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02/03/11 Impact preview- TNA World Title on the line: Jeff Hardy vs. Ken Anderson

Tonights edition of TNA Impact is surrounded in question marks- What role will ‘they’ play in the outcome of the TNA title match?

Impact opens with Eric Bischoff cutting a promo on Sting, Nash, Booker T and ‘They’. Bischoff informs the fans the Hulk Hogan and will not be on tonights show.

Ink Inc. vs. Gunner and Murphy

Jay Lethal vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Doulas William

Knockouts Boxing match
Sarita vs. Mickie James

Brother Ray/The Pope vs. Samoa Joe/Brother Devon

TNA World Title match
Jeff Hardy vs Ken Anderson(c)

‘They’ arrive and play a major role in the outcome of the title match to end the show


TNA Impact spoilers- WWE Hall of Fame rings on the line

Hulk Hogan introduced the new TNA champion Rob Van Dam, who came out to a big pop.

Van Dam cut a promo saying he came to TNA because he knew the company would give him an opportunity. AJ Styles and Ric Flair came out. Styles claimed RVD cheated and must be high if he thinks he’ll be the greatest TNA champion ever. He called RVD a pothead. Styles warned RVD he’ll use his rematch clause when he wants to. Flair then cut a promo about his match with Abyss.

*TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne defeated Tara and Angelina Love in a Three-Way. Tara continued her heel turn, brawling with Love after.

*TNA X-Division champion Kaz defeated Shannon Moore. After a ref bump, Matt Morgan interfered and attacked Moore, which set up the Kaz win. Samoa Joe came out and destroyed Kaz after.

*AJ Styles & Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Hardy had Styles set up on a table and went to the top of the ladder to dive off when the bell rang and Styles and Sting were announced the winners. Jarrett and Sting had battled into the rafters, where Sting pinned Jarrett.

*Pope Dinero comes out with his arm in a sling and wearing an eyepatch. He warns AJ Styles that the Pope hasn’t forgotten about him or the TNA championship. Ken Anderson comes out and insults the crowd and challenges Pope to a match at Sacrifice. Pope backhands him with his good hand. Anderson tries to take out Pope and injure his shoulder but security breaks it up. Good promo work by both.

*TNA Tag Team champion Matt Morgan & Jesse Neal vs. Team 3D ends in a no contest when the Band comes out. 3D and The Band brawl to the back. Morgan chokeslams Neal. Neal is laid out and 3D come out to check on him as Morgan goes to the back, Neal calls out Morgan. Morgan, backstage, refuses but runs into Hulk Hogan, who tells him to go back to the ring. Morgan goes back out and they brawled. Morgan hit a low blow but Shannon Moore made the save. Neal and Morgan shook hands.

*Abyss pinned Ric Flair. Flair was busted open. Flair used brass knucks and got the pin but Earl Hebner saw them and restarted the match. Hogan came out after Abyss scored the pin. He took the Hall of Fame ring off Ric Flair’s hand and said next week, he knows who he is going to give the ring to. He and Abyss celebrate to end Impact.

