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02/04/11 Smackdown spoilers- Edge retains; Elimination Chamber challengers set

Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, Kane and Drew McIntyre will compete for the World Title at the Elimination Chamber PPV

credit- Inside Pulse

Vickie Guerrero with Dolph Ziggler in tow announce Smackdown Elimination Chamber qualifying matches and then call out Kelly Kelly. Kelly is sick of Vickie being involved in her personal life and going through her stuff backstage. Ziggler gets in her face, so Kelly smacks him and Vickie. LayCool attack, but Edge makes the save.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel defeat Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella in a non-title match.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston when Alberto Del Rio distracted Kofi.

A 2.21.11 Promo Airs.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger to get into the Elimination Chamber.

Edge is concerned backstage because if Kelly Kelly is pinned tonight, he loses his title. Kelly is mad at Edge not having faith in her, compares him to Drew McIntyre, and storms off.

Alberto Del Rio is in the ring with a piñata, Hornswoggle and Ricardo. Hornwsoggle accidentally hits Del Rio, so Del Rio kicks him, then attacks Kofi Kingston when he tries to save, with an assist to Ricardo.

Well, looks like Kofi vs. Del Rio at EC.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Kane squashed Chavo

Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Wade Barrett defeats Big Show when Corre beat Show down and Wade is now in the EC. Ezekiel cuts a promo setting up him vs. Show.

Edge and Ziggler are the final two EC members.

Naturally, since one of them will hold the belt going in.

World Heavyweight Championship match
Edge and Kelly Kelly defeated Dolph Ziggler and Lay Cool. After the match, Vickie fires Kelly and states that next week is Edge vs. Ziggler with Vickie as guest referee.


01/24/11 Raw results- Cena refs Barrett vs. Punk: battle of The Corre and Nexus

John Cena has control of the fates of The Corre and Nexus in the rumble; Miz and Edge are both attacked by the challengers for their titles

Four man Battle Royal
Edge vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Jack Swagger vs. Drew McIntyre
This match was signed by the Raw GM as punishment for the last time Edge appeared on the show when he destroyed the computer. Edge threw all three men over the top rope to win the match.

The Corre confronted The New Nexus; Wade Barrett vs. CM Punk arranged

King Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio vs. Mark Henry, John Morrison
Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison start the match off for their respective teams. Del Rio gains control early and Morrison spends alot of the match fighting off the team of Sheamus and Del Rio. The highlights of the match were Sheamus hitting a titltawhirl back breaker on Morrison and Morrison hitting a head scissors, a plancha and a couple of high impact enziguris  on the King of the Ring Sheamus. After Morrison landed a plancha on Sheamus, Del Rio ran into the ring and hit his rolling cross arm breaker for the win on Henry.

Woman’s Title match
Melina vs. Natalya Hart(c)
Natalya managed to retain her title against Melina. After the match it was announced the Lay Cool would be facing Natalya for the title in a handicap match at the rumble

WWE Champion vs World Heavyweight Champion- Non title match
The Miz vs. Edge
Edge won via DQ when Dolph Ziggler interfered in the match, costing Edge a victory. After the match Randy Orton came out to attack The Miz and Alex Riley.

Daniel Bryan and the Bellas vs. Ted DiBiase, Maryse and Alicia FoxN
Nikki Bella was distracted by Daniel Bryan and her sister Brie, the distraction gave Maryse and easy victory over the Bellas and Bryan.

After the match The Bellas where shocked to learn the Bryan had been seeing Gail Kim for several months. The Bellas felt taken advantage of and attacked, the three women had to be seperated.

Non Title match
Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty vs. Vladimir Kozlov(c) and Santino Marella(c)
McGillicutty starts things off for his team against Kozlov. McGillicutty comes out like a house on fire and Kozlov is forced to tag in Santino. McGillicutty continues to look strong and tags in Husky Harris. Harris overwhelms Santino with his offense and Santino is unable to tag in his partner. Santino gains momentum with his quickeness and goes for his cobra strike on McGillicutty but misses. Harris takes advantage of the distraction and lays out Santino with his finisher for the win.

Wade Barrett vs. CM Punk w/ John Cena as the special guest referee
Wade Barrett comes to the ring with The Corre and CM Punk comes out with his Nexus. John Cena comes out to a massive ovation and precedes to ban Nexus and The Corre from ringside. Cena attacks both Barrett and Punk knowing that if either men attack him they will be disqualified and unable to compete in the rumble.

Punk attacks Barrett from behind and throws him out of the ring, then Cena throws Punk out. Punk flies back into the ring and curses Cena out, Barrett attacks Punk from behind and goes for the pin. Cena rolls out to ringside to sign merch for the fans instead of couting the pin for Barrett. Cena gets back in the ring and exchanges words with Barrett, Punk goes for a clothesline but Barrett counters with a clothesline of his own, laying eachother out.

Cena disqualifies both men for offensive language on a PG show. The Raw GM dings in and ammonishes Cena for his abuse of power, the GM forces Cena to go back into the ring and apologize. Cena does, then attacks Punk and Barrett bringing out Nexus and The Corre. As the factions prepare to attack Cena the Raw locker room empties out and we are treated to a preview of the Royal Rumble.

