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01/24/11 Raw preview- Champions collide days before Royal Rumble

The final Raw before Royal Rumble features a match between Raw and Smackdown Champions- The Miz and Edge

Tonights Raw is an important one as its the last Raw before the road to Wrestlemania officialy begins. There are strong rumors regarding Triple H participating in the Rumble, some expect him to return tonight to promote the show Sunday.

Also for tonights show WWE has signed a match between the World Heavyweight Champion- Edge and WWE Champion- The Miz. Rumors of an RKO reunion broke over the weekend so the match between champs may become a tag team match.

Another storyline heading into tonights show is the addition of a new member to CM Punk’s Nexus. I would expect the new superstar to be featured on tonights show as the heat between Punk and John Cena builds.


01/03/11 Raw results- Miz retains his title, Orton gets next shot

Morrison gave it his all but still came up short in his quest to win the WWE title

Raw opened with Michael Cole informing the viewing audience that John Cena would not be on tonights show due to injuries sustained last week. Also missing from last night’s show show was Jerry Lawler who was selling Miz’s sneak attack from last week.

WWE Title match:
John Morrison vs. The Miz(champion)
Morrison was unable to win the title, but he had a great title match with The Miz. The match featured several cool spots from Morrison, including a plancha off of the WWE logo and a Starship Pain through a table to the outside. The finish came after Morrison crashed through the table missing The Miz, then Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin on Morrison.

Eve Torres, Brie Bella and Natalya vs. Melina, Maryse and Alicia Fox
Natalya dominated Fox and Melina with suplexes and clotheslines. The match ended when Torres hit Melina with a neckbraker for the win.

The Usos vs Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
Jey Uso got the pin with a Samoan drop on Marella. After the match Marella and Tamina knocked out both Usos with a double cobra.

CM Punk came to the ring to gloat about knocking John Cena out of action. This brought out Wade Barrett who took credit for injuring Cena at a house show, he also insisted that he was still leader of Nexus. Punk and Barrett began to argue when the anonymous General Manager dinged in to announce a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match involving Barrett, Randy Orton and Sheamus to determine the a new number one contender for the WWE Title. Punk and Barrett then agreed that if Barrett won the match he would gain control of Nexus but if he lost Punk would be the group’s leader.

Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth
The returning R-Truth challenged the cockiest Smackdown superstar Del Rio to a match after Del Rio promised he would dominate the Raw and Smackdown superstars in the Royal Rumble match. Del Rio proved he spoke the truth when he pinned the rapping wrestler.

#1 Contenders Steel Cage Triple Threat match:
Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
Barrett had the match won when fellow Nexus member CM Punk came to the ring. Punk met Barrett at the top of the cage and knocked Barrett back to the mat. This allowed Orton to walk out of the cage after he laid out the Celtic Warrior, King Sheamus with a RKO.

01/03/11 Raw preview- Morrison vs. Miz for the WWE Title

John Morrison tries to win the WWE Title from his former tag team partner, The Miz

The first Raw of 2011 features a WWE Title match between #1 contender John Morrison and WWE champion The Miz. Morrison earned his title shot at the last PPV after defeating Sheamus in a ladder match. Last week Morrison won the right to decide the date and type of match he would have against The Miz when he beat Alex Riley. Morrison chose to fight for the title on tonights Raw and for his title match to be falls count anywhere. The WWE Title situation is murky heading into Royal Rumble with several contenders for Miz’s title. I would expect Morrison to lose tonight by outside interference setting up a multiple man match for the title at the Rumble.

11/29/10 Raw Preview- Special three-hour Raw features the ‘King of the Ring’ tournament and new WWE Champion The Miz

This Monday on a live three-hour Raw WWE Champion The Miz shows off his awesome title and a new King of the Ring is crowned

It finally happened, this past Monday on Raw The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank title shot and won the title from Randy Orton. The Miz seized his oppurtunity and pinned Orton after he had wrestled a grueling title match with Wade Barrett. I expect the anonymous GM to sign a rematch between the two for the next PPV.

The Cena/Nexus angle is also expected to continue this week with rumors circulating that Cena has bought a front row ticket to this week’s Raw.

