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01/09/11 TNA Genesis results- New TNA Champion, Matt Hardy debuts

Genesis featured four title changes and the TNA debut of Matt Hardy

X Division Title match:
Frankie Kazarian beat Jay Lethal to win the title

Knockout Title match:
Madison Rayne pinned Mickie James to retain her title

TNA Tag Team Title match:
Beer Money won the titles from The Motor City Machine Guns

Bully Ray won via DQ against Brother Devon

TNA TV Title match:
Abyss beat Doug Williams to win the title

The debuting Matt Hardy pinned Rob Van Dam

Kurt Angle won via DQ against Jeff Jarrett in an MMA exhibition

#1 Contenders match:
Ken Anderson beat Matt Morgan to become the #1 contender for the TNA Title

TNA Title match:
Ken Anderson won the TNA Title from Jeff Hardy


TNA Wrestling- Now with four sided ring

TNA has revamped the Impact! Zone for tonight’s Genesis pay-per-view

A traditional four-sided ring has been placed alongside a ramp set up all the way from the stage to the ring, similar to how WCW and ECW formerly presented themselves on some pay-per-view events.

Furthermore, there are reports of some fans chanting “We want six sides” live in the building.

— Reaction among wrestlers to the company’s decision to replace the six-sided ring with a traditional ring is said to be mixed. None of the workers were informed of the change before they arrived to the building for tonight’s show, so there was much shock upon arrival.

The decision to get rid of TNA’s former trademark was made by both Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. At one point, there were plans for Hogan to take part in angle where he would destroy the six-sided ring on iMPACT!, but there was concern it wouldn’t get over with the fans and thus was dropped.

credit: Rajah

TNA Genesis results

Crowd rejects ‘change’, AJ retains with help from Flair, Mr. Kennedy debuts

Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson(Kennedy.. KENNEDY!) is next

He came out as a face but he’s turning heel by the end of this match.

The crowd was really into his announcing himself, but a few minutes into the match this thing went South in a hurry.  Crowd didn’t react much to anything in this match other then an “overrated” chant.  Abyss brought a chair into the ring but ref Slick Johnson took it away from him.  Anderson pulled out Brass Knux and hit Abyss and pinned him.  He went from being Buddy Rogers to being Billy Rogers in ten minutes.

There’s like 45 minutes left in the show with only Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles left.

They ended up going 29:00.  Really good match, with both doing all of their moves, as well as Angle using the Styles clash and Styles using the Olympic slam.  The finish of the match saw Angle get the heel hook and Ric Flair (at ringside most of the match) pulled ref Earl Hebner out of the ring.  Styles tapped but no ref.  Angle went after Flair and in chasing him out, Styles clotheslined Angle.  Flair then threw the belt into the ring and Styles went heel by hitting Angle with a belt shot and held the trunks for the pin.  So the whole deal now is Angle can’t get another title shot.  The finish came off really good.  Aside from the main event, overall this was one of their weaker PPV shows.

credit: Wrestling Observer