides to tack the loss via count out. Extremely lame ending to a match seemed to have been building towards a much better finish.

credit: Inside Pulse