The main focus of this three-hour Raw is the finish of the King of the Ring tournament that began on last week’s Raw. The qualifying superstars are Raw’s John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Ezekiel Jackson. Also qualifying for the tournament are Smackdown’s Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Of the eight superstars my pick to be crowned King of the Ring is John Morrison, other likely winners are Sheamus, Del Rio and McIntyre. John Morrison seems to be the likely choice when you consider his most recent push and PPV win over former WWE Champion Sheamus.

King of the Ring tournament returns to Raw

The three hour Monday Night Raw on November 29th will feature the return of the King of the Ring tournament

No word yet on if the show will be a joint branded Raw, but if so who do you think will win and be crowned the King of the Ring?

If your choice is not listed feel free to leave a comment with your choice

WWE has also announced two more three hour episodes of Raw. The first will air on Nov. 15th, an ‘Old School’ episode of Raw that features several WWE Legends. The other Raw special will air on Dec. 13th when WWE announces the winners of this years Slammy Awards.

WWE Raw results- Roster stuck in Europe, Smackdown takes over Raw

With most of the Raw crew stranded on the other side of the Atlantic, Raw featured mostly Smackdown wrestlers with a few Raw guys mixed in.

HHH came out to start the show. He acknowledged the situation and cut a promo about beating up Sheamus on Sunday. The Straight Edge Society then came out. Punk noted that if he’s drafted he will bring the Straight Edge Society with him to Raw.

HHH asked Punk why his followers had to shave their heads but he didn’t. Punk said it’s because he’s the leader and his hair represents purity. HHH joked about Rey Mysterio shaving Punk’s head on Sunday. Punk tried to recruit HHH to the Straight Edge Society. HHH responded by ranting about freedom. Punk said that he wasn’t asking HHH to join bur rather telling him. The heels jumped HHH but Rey made the save as they tried to shave HHH’s head. Rey shaved off a little bit of Punk’s hair before Punk escaped.

This opening segment went awfully long, but Punk and HHH did a good job in making it entertaining as possible. I also liked the angle with Rey taking a little of Punk’s hair prior to the show.

Drew McIntyre beat Matt Hardy. They started in the ring. Seriously, they cut out the entrance of the guy who has nothing but an entrance. McIntyre hit punches and kicks. Matt used a side effect. They ran into each other head to head. Then Matt went to the second rope and was pulled off by McIntyre. McIntyre covered and that was in fact the finish. This was a bad match with a bad finish.

They aired a few brief promos from Belfast throughout the show. John Cena said that everyone’s fine and they’re sorry they can’t be at Raw. He said he would be ready for his match Sunday and vowed to be at the PPV for sure. Randy Orton said that the world title will follow him at the draft next week. Sheamus attacked a crew guy to make a point to HHH.

Vladimir Kozlov made his entrance. He said that he has been treated unfairly by the guest hosts and had Jerry Lawler read a statement for him. The statement said that he wants elite competition and suggested the New Jersey Nets’ new Russian owner is going to move the team.

MacGruber came out with an American flag, acting unbelievably obnoxious. He had that Dr. Ken air that said he was just making fun of the whole show, although admittedly the material seemed designed to fit that purpose as well. He got in Kozlov’s face and called him a giant pile of suck. Kozlov said that if MacGruber said anything more about him he would end MacGruber. So MacGruber made fun of Kozlov’s mom.

What was Kozlov’s response to this? Did he destroy this obnoxious little dipshit? Why no. He said that he would destroy MacGruber later in the show. Huh? Okay, now I don’t care about the fact this made Kozlov look like a joke as a monster heel. The truth is the ship sailed on people taking Kozlov seriously years ago. But just from a basic logic standpoint, why would this furious Russian giant just stand there and let this annoying little turd mock him and his family? Why did his revenge have to come later in the show? This made absolutely no sense, and was irritating because MacGruber was just begging to be killed.