credit: Pro Wrestling

TNA Impact results- ROB VAN DAM wins TNA Championship

A shockingly great show. Van Dam’s win was played off as a huge deal, and he looked big league in the process. The wrestling told the story tonight, and it wasn’t overbooked. This is the show TNA should have more often.
A.J. Styles came out after his victory over Pope D’Angelo Dinero gloating over being the best wrestler in the world. He said Ric Flair would be a little late because he got carried away at the postmatch victory party. Man, I can understand getting caught up in Europe because of Icelandic volcanoes, but for that? Styles is getting better and better at carrying interviews as a heel, which couldn’t be said in 2007.
Rob Van Dam came out to a huge ovation. His interview was scattershot, but he basically said he wasn’t as impressed with Styles and Styles was with himself. Jeff Hardy then showed up and said he was going to complete his quest to become the TNA Heavyweight champion soon. Then Hulk Hogan showed up to another monster pop. He actually did a great interview putting over what it meant to be the World Heavyweight champion, saying when he won the title it meant barbell curls and hot girls, money, limousines and proving yourself night in a and night out. In fact, this show did the best job of any in TNA history of getting the TNA title over.
Hogan, who had the crowd in the palm of his hand throughout all this, then announced that Hardy would face Van Dam tonight with the winner being the number one contender. Styles got upset thinking the winner would face him at the Sacrifice PPV in May, and claimed he wouldn’t be ready by Sacrifice. Hogan said he wasn’t talking about the winner getting the title shot at Sacrifice, the winner was getting the title shot tonight. Styles was furious. Flair was shown walking into the building and was irate upon learning Styles had to put the title on the line tonight. Somehow, all of this took 20 minutes, but it was actually good because of Hogan’s interview and the crowd.
As the next match began Taz, in what sounded like a statement handed down from management, mentioned that Dixie Carter had been in constant contact with Sean Waltman in the days leading up to Lockdown. She had approved that Waltman had been unable to attend, so he’s apparently not getting fired.
Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich defeated ODB and Daffney to retain the TNA Knockouts tag team titles in 2:41. I guess the Beautiful People are this decade’s Freebirds where the tag belts can be divided among three people. With Rayne the new Knockouts champion, Von Erich now has a share of the tag belts. There’s now competition between Von Erich and Judy Bagwell as the worst co-holder of a tag team championship ever. Lacey Von Erich and Daffney had about a minute of ring activity, which sounds like a recipe for disaster. It didn’t get far enough to become horrid or good, with Von Erich doing her handspring into an elbow drop. Still looked awkward, but it makes more sense than doing the moonsault, landing on her feet and doing an elbow drop. Finish was somewhat screwed up as ODB gave Velvet Sky a rolling reverse cradle while Madison Rayne distracted the referee. Von Erich was supposed to put hairspray into ODB’s eyes, but Von Erich was totally out of position. So ODB had to walk over to Von Erich in order to have hairspray put in her eyes, leading to Sky getting the pin. DUD
Jeremy Borash was backstage trying to catch up with Flair backstage. Instead, we eavesdropped on a conversation between Flair and Styles, where Styles told him that Flair was banned with ringside. Flair was upset and said he wanted a rematch from last night between Team Flair and Team Hogan, who had five minutes to accept or else they would lose by forfeit.
After a commercial, Abyss and Jeff Jarrett came out and said Team Abyss had already accomplished everything they wanted to do. Abyss pointed out that Van Dam and Hardy already had a match scheduled for tonight, but if they didn’t, Team Abyss would continue the beatdown of Team Flair. This brought out Flair, Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode and Desmond Wolfe, who attacked the faces. Jarrett and Abyss held off the heels until Sting came in the ring and hit Abyss and Jarrett with bat shots. Then Rob Terry, called “The Freak,” came out and again couldn’t muster a good pop from a hot crowd. Beer Money set aviation records bumping for Terry. But then Terry was supposed to gorilla press Wolfe and it was worse than painful because Terry couldn’t get him up. Even worse, Wolfe was supposed to be thrown onto Sting, and the spot looked clumsy. Then Terry tripped over his own feet delivering a clothesline on Sting, who looked none too happy about bumping as a heel to begin with, much less against someone still so green.
Flair was screaming about a rematch, and Bischoff came out. Despite his abrupt face turn from the night before, the crowd didn’t know how to react to him. Bischoff announced that Flair would get his wish and there would be a rematch between Team Flair and Team Hogan, except Hogan’s squad would consist of Jarrett, Abyss, Terry and a mystery partner.
Matt Morgan walked up to Shannon Moore, referring to himself in plural tense as the tag team champions. Moore was ready the Dilligaff book. Moore asked him if he was referring to his ego as a second person. Morgan asked him if he wanted to defend the tag belts with him tonight, but Moore told him he had an X Division title shot next week and told him to kiss his ass. Morgan told him he made a big mistake.
Bischoff and Hogan talked backstage about how they conned Flair at Lockdown. Hogan brought up the ranking system that was supposed to be unveiled weeks ago, but Bischoff said he would get on it next week. Bischoff then asked his secretary Miss Tessmacher about the papers for his rankings. Tessmacher asked him if they were “in the green thingee or the red thingee.” Hogan watched Tessmacher’s ass as she walked away and asked Bischoff about his “little thingee.” Humor straight from “Thunder in Paradise.” This was all for Hogan on the night as he did his second hour disappearing act.
Van Dam did a promo about how difficult it was to face one of his best friends tonight, but he was still ready. Show was pretty great from this point forward.
Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy to get the title shot against Styles later in the show in 13:29. Most of the first six minutes was interrupted by commercials because they wanted to time the meat of the much against the opening of Raw. Crowd was into it all the way like they were seeing a dream match, and both men came off as big deals here for the first time since they joined (or in Hardy’s case, rejoined) the company. Once they came back from the break, Van Dam had hardway juice coming straight down his nose, which Mike Tenay explained was from his match against Storm the night before. Great match. Van Dam hit a corkscrew legdrop off the apron while Hardy was draped on the barricade, then came back with a slingshot legdrop with Hardy on the apron. Van Dam flew back in the ring with a crossbody for a two count. Hardy came back with a flying clothesline and a legdrop across the groin. Van Dam reversed an Irish Whip and teased the rolling monkey flip, but Hardy crossed up the spot with a flying clothesline for a two count. Van Dam fought back with right hands and did a split-legged dropdown, but Hardy dropped down into a cradle for a two count.
Crowd was chanting “This is Awesome” and unlike last night, it was much better suited. Hardy went to the top rope, but Van Dam crotched him, place him on the ropes, and came off the top with the Rider Kick, which sent Hardy to the floor. Van Dam put Hardy back in the ring, and came back with a corkscrew legdrop and rolling splash for a near fall. Hardy backed Van Dam into the ropes and went for the Hardiac Arrest, but missed. Van Dam came off with a split-legged moonsault, but only got two with his original finisher. Hardy escaped a splash and hit his gourdbuster, then went to the top rope for the Swanton, but Van Dam against crotched him after a spin kick. Hardy recovered and threw Van Dam off the top rope, then went for the Swanton again but missed. Van Dam then quickly followed with the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin. ***3/4
Christy Hemme was backstage with Van Dam and Hardy. This was weird. Van Dam and Hardy did commentary on the highlights from their match while Hemme laughed in the background. They were still better than Michael Cole. Van Dam admitted Hardy took a lot out of him, but he would still be ready for Styles tonight.
Abyss gave Terry and Jarrett a pep talk about their rematch with Team Flair tonight. He acknowledged that he didn’t know who Bischoff has selected for their mystery partner tonight.
Tenay laid out the rules of the Team Flair-Team Hogan rematch, which was basically Lethal Lockdown without the cage or weapons. The rules were Sting and Jarrett would open the match for five minutes, and each member would come in at two minute intervals. After the first five minutes, it was standard tag team rules. With Bischoff now a face, Jarrett had his full ring entrance back. A pin or submission couldn’t be recorded until all eight men were involved in the match. They actually did a better job explaining this match in five minutes than they did in the three weeks proceeding the PPV.
Team Hogan of Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry and the returning Samoa Joe defeated Team Flair of Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode and Desmond Wolfe in 16:39. Sting and Jarrett brawled to the back of the building before the bell even sounded. Sting hit Jarrett with several chair shots and threw him into wall several times. Jarrett made his comeback with a series of chair shots to Sting’s back. Sting reversed an Irish Whip and Jarrett went flying back into the wall. Someone in the crowd had a sign that said “How Much Does That Guy Weigh?” Apparently, somebody longed for the color commentary of Art Donovan. They finally got in the ring, and Sting missed a Stinger Splash and Jarrett followed with a flying clothesline. Both men gave each other a clothesline and were down as the five minute interval ended. The first partner out was Wolfe, so they actually got the psychology right. Wolfe tagged in and went to work on Jarrett. Wolfe teased the Tower of London, but Jarrett escaped and gave him a back suplex. Terry was the first partner out for Team Hogan, and Wolfe barely got over for a Terry backdrop. Meanwhile, Orlando Jordan watched Terry from the ramp. Terry gave Wolfe a powerslam and a Jackhammer.
This was the only sight of Jordan the entire match, so who knows where they’re going with that? Hate to beat up on the guy, but the crowd was going nuts for everything tonight except for Terry’s offense, though he got a good pop coming out. After a commercial, Roode was out for Team Flair and Abyss out for Team Hogan. Abyss gave Roode a choke slam. Storm was out last for Team Flair to make it 4-on-3. Abyss missed a charge in the corner and ran into Storm’s boot, followed by a blockbuster from Roode. Abyss recovered and gave Storm a sidewalk slam and make a tag to Jarrett. Storm tagged in Wolfe. Storm tried to give Jarrett a Bronco Buster but missed, and Jarrett came out of the corner with a clothesline to Roode and Wolfe. Then the clock ran down for the mystery fourth member, and it was Samoa Joe, who got a good but not great pop. Joe had a catatonic look in his eyes, and Tenay pointed out Joe hadn’t been seen since he was abducted two months ago. He didn’t mentioned Joe lost to Jordan, and the quicker everyone forgets that the better. Joe cleaned house on everybody, including giving Roode the STO out of the corner. Joe got the pin with a musclebuster on Roode. Joe refused to stay around with the rest of the faces to celebrate, and Abyss and Jarrett just looked confused afterwards. Hopefully, there will be an explanation of who abducted Joe, but I’m not holding my breath. ***1/2
At this point there must have been a timing issue because Flair came out to cut a promo, but as he was in mid-sentence, they cut to a commercial. They aired the point of the segment afterwards, where Flair challenged Abyss next week for his Hall of Fame ring, and Flair put up his Hall of Fame ring. Wouldn’t it be great if somebody stuck in Europe right now found Douglas Williams in an airport in Istanbul right now, then kidnapped the TNA title, hijacked it and talked Vince McMahon into putting it on the line next week on Raw? Well, no it wouldn’t because the WWE would acknowledge someone not even on their radar. So why does TNA do something like this?
Rob Van Dam defeated A.J. Styles to become the TNA World Heavyweight champion in 10:32. Styles threw his robe over Van Dam’s head before the bell and wasted no time in busting him open across his forehead again. Styles then followed with his somersault tope over the top rope. Van Dam didn’t catch him right and Styles landed partially on the back of his head. Tenay and Taz were at their best here because they didn’t have to call anything that insulted your intelligence. Van Dam was doing his Ricky Morton-style babyface selling with Tenay mentioning he was wrestling his fourth match in two days.
Styles gave Van Dam a dragon screw, and Van Dam sold his left leg for the rest of the match. Van Dam came back with a monkey flip and Rolling Thunder. Styles came back with a single-leg takedown into the Figure Four leglock, but Van Dam made the ropes after a bit of a struggle. Styles went for the Figure Four again, but Van Dam got the small package for a two count. Van Dam missed a clothesline, and Styles came back with the Pele kick. Styles went for the Styles clash, but Van Dam backdropped him over the top rope. Styles landed on his feet on the apron and went for a springboard missile dropkick, but Van Dam gave him a power bomb. Van Dam then went right to the top rope and gave him the Five Star Frog Splash for the surprise pin, and the pop was enormous. ***
Confetti started pouring into the ring. Hardy came down, and I was waiting for modern day wrestling rules to kick in and have Hardy turn on him. Instead, it was something great. Hardy congratulated Van Dam, and it turned into the best postmatch world championship celebration in ages. All the faces, Hogan and even Dixie Carter came in to congratulate Van Dam, which was one hell of a way to get the belt over as a big deal.