01/24/11 Raw preview- Champions collide days before Royal Rumble

The final Raw before Royal Rumble features a match between Raw and Smackdown Champions- The Miz and Edge

Tonights Raw is an important one as its the last Raw before the road to Wrestlemania officialy begins. There are strong rumors regarding Triple H participating in the Rumble, some expect him to return tonight to promote the show Sunday.

Also for tonights show WWE has signed a match between the World Heavyweight Champion- Edge and WWE Champion- The Miz. Rumors of an RKO reunion broke over the weekend so the match between champs may become a tag team match.

Another storyline heading into tonights show is the addition of a new member to CM Punk’s Nexus. I would expect the new superstar to be featured on tonights show as the heat between Punk and John Cena builds.

01/07/11 Smackdown spoilers- World Title match, New #1 Contender

Dolph Ziggler loses his title but earns a shot at the World Title

World Title Last Man Standing match:
Kane vs Edge(c)
Edge retains the title via countout

Intercontinental Title match:
Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler(c)
Kingston wins the title, Ziggler is given a rematch right after the match by Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler loses the rematch and Kingston remains Intercontinental Champion.

Backstage segment with Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly.

#1 Contenders match for the World Title:
Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre vs The Big Show
Vickie Guerrero adds Ziggler to the match who wins and is named the new number one contender. After the match Wade Barrett attacks Big Show

Michelle McCool vs Kelly Kelly
McCool gets the win and continues attacking Kelly Kelly after the match, this brings out Drew McIntyre to make the save.

Two out of Three Falls match:
Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio wins the first fall, Mysterio ties it up with a win in the second fall. Del Rio gets the third pin to win the match after interferance from Ricardo Rodiguez.

WWE Royal Rumble results

Every year the WWE Royal Rumble match typically includes at least one major surprise. This year was no different.

During the 30-man battle royal, Edge made his return after a six-month absence from a torn Achilles tendon to win the match. As the winner, he will now get to face the champion of his choice at WrestleMania 26 — the company’s premiere event — which will take place on March 28.

The final four people in the match were Edge, Shawn Michaels, Batista and John Cena. Michaels was the first eliminated out of the bunch by Batista who knocked him off the apron to the floor. Batista was then the next to go after he charged Cena who ducked out of the way and pulled down the top rope with “The Animal” falling over the top rope to the floor.

The finish of the match would come about a minute later when Cena went for a clothesline but Edge countered and tossed Cena over the top and onto the floor for the win to cap off what turned out to be a very entertaining Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Triple H, one of the perennial favorites, was eliminated before the 20th entrant in the match when fellow DX member Shawn Michaels superkicked him over the top rope and out of the ring.


The longstanding belief had been that Edge would not be healthy enough to return to action until at least WrestleMania if not later. But over the past few weeks, there had been some talk that he had already recovered and the WWE was trying to keep it a secret so he could make a surprise return.

There were also five title matches as part of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in a good match with plenty of back-and-forth action. While The Undertaker towered over Mysterio, he ended up taking a good share of punishment, including several kicks in the face which bloodied the big man’s nose. In the end, Mysterio landed a flurry of moves and went for his signature West Coast Pop only to be caught by The Undertaker who crushed him with the Last Ride and covered him for the pin.

WWE Champion Sheamus kept his championship after beating Randy Orton by disqualification. The two exchanged moves for close to ten minutes before Sheamus and Orton wound up outside the ring. Once there, Orton’s cohort Cody Rhodes hit the champion and slid him back in the ring. Orton then hit his RKO finisher on Sheamus but the referee had seen the interference and called for the bell.

After the match, Rhodes tried to apologize but that fell on deaf ears with Orton furious and then taking out his frustrations on his fellow Legacy member. The third member of the group, Ted DiBiase, sprinted to the ring and tried to play peacemaker but was instead punched by Orton.

Orton then yelled at both Rhodes and DiBiase for a moment but once he was done, he turned around and was dropped by a big boot to the face from Sheamus.

Earlier on the show, Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool in about 20 seconds to win the WWE Women’s Championship. McCool entered the ring first and made fun of her opponent, calling her Piggie James as she had done for weeks. James then came to the ring and immediately hit her with a DDT for the victory.

Christian held on to the ECW title by beating Ezekiel Jackson in a solid match. The end saw both men try to hit their finishers only to reverse one another. Finally, Christian was able to connect on his Killswitch maneuver for the pin.

The other title match saw The Miz successfully defend his United States Championship against MVP. The match was not advertised in advance but was added during the show.

MVP was in control for most of the match and nearly scored a pin on several occasions. Instead, it was the Miz catching him in a small package for the three-count out of nowhere for the victory.

credit: Fan House

WWE Smackdown Spoilers


Smackdown Spoilers include Jeff Hardy vs C.M. Punk for the World Title in a Steel Cage match

World champion CM Punk challenged Jeff Hardy to make the title cage match a “loser leaves WWE” match. Jeff agreed. Teddy Long announced the winner will face The Undertaker at Breaking Point in a submission match.

… for more visit lordsofpain/smackdown spoilers


WWE Smackdown Spoilers


CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy to open the show.

Hardy comes out and the two have an altercation in the ring before the bell rings. Several referees come out and pull them apart. Vince McMahon comes out and interrupts. He says that Teddy Long is a failure and needs an enforcer. He moves the match to the main event.

… for more visit wrestlingnewsworld/smackdown spoilers


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