As if this segment wasn’t fake enough already, they proceeded to go much further. MacGruber announced that Kozlov would instead have to wrestle R. Truth. R. Truth came out as MacGruber obnoxiously danced and shouted “what’s up.” Fireworks then went off to the sides of the stage as Truth stood in the middle. The flames went down and you saw Truth crouch down and run into the backstage area. Then they placed two boots on the side of the stage as if Truth had been blown up. This was elementary school play level execution. It appeared that the joke was that WWE is ridiculous, fake nonsense.

With Truth dead, Kozlov said that he would kill MacGruber. And in the final touch, now MacGruber was all scared. Apparently he knew earlier that for some reason no matter how much he antagonized Kozlov right to Kozlov’s face, Kozlov was somehow obliged not to do anything until later. But now he no longer had that protection. This was the sort of segment that enhances the perception that only mentally handicapped people are fans of 21st century WWE.

Backstage, HHH spoke with MacGruber. MacGruber pissed himself but claimed implausibly that someone else had peed in his pants and he had agreed to wear them. Kane came in at that moment and MacGruber claimed it was Kane. Kane was taken aback and MacGruber ran away.

Undertaker beat Jack Swagger. Swagger issued an open challenge, which led to the return of Undertaker. They traded head locks. Undertaker used old school. Swagger retaliated with a powerslam and sent Undertaker into the steps. Undertaker came back with a leg drop on the apron, DDT and snake eyes. Undertaker went for a choke slam but Swagger escaped. Swagger hit a DDT and went for the Vader bomb but was caught with a choke slam. Undertaker then hit the tombstone and pinned Swagger clean.

It was cool of WWE to bring back Undertaker as a surprise for the live fans who weren’t getting the show they expected. With that said, the way they keep jobbing out Swagger is so stupid. Putting aside the fact that the guy needs all the help he can get, it totally buries the title. Why would anyone pay to see a title match when the “champion” lost 80 percent of his matches prior to winning the title and is losing basically all of his matches after winning it? This is such basic stuff.

Chris Jericho backstage told CM Punk to stick with him to win the main event. He then advised MacGruber to offer a handshake to Kozlov and then slap him in the face. This evidently struck MacGruber as a good idea.

Kozlov was scheduled to wrestle MacGruber. MacGruber offered a handshake and then slapped Kozlov in the face. Kozlov grabbed MacGruber and head butted him a few times. MacGruber’s selling was among the worst I’ve ever seen in any pro wrestling match. He appeared to be unfamiliar with the concepts of physical violence and pain. Ryan Phillippe then came out to save MacGruber. He announced that this was a handicap match with MacGruber and Khaluber (Great Khali) versus Kozlov.

Kozlov for some reason let MacGruber go again. Kozlov and Khali tried to wrestle briefly and, well, at least it was better than MacGruber and Kozlov. Khali gave Kozlov the big chop and Kozlov left. Khali pursued and this was labeled a count out win for Khali and MacGruber. MacGruber then cut one final obnoxious promo. Sadly, he left the show without dying a horrible death. Maybe he will be drawn and quartered on a future PPV.

HHH, Edge and Rey Mysterio beat Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Luke Gallows. After all the nonsense on this show, it was nice to see a straight forward wrestling match to close. Rey hit a somersault plancha on the heels early. The heels took over on Rey. Rey got the tag to Edge, but Jericho tripped Edge as he went for a spear and the heels took over on Edge. Edge got the tag to HHH. HHH hit punches, a clothesline and a spine buster on Punk. He went for the pedigree but Gallows broke it up with a clothesline. Rey took out Gallows with a springboard senton. Rey hit the 619 on Punk and HHH hit the pedigree for the pin.

credit: Wrestling Observer

Vladimir Kozlov to Raw, few ECW stars still ‘unsigned’

Kozlov signed to raw, fate of Abraham Washington, Byron Saxton, Tony Atlas, Tyler Reks, Van Archer still unknown

The WWE website has moved Vladimir Kozlov’s profile to the Raw Superstars section after debuting this past Monday night on the company’s flagship show. Talent yet to be officially assigned to a new brand following the demise of ECW include Abraham Washington, Byron Saxton, Tony Atlas, Tyler Reks and Vance Archer.

credit: Rajah