TNA Impact spoilers- Jeff Hardy returns to action against AJ Styles

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TNA Impact Spoilers For March 15, 2010

AJ Styles and Ric Flair out. AJ calls Abyss a 6’8 scary looking but stupid monster. Did he really think a magical ring would help him? He recalls their classic battles and how the result was always the same. AJ Styles up, Abyss down. AJ doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause or in magical rings. He does believe he’s the best wrestler and a gift from God and The Pope will learn that too. Flair shows the scars on his forehead which are deep and bloody. He says Abyss is a dead man and they’ll get Jeff Hardy too. Flair’s forehead is bleeding and covered half his face. Jeff Hardy comes out. AJ asks Hardy who he thinks he is. AJ says Hardy has done nothing here and proved nothing. AJ asks him if he wants the spotlight and it doesn’t get any bigger than on Styles and Flair.

AJ asks why don’t they get it done right here, right now. Hardy says it will be a breeze. Flair sayas a breeze is painting pictures backstage and getting high. Hardy says something about the drifters of the night, crowd pops, his music plays, lights go out, everybody leaves.

Backstage, Bischoff is mad at Foley for helping Jarrett. Foley apologizes and Bischoff says there’s no saving Foley. Bischoff says he’s bringing Foley to the ring to shave his beard, cut his hair and make him the executive he should be.

Brooke Hogan just came out and sat down ringside.

Backstage, The Nasty Boys beat up Jesse Neal at catering and powerbombed him through a table. It was supposed to be Team 3D and Jesse Neal vs. the Nasty Boys and Jimmy Hart but now it’s a handicap match because of what happened to Neal. Team 3D says it’s not a handicap match because they have a partner. Out comes Spike Dudley to make it a 6 man match. Jimmy Hart gets the pin on Bubba after Knobs hit him with Jimmy’s motorcycle helmet. Nastys set up a table to put Bubba through it but Jesse Neal runs out for the save. Saggs ends up getting 3Ded through the table.

Backstage Christy asks Angelina how she feels that the Beautiful People won the tag belts. She says it sucks and makes her mad. When she gets mad she does something about it and issues an open challenge to any of the Beautiful People, especially Velvet.

JB backstage with Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac. Syxx-Pac says they’ve been kicked out of better places than this. Hall says at Destination X Nash is getting what’s coming to them and then Monday they’ll see the new big money players. Nash and Young walk up and Nash offers Hall a big wad of cash for five minutes with him tonight. Hall accepts and that match happens later.

Mr. Anderson & Desmond Wolfe with Chelsea vs. Kurt Angle & “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. Pope and Angle win after Pope got a small package on Wolfe. Afterwards Anderson gives Angle a Mic Check and then uses the dog tags on Angle’s head and busts him open. Anderson says this is just a preview of what he’s going to do to him on Sunday. He beats Angle down some more.

Backstage, there was a Beautiful Segment but it was inaudible to the live crowd.

Hardy and RVD are in Hogan’s office but it was also inaudible to the live crowd. Abyss is a special enforcer in one of their matches. Bischoff comes in after they leave and asks if they’re cool. Hogan says yeah but he has to keep some things secret like Bischoff kept the Foley ref thing a secret. Bischoff leaves and Hogan says that was weird.

Angelina Love vs. Daffney. Velvet said Daffney is a member of the Beautiful People for one night only. The Beautiful People are watching from the ramp. Daffney tried using a hammer but the referee stopped her. The Beautiful People interfere and crotch Angelina on the ring post. Daffney attacked Angelina outside and then leaves. The Beautiful People beat up on Angelina until Tara makes the save. Tara and Daffney have a stare down while Daffney backs away.

Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash with a five minute time limit. Syxx-Pac runs in and takes out Nash’s knee. They then handcuff Nash to the ring and begin beating him down. Young tries to make the save but Hall and Pac are too much for him. Pac and Hall take the money and leave.

Hulk Hogan is out. He says what happened last week was more than a trainwreck. The one thing he can’t forget or let go of is when Abyss said “Why Sting, why?” Hogan calls Sting out and asks if the spotlight wasn’t enough or his star wasn’t big enough. Sting is seen walking in the rafters. He passes over the ring area and makes his way to ringside. RVD attacks Sting and they brawl as Hogan watches on. RVD tosses Hogan a bat and then throws Sting in. Before Hogan can use it, Bischoff runs down with security and says Hogan has to leave that side of him behind. He has security escort Sting safely away. Bischoff says he promised his daughter last week he was done with this type of thing. Brooke is ringside acting shocked and shaking her head at her dad. Hogan goes to ringside where Brooke is and they embrace. Hogan then leaves.

