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02/03/11 Superstars Full Episode- Reks and Barreta find partners, Primo tags with Ryder


02/03/11 Superstars preview- Barreta and Reks continue their Superstars feud

Tag-Team wrestling featured on tonights episode of WWE Superstars

JTG and Trent Barreta vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

Melina vs. Tamina

David Hart Smith and Yoshi Tatsu vs. Primo and Zack Ryder

01/27/11 Superstars preview- R-Truth, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, David Hart Smith in action

The last show before Royal Rumble features several of the men competing in the rumble match for a chance to headline Wrestlemania

Zack Ryder and Primo vs. David Hart Smith and Yoshi Tatsu

Tyson Kidd vs. R-Truth

Tyler Rex vs. Trent Barreta

01/06/11 Superstars preview- Daniel Bryan in tag team action

Will Jackson Andrews insure the victory for Tyson Kidd or will he even be mentioned on the show?

Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder
Tatsu and Ryder battle to stay relevant

Daniel Bryan (w/The Bellas) and Mark Henry vs Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBiase (w/Maryse)

10/28/10 Superstars Preview- Zack Ryder vs Tyson Kidd

Tonight on Superstars WWE features a major angle for one tag team and new music for MVP

Mark Henry vs Jey Uso

Mark Henry is back to take on one half of the Usos

Tyson Kidd vs Zack Ryder

Tyson Kidd goes at it alone when he takes on the woo woo guy

MVP vs Curt Hawkins

MVP looks for a win as he tries to climb the ranks in WWE

Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reeks

In the main event Reeks tries to prove his worth against Masters

WWE ECW results

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WWE ECW results for 02/02/2010

Only three ECW wrestlers participated in Sunday’s Royal Rumble. They were in the ring for a grand total of 1 minute, 49 seconds. That fact serves as the proverbial canary in the coal mine as tonight Vince McMahon addresses the future of ECW. (On the other hand, 16 different wrestlers lasted less than 3 minutes in the Rumble, so ECW was not alone in being made to look small on Sunday).

The show began with Abraham Washington explaining his absence the last few weeks by saying NBC has offered him the Tonight Show spot. And here I thought his absence was because of divine intervention. Anyway, he turned down NBC’s offer to stay with the WWE Universe. He then bickered with Tony Atlas before bringing out Christian. Abe mentioned that Christian has held his title longer than any other champion in WWE. Christian