Hernandez and Jeff Jarrett are talking about getting it done tonight. Bischoff says no way this happens. He says Hernandez gets a handicap match against Beer Money. Bischoff says since Jarrett wants in so bad that he can be the referee in the match.

Hernandez vs. Beer Money, Inc. with Jeff Jarrett as special guest referee. Matt Morgan was going to go to the ring but joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary instead. Winner via Keg Stand, Beer Money Inc. After the match, Beer Money continue to beat down Hernandez. Jarrett tries to break it up he gets shoved away. Jarrett takes the ref shirt off and helps Hernandez clear the ring. Bischoff is shown backstage with a mirror and clippers. A barber chair is being set up in the ring. Bischoff is out. He says Jarrett’s ass is his next week. Right now he has a certain look for the company and for weeks he’s been trying to help Foley. He calls Foley out so he can take matters into his own hands and clean Foley up once and for all. Foley is out and takes a seat in the barber chair. Foley stips Bischoff from shaving him and instead gives him Mr. Socko. He then uses the clippers to shave Bischoff’s head.

They’re setting up for an Ultimate X Match but Tim is unsure if they’re doing one tonight. Dave Penzer just called the pay-per-view Degeneration X rather than Destination X.

Christy Hemme backstage with Shannon Moore. He says he’s not worried because he’s been studying the book of Demigoth (who knows what he actually said) and that he’s going to beat Williams for all his freaks.

The Motor City Machine Guns are out. Chris Sabin says this Sunday at Destination X it will be a night to remember. Not only is it the return of Ultimate X, not only do the winners become #1 contenders but it will mark the rise of the Machine Guns. Sabin questions who Generation Me think they are to come into their company. Who have they ever beaten? Generation Me come out and say they have beaten the Guns when they first came in. Shelley says Generation Me is good but not great while MCMG are great. Generation Me are the Atari to the MCMG’s Xbox. Shelley says enough about that, let’s talk about the night we spent with your girlfriends.

A fight breaks out. Kendrick, Daniels, Amazing Red and Kazarian all run out to fight. A ladder is used during it. Amazing Red does a plancha off the top of the ladder onto the Motor City Machine Guns, Daniels and Kendrick. The segment ends with Kazarian on top of the ladder and Generation Me and Red posing around it.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with the special enforcer for the main event, Abyss. He says ever since Hogan gave him his ring, AJ and Flair have been trying to take it from him. He says at Destionation X he’s going to take the title from AJ and smack around Flair if he gets involved. He then asks WHATCHA GONNA DO FLAIR AND AJ WHEN ABYSS GOES CRAZY ON YOU!

Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles w/Ric Flair and Abyss as the special enforcer. AJ hit a slop drop that hit the referee too. AJ went to grab a chair but Abyss stopped him. AJ went for a springboard 450 and missed. Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb and Abyss slid in to count three. Flair hit Hardy and Abyss with a chair after and kept hitting him up the ramp until Abyss “hulked” up and chokeslammed him through the ramp! Abyss poses over the hold Flair went through and points at AJ who is cowering in the ring with his belt.

credit: Wrestling News World

TNA Impact preview

Sting to appear tonight on TNA Impact, RVD and Jeff Hardy also expected to be there live

Tonight, March 8, the huge main event of the epic broadcast will feature Hulk Hogan’s return to the ring as he teams with Abyss to face TNA World Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!

Plus, “The Icon” Sting has signed a new contract with TNA Wrestling and will be at Monday’s historic broadcast on SpikeTV!

“TNA iMPACT!”  will air live on March 8, with subsequent telecasts live every other week.  The series features many of the biggest names in wrestling including Hogan, Ric Flair, Mick Foley and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, as well as the hottest young talent in the industry: TNA World Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe and “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

The first ever Monday live “TNA iMPACT” broadcast on Spike TV, ran as a three-hour special head-to-head against WWE RAW on Monday, January 4, 2010, and drew a franchise-record 2.2 million viewers.  Two wrestling companies have not broadcast head-to-head weekly since the “Monday Night Wars” in the late 1990’s between WWE and WCW.

credit: TNA Wrestling

Spike moves TNA Impact to Monday nights

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s Flagship Series Will Air Live Every Other Week From Universal Studios In Orlando, Fl

New York, NY, February 16, 2010 – “TNA iMPACT!,” Spike TV’s highly-rated two-hour weekly series, is moving from Thursday nights to Monday nights beginning Monday, March 8 (9:00-11:00pm ET/PT), it was announced today by TNA President Dixie Carter and legendary pop culture icon Hulk Hogan at a press conference at the “TNA iMPACT! Zone” at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

“TNA iMPACT!” will air live on March 8, with subsequent telecasts live every other week. The series features many of the biggest names in wrestling including Hogan, Ric Flair, Mick Foley and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, as well as the hottest young talent in the industry: TNA World Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe and “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

The first ever Monday live “TNA iMPACT” broadcast on Spike TV, ran as a three-hour special head-to-head against WWE RAW on Monday, January 4, 2010, and drew a franchise-record 2.2 million viewers. Two wrestling companies have not broadcast head-to-head weekly since the “Monday Night Wars” in the late 1990’s between WWE and WCW.

“On January 4 wrestling fans showed us they’re ready for a new professional wrestling alternative on Monday nights, and we’re answering that call. Bringing ‘iMPACT!’ to Mondays is our most exciting move yet in a year that’s already been filled with huge milestones for TNA” said Carter.

“Monday nights are now officially the best night of the week to be a fan of professional wrestling,” Hogan said. “My mantra has been ‘change is coming’ since partnering with Dixie Carter and TNA Wrestling. This change is great for the business and all fans of professional wrestling will benefit because of it.”

“TNA iMPACT! has emerged as one of cable’s top performers with young men, said Spike TV President Kevin Kay. “With NFL Football off the television schedule and with “TNA iMPACT’s” expanding roster of top wrestling talent, we see this as an opportunity to tap into the millions of wrestling fans on Monday nights.”

Since its founding in 2002, Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling has become the world’s fastest growing professional wrestling company, currently airing in over 120 countries worldwide.

credit: Wrestling Observer

TNA Impact full episode/results

click for Full Episode of TNA Impact @

Folks have been very critical of TNA, myself included, but Hulk Hogan & Co. have been the talk of the wrestling town.

They have steadily increased its ratings, including their highest Thursday night rating last week. I only wish for a better product from TNA, but keep on truckin’, Hulkster.

Many of the champions are expected to compete tonight. Very nice. On with the show.

Brutus Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson  (8-Card Stud Tournament Qualifying Match)

Before getting to the ring, Anderson self-introduces himself at the top of the ramp. He says he is the future of the four-sided ring. Repeats four-sided ring. He didn’t call himself the future, Hogan did, so it must be true.

Magnus is on the receiving end of a beatdown early on in the match. Anderson even trash talks as he works him over. After Anderson lowers his head for a back drop, Magnus is able to turn the tide with a couple kicks. Magnus has Anderson up for his finisher but Anderson gouges the eyes. Anderson then hits the Mic Check.

Winner: Mr. Anderson via pinfall

Opinion: A match that was pretty much by the book. The match was done before 9:10 p.m. and this was after the show’s opening video and the promo by Anderson. Rating: *1/2

Before the break, Mick Foley is shown arriving in a less-than-stunning car.

Kurt Angle is upset with Hogan. He’s blaming Hulk for allowing Scott Hall and Sean Waltman for attacking him last week. He warns Hulk to expect a visit later tonight.

Eric Bischoff says that Foley’s decision not to get on board with him last week is going to cost Foley dearly. Tires screech, BANG! BANG!. Foley makes his way to the ring. Crowd chants “Foley”. Foley tells Bischoff that he hates his “stinking guts”. Foley doesn’t like the fact that Bischoff came into the business as an outsider. Calls Bischoff the worst announcer ever. Taz quips that Foley must not have heard of Mike Adamle.

Foley shows us that he has Jeremy Borash’s and Abyss’ name written on his hand. He’s passionate as he protects his friends, JB and Abyss. Foley states that Bischoff hasn’t learned a thing after WCW’s demise. Foley won’t stand for EB treating the business like he is doing currently. Foley walks out but Bischoff stops him and tells Foley that he will be facing Kevin Nash tonight.

Backstage, Abyss and Borash are watching the monitor. Abyss wants to know if they will be okay. Borash says he’s just around to get his last check. He worked with Bischoff 10 years ago and has learned that no one is okay when they work for Bischoff.

Tara is with Christy Hemme. Tara mentions that she and Angelina Love weren’t the best of friends when Tara first arrived. However, since Love returned, she seems to have turned over a new leaf. Still, when they wrestle tonight for the Knockouts Championship, Tara will not be losing.

Team 3D vs. Hernandez and Matt Morgan  (TNA Tag Team Championship match)

I’ll be expecting interference by the Nasty Boys.

Hernandez and Ray starts out the match. Hernandez uses a shoulder block that knocks the wind out of Ray. Hernandez goes up to the top rope but Ray gives him a slap to the chest and then tosses him off the turnbuckle. D-Von and Morgan in the ring, D-Von on the offensive until a discus clothesline by Morgan.

Hernandez hoists D-Von to the top rope and is going for a superplex. D-Von bites Hernandez in the head before leaping off and hitting a diving headbutt. Ray comes in and German suplexes Morgan. Fallaway slam to Hernandez. Team 3D is in control now. Before D-Von can hit the What’s Up? the interference comes, as expected. Ray walks into a Carbon Footprint.

After the match, the Boys hit the ring to finish off Team 3D. Hernandez and Morgan return to chase them to the back.

Winner: Hernandez and Matt Morgan via pinfall

Opinion: A nice tag team match. Team 3D appeared close to winning on a few occasions. The interference was expected and didn’t hurt the match. Rating: **1/2

Jessie Neal vs. Samoa Joe

Guess this is a match of two guys who have had nothing to do for weeks. Did they drop the Neal/Team 3D/Rhyno alliance?

Joe is running things from jumpstreet. Neal changes the momentum after gouging at Joe’s eyes. Neal goes to the top but when he jumps off, Joe drops him. Slaps to the face from Joe before sending Neal to the corner. Running knee into Neal’s gut. Muscle Buster.

Winner: Samoa Joe via pinfall

Opinion: Academic match, yet again. Joe made short work of Neal. Rating: *

Hogan tells Hemme that Angle is once again blaming him for something he didn’t do. He isn’t worried about Angle coming to find him. In fact, Hogan tells Hemme to tell Angle where he can find him.

D’Angelo Dinero vs. AJ Styles w/ Ric Flair

AJ starts with a chop to Pope’s chest in the corner. Styles celebrates and gets slapped. Pope hits Styles with some shots, jukes and jives, and knocks Styles to the mat. A back body drop by Dinero and Styles heads to the outside to regroup. Commercial.

Back from break and Styles is in control, hitting Pope with a few elbows. Commercial again. I hate that quick commercial break thing that TNA likes to do. Back…again. AJ hits Pope with a shoulder block and then does a Flair strut. Dropkick by Styles.

Styles is working on Pope’s neck. Snap suplex gets him a two count. Reversal by Pope into a sunset flip gets him a two. Styles back in control after a back elbow. Styles is stomping away. Lifts Pope up but it allows Dinero to mount a comeback. Pele kick drops Pope. Styles charges at Pope in the corner and Pope avoids. Pope goes for the Coronation but AJ moves. Styles goes for a suplex but Pope turns it into a small package.

Winner: D’Angelo Dinero via pinfall

Opinion: Why wasn’t this match the main event? I am not sure the main event will beat this. You put Dinero on my TV and I’m tuning in. These two men delivered with a good match for TV. I like Joe getting involved after the match. Does TNA grant Pope a title shot down the line? Rating: ****

After the match, Flair and Styles attack Pope. Samoa Joe hits the ring and begins to beat up Styles. Flair gets involved and when Joe focuses his attention on Flair, Styles chop blocks Joe. Pope is back up to stop the two on one. Security stops the melee.

We return from commercial with the security still in the ring with Joe and Pope. Flair is on the mic asking Joe if he wants to die tonight. Joe shuts him before he can say anymore. Joe calls Styles a scumbag. Styles sold everything for some overpriced suits and Flair’s hookers. At Against All Odds, Joe is coming after Styles. Joe and Pope head up the ramp to go after Flair and Styles

Angelina Love is sure that The Beautiful People will try to interfere in her match tonight. However, she taught TBP everything they know, but not everything SHE knows. Success is the best revenge and Love is awesome at revenge.

Cut to Kevin Nash and Eric Young. Bischoff comes in and wants to talk to Nash. Bischoff says that Young is another name he probably won’t remember in the morning. Then asks for Nash to mop the floor with Foley tonight. Nash wants to know about Hall and Waltman. Bischoff just wants Nash to take care of business tonight.

Before we get the segment, they show Foley’s attack on Nash two months ago. Foley is with Hemme and says that he will be lacing up his boots tonight. Foley recounts his issues with Nash. Abyss comes up and wants to know what Bischoff meant about Foley having to fall in line or Abyss loses his job. Foley warns Abyss to stay in the back during his match with Nash. Abyss agrees, reluctantly.

Tomko vs. Kurt Angle  (8-Card Stud Tournament Qualifier match)

Tomko gets a shot to be in the title scene? Really?

Suplex by Angle right out the gate on Tomko. Tomko levels him with a kick but Angle gets up and gets right in Tomko’s face. They go outside the ring and when they come inside, Tomko hits Angle with a powerslam. Tomko launches Angle into the ringpost. Another powerslam leads to a two count for Tomko.

Tomko climbs the ropes and Angle bounds up the ropes to hit a top-rope belly-to-belly suplex. Double German suplex. Tomko elbows Angle to break the lock on the third German suplex attempt. Angle Slam gets a two count. Angle avoids a boot and locks in the Germans again, FIVE times. FIVE times! Five times! Five times! Five times! Ankle Lock and Tomko taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission

Opinion: Man, Tomko’s back must hurt. He took seven Germans in that match. It wasn’t a bad match, but that’s probably because most of it was focused on Angle. Rating: **

TNA shows still pictures of TNA overseas.

Then there is a recap package to show the history of Foley and Nash.

Nash is with Hogan. Nash is pleading to Hogan to give Hall and Waltman another chance. Hogan says that those two continue to get chance after chance and screw up.

Video package to show off the issues between The Beautiful People and Angelina Love.

Angelina Love vs. Tara©  (TNA Knockout Championship match)

Does the video package prior to the match ensure a finish involving the ladies of TBP?

The ladies jostle for position early on and it becomes a theme throughout the match. We get a knuckle lock that is seen through two separate commercial breaks. Seems as if there is some kind of wardrobe malfunction for Tara. They blur her chest region for the last half of the match. Widow’s Peak is countered with a roll through by Love. Tara turns the tables and gets the pin on Love.

After the match, TBP hit the ring and beat down Love. Tara takes a few moments before deciding to help Love.

Winner: Tara via pinfall

Opinion: A nice match but I didn’t care for the slow down with the knuckle lock.

Seems Angle finally found Hogan. Angle barges into Hogan’s office and wants explanation about last week’s attack. Hogan asks Angle why he would send Hall and Waltman after him when he fired Hall and Waltman. Hogan tells Angle that he needs to watch his temper. Angle tells Hogan he won’t be screwed with the same way Hogan has screwed with others. This is Hogan’s final warning.

Mick Foley vs. Kevin Nash (No-DQ match)

Foley comes to the ring with Barbie (barbed-wire bat). Nash comes to the ring with a garbage can filled with “toys”. The bell sounds and Nash is immediately playing defense as Foley swings the bat. A shot with the hockey stick takes Foley down and gives Nash the chance to grate Foley’s face with Barbie. Mule kick by Foley stops Nash. They brawl on the outside. Foley goes back in the ring and grabs a picture from the trash can. He hesitates and eats a big boot from Nash. (The picture was the drawing of Foley and Abyss.)

Winner: Kevin Nash via pinfall

Opinion: That was the main event? Really? Come on. A no-DQ match and we see no blood. What is this, WWE? The match was really sorry. Rating: 1/2*

Post match, Hall and Waltman hit the ring. They take out Nash and get a few shots in on Foley as well. Show ends with Hall and Waltman posing.


Things were up and down tonight. The tag match was good, the Angle/Tomko match was decent, and the whole segment involving AJ Styles (match and post-match) was awesome.

Speaking of Styles, when did Samoa Joe become a face? TNA has guys switching sides without warning. Granted, it was nice to see Joe come out there and all, but there are always multiple changes in TNA when it comes to heels and faces.

I wasn’t a fan of the main event and I’m not feeling the Hall and Waltman involvement. Granted, things might have became interesting with them turning on Nash, but Hall and Waltman on my TV isn’t what I call must-see TV.

Where were the X Division guys? Is TNA done with the Knockouts Tag Team Championship or what?

Eric Young called himself the leader of The World Elite. Is that group actually still intact?

Has TNA made clear the fact that Rob Terry defeated Young overseas?

Overall, this show did a better job than last week’s.

credit: Hit the Ropes

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TNA Impact Results 2/4/10
By PainLord
Feb 4, 2010 – 11:11:15 PM

Report by Richard Trionfo and

TNA Impact 2/4/10
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Taz

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at the Mick Foley/Eric Bischoff/Hulk Hogan issues from last week. We also see the issues that Hulk Hogan had with Kurt Angle, but Kurt was the bigger man and he apologized. Then we see Jeff Jarrett try to fix his problems with Hulk Hogan and Bischoff.

Before our first match, we get Ken Anderson’s introduction to let us know what his current weight and home town are. Ken says that he is the future of the four sided ring. Anderson says that since Hogan said he is the future, it is true.

We also see footage from Anderson’s match with Jarrett from last week.

Match Number One: Brutus Magnus versus Ken Anderson in an 8 Card Stud Tournament Qualifying Match

Anderson with a knee and forearm followed by a punch. Magnus with punches of his own. Anderson with a kick to Magnus and then he stomps on Magnus’ hand. Anderson with a hard Irish whip. Anderson kicks Magnus and continues to do so while he talks to the referee. Anderson punches Magnus but Magnus punches back. Magnus with a kick to Anderson followed by a boot to the chest. Magnus with a back elbow and a Japanese clothesline for a near fall. Magnus gets Anderson on his shoulders but Anderson with a rake of the eyes and the mic check for the three count.
Winner: Ken Anderson

We see Mick Foley arrive at the Impact Zone compound in his compact rental. He gets out of his car and he walks towards the Impact Zone. We go to commercial.

We are back to talk to Kurt Angle. Christy asks him about his match with Tomko. Angle says that he will take care of Tomko quick. He wants to talk about Hulk Hogan who looks him in the eyes and then has his jackals attack him. Christy wants to know if Angle thinks that Hall and Waltman were doing it for Hogan. Angle tells Hogan, screw me once, shame on me, screw me twice, shame on you.

We run through the card for tonight’s show featuring the Knockouts, Tag Team, and World Champions in the ring, with two of them defending titles.

It is time for Eric Bischoff to make his first of many appearances tonight as he comes to the ring. Eric says that it is good to be here one more time. He says that last week he was clear with Foley that they needed to be on the same page, but Foley did not want to be on the same page. Eric says that it is a decision that will cost Foley dearly.

Mick Foley’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Foley circles Bischoff before addressing him. Foley tells Eric that his reputation in the business is that there is something wrong in his head. It wasn’t because of what he did to his body that nobody would do. It is because he likes about everybody. Foley says that people would get him to say negative things about people like Marcus Bagwell, Paul Heyman, and Jim Hellwig. However, he does not dislike anyone . . . other than Eric Bischoff because he hates his guts. He calls Bischoff a slick little hustler and the opposite of everything that he believes in. Foley says that Bischoff came in from the outside as a salesman and announcer. Foley calls Bischoff the worst announcer ever. Foley says that Eric became an executive because he did not embody old school wrestling. Foley says that he wasn’t old school, but he might have gone to the school that burned down before old school.

Bischoff says that it is not about the two of them, it is about other people. Foley says that he loves being part of TNA but he has prepared for the worst case scenario. Foley says that he has been saving every time. He talks about how he didn’t deal with the luxuries even when he was WWE champion. Foley wants to know who Bischoff is to play with Borash and Abyss’ careers. He says that the Impact Zone would shut down without JB and he says that Bischoff doesn’t know or care about it and shows that he doesn’t know what makes TNA tick.

Eric says that the control and power makes him tick. Eric says that if Foley doesn’t want to be on the same page as him, he can respect that. If he isn’t going to get on the same page, he will have to turn the page. Eric says that he is going to write the next chapter in the Mick Foley story. Foley and Bischoff both mention that they are New York Times Bestsellers. Foley reminds Bischoff what he wrote about him. Foley tells Eric that he knows that it might not last forever and he can understand if the relationship is over, but he won’t let Bischoff mess with the ‘woman’ that he loves.

Bischoff tells Eric to look at his hand because he still has Borash and Abyss’ futures in his hand. Eric tells Foley that he will be wrestling tonight and he will be facing Kevin Nash in a No Disqualification Match. Eric talks about Foley’s past with Nash and how he jumped him so it is tit for tat. Eric tells Foley that Nash gets his revenge tonight.

Abyss is watching in the back with Jeremy Borash and Abyss is freaking out. He wants to know if he is going to be okay. Borash asks Abyss if he is okay. He suggests that he should get his final paycheck. Borash says that he worked for Bischoff ten years ago and it is never okay. Abyss babbles and pulls at his hair as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to go to Tara who is with Christy Hemme. She asks Tara about her title defense against Angelina Love. Tara says that Angelina made her life miserable when she started in TNA, but she has seen a change in Angelina since her return. Tara says that Angelina earned her respect last week but she says that she is ready for Angelina.

Match Number Two: Hernandez and Matt Morgan versus Team 3D for the TNA Tag Titles

Ray and Hernandez start things off and they lock up. Ray backs Hernandez into the corner and he breaks clean. They lock up again and Ray with a side head lock but Ray blocks a punch and Hernandez does the same to Ray. They lock up and Ray with another side head lock but Hernandez with a shoulder tackle and he misses a splash into the corner. Ray with an Irish whip and Ray with a splash into the corner. Hernandez kicks Ray away and he goes up to the turnbuckles. Ray with a chop to Hernandez and Ray throws Hernandez off the turnbuckles. Ray with an elbow drop for a near fall. Devon tags in and he connects with elbows. Hernandez with a forearm and Morgan tags in. Devon with punches to Morgan and hits a flying clothesline followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Morgan with a clothesline to Devon for a near fall. Hernandez tags back in and he works on Devon’s neck. Devon with an elbow but Hernandez with a body block for a near fall. Hernandez puts Devon on the top turnbuckle and he tries for a superplex but Devon bites Hernandez and then he hits a diving head butt to the ribs. Ray and Morgan tag in and Ray punches Morgan and then he tries for a German suplex but Morgan blocks it. Morgan with elbows but Ray hits the German suplex followed by a Samoan drop on Hernandez. Team 3D hit a belly-to-back and neck breaker combination for a near fall. Team 3D with a double shoulder block on Hernandez followed by a slam by Ray. Devon goes up and The Nasty Boys push Devon off. Hernandez pushes Ray into the Carbon Footprint for the three count.
Winners: Matt Morgan and Hernandez

After the match, the Nasty Boys comes out and they Knobs has a chair but Hernandez and Morgan come out and the Nasty Boys leave. Morgan and Hernandez check on Team 3D and then Team 3D leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back for a bit and D’Angelo Dinero is getting ready for his match and then we go back to commercial.

Match Number Three: Jesse Neal versus Samoa Joe

Jesse attacks Joe before the bell rings but Joe with a suplex and punches and chops in the corner. Joe with an Irish whip and running elbow followed by an enzuigiri. Jesse with punches to Joe but Joe with a head butt. Neal with a rake of the eyes followed by a forearm to the back and head. Jesse goes to the turnbuckles but Joe moves out of the way when Jesse tries for a cross body. Joe with slaps to Jesse followed by an Irish whip and running knee into the corner. Joe with the muscle buster and he gets the three count.
Winner: Samoa Joe

We go to the back where Christy is with Hulk Hogan and she wants to know if Hogan has anything to say about Kurt’s comments. Hogan says that he did not hear Angle’s comments. Hogan says that he didn’t have anything to do with that attack and he tells Angle that he will be around. Christy tells Hogan that Angle said that he was looking for him. Hogan says that he will be around. We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: D’Angelo Dinero versus A.J. Styles with Ric Flair in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Dinero works on the arm and wrist but Styles backs Dinero into the corner. Styles with a break but he chops Dinero but he looks at Flair and Dinero with a slap and then he hits a drop toe hold and works on the arm. Styles with a kick and he tries for a slam but Dinero with a series of elbows and then he punches Styles. Dinero with a back body drop and Styles goes to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Styles with a kick and elbow to Dinero’s head. We go back to commercial.

We are back and Styles with a shoulder tackle and then he connects with an elbow to the back of the head and chops him. Styles with the phenomenal drop kick and we see Flair strut on the floor. Styles with kicks to Dinero and then he catapults him into bottom rope. Styles with a chop and punch but Dinero with a chop of his own. Styles with a rear chin lock and then he chokes Dinero. Styles chokes Dinero in the ropes and then he hits a suplex and then he punches Dinero. Dinero punches Styles and then he gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Styles with a back elbow to Dinero and then he returns to the chin lock. Styles pulls Dinero to the mat by the hair. Styles with a kick to the head and Dinero with a chop but Styles with more kicks. Dinero blocks a punch and he connects with punches of his own. Dinero with a series of punches and then he hits a reverse atomic drop and a flying shoulder for a near fall. Styles with a rake of the eyes followed by a Pele kick. Flair taunts Dinero while he tries to get to his feet. Styles misses a splash into the corner. Dinero with a chop but Styles moves out of the way when Dinero tries for the splash in the ropes. Styles tries for a suplex but Dinero with an inside cradle to counter and he gets the three count.
Winner: D’Angelo Dinero

After the match, Ric Flair and Styles attack Dinero. Samoa Joe comes to the ring and he punches Styles. Joe chokes Styles with his shirt but Flair chops Joe and Joe doesn’t feel it. Styles clips Joe and then he punches Joe. Flair with a knee to the hamstring. Dinero kicks Styles while Joe clotheslines Flair over the top rope onto the ramp.

Security finally makes their way to the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ric Flair asks Joe if he wants to die tonight while Joe is being held back by security. Flair tells Joe that it is the new TNA and he will get his ass beat. Joe tells Flair to shut his mouth. He then tells A.J. that he is a scum bag. He doesn’t care if they were friends or enemies, but A.J. was a warrior. He tells A.J. that he has given up on that for a few suits and hookers. Joe says that he needs to remind A.J. that he is a man so he is going to cash in his title shot at Against All Odds. Joe tells A.J. that he will have to deal with the inevitable. Joe suggests to Dinero that they give A.J. and Flair a preview . . .

but we go to Angelina Love in the interview area with Christy and Christy asks them if Velvet, Lacey, and Madison will get involved in her match. Angelina taught them everything they know but she did not teach them everything she knows. She says that they never should have replaced her and wonders how that is working. Angelina suggests that she might become a three time champion tonight. She says that she is awesome at revenge.

Kevin Nash and Eric Young are in the dressing room and Eric Bischoff enters and he doesn’t know who Eric Young is. Eric introduces himself and then Eric remembers and asks him to leave. Eric says that it is another name he probably won’t remember in the morning. Eric says that he needs a favor from Kevin. He wants Kevin to mop up Foley in a No Disqualification Match. Kevin wants some reciprocity from Bischoff and mentions Hall and Waltman. Eric calls them screw ups and he tells Nash that if he likes that tune, he can play it too . . . or he can destroy Mick Foley for him. We go to commercial.

We are back with an Earlier Tonight Moment of Eric Bischoff announcing the match between Mick Foley and Kevin Nash. We see the footage from two months ago when Foley attacked Kevin Nash in the empty arena.

We go to Mick Foley with Christy Hemme. Christy asks Mick about his match with Kevin Nash. She asks if he is going to fall in line. Foley says that while he is not in traditional wrestling attire, he will be lacing it up instead of falling in line. Christy asks about the bad blood. Foley says that they have unresolved differences, but then he thinks about what Nash put him through the last few weeks. He talks about being sent to meet with Lou ‘Hulk’ Ferrigno. Abyss interrupts and he wants to know if Foley is going to fall in line. Foley says that he will take care of business in the ring. Foley wants Abyss to promise that he doesn’t get involved in the match.

Match Number Five: Tomko versus Kurt Angle in an 8 Card Stud Qualifying Match

Angle with a German suplex but Tomko with a big boot and Angle pops up and then he connects with a head butt and clotheslines Tomko over the top rope to the floor. Angle slams Tomko’s head into the ring steps. Tomko with a power slam to a charging Angle followed by an Irish whip and a running clothesline. Tomko with an Irish whip and Angle’s shoulder goes into the ring post. Tomko with a standing power slam for a near fall. Tomko with a head lock but Angle with punches. Tomko with a vertical choke slam and then he goes to the apron. Eventually he goes up top but Angle recovers and hits a belly-to-belly suplex and both men are down. Angle tries for the Three Rivers German suplex combination but Tomko stops him after two. Angle with an Olympic slam but he can only get a two count. Tomko with a clothesline and then he misses the big boot. Angle with five rolling German suplexes and the straps are down and then he puts Tomko in the ankle lock and he grapevines the leg. Tomko taps out.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Angelina Love and Tara are walking in split screen as we go to commercial.

We are back with footage from the TNA tour of Europe and the ring looks different from the one in Orlando.

In case you forgot all of the problems between Mick Foley and Kevin Nash, here is a recap.

Hulk Hogan is in his office and Nash enters. Kevin talks about the Foley thing and he says that he is on the team. Nash says that he doesn’t like Foley. He asks Hogan if he can give Pac and Hall another chance. Hogan says that he wanted them here, but he has given them too many chances. He tells Nash to distance himself from those guys. Hogan says that he doesn’t get their thing right now. Nash tells Hogan to keep an open mind. Hogan tells Nash not to let them suck him in.

We have a video package showing the issues between Angelina Love and her former tag team partners as well as the arrival of Lacey Von Erich on the scene.

Match Number Six: Angelina Love versus Tara for the TNA Women’s Title

They lock up and Tara with a side head lock and take down. Angelina gets a near fall by rolling Tara over. Angelina with a head scissors and Tara escapes and gets a near fall but Angelina with a bridge into a back slide for a near fall. After all of that action, we go to commercial.

We are back and Tara is working on the wrist but we go back to commercial.

We are back and we have a test of strength and Angelina with a take down into a hammer lock. Angelina works on the arm some more but Tara with a cartwheel but Angelina with a take down for a near fall. Tara with an Irish whip and Angelina with a sunset flip for a near fall. Tara with the uranage side slam for a near fall. Angelina with a forearm but she misses a bicycle kick. Tara sets for the Widow’s Peak but Angelina counters. Tara with a rollup for the three count.
Winner: Tara

After the match, Tara and Angelina shake hands but Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Lacey Von Erich attack Angelina. Tara punches Lacey, Velvet, and Madison. Angelina joins in the attack. Madison and Lacey are unable to take care of Angelina and Tara but Velvet is able to escape.

We go to the outer parts of the Impact Zone compound and we see Scott Hall and Sean Waltman trying to prepare their entry into the Impact Zone. We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle storms into Hogan’s office and he wants Hogan to explain what happened last week. Hogan says that he didn’t give Hall and Waltman contracts because they are thugs and then he talks about Angle’s conspiracy theories brother. Hogan brings up Angle’s blown opportunities brother. Angle says that he wants to know what Hogan’s agenda is. Angle talks about the people that Hogan has done business with in the past. Angle says that Hogan will not screw with him. He tells Hogan this is his last warning. Hogan tells Angle, brother, to get out of his office and he says please.

Match Number Seven: Mick Foley versus Kevin Nash in a No Disqualification Match

Nash comes to the ring with Raven’s shopping cart of weapons. Foley has a barbed wire baseball bat. Foley hits the trash can with the barbed wire bat. Nash gets a chair and he blocks the bat some more. Nash hits Foley in the legs with the hockey stick and then Nash has the bat and he uses it on Foley. Foley with a back kick to the groin and then Foley with a running forearm to the head. Foley sends Nash’s head into the guardrail and the apron. Foley with punches to the top of the head. Foley is about to hit Nash with something but Nash with a big boot and he gets the three count.
Winner: Kevin Nash

After the match, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman make their way through the crowd and into the ring. Hall punches Nash and Waltman with a spin kick. Waltman and Hall continue the attack on Nash.

We go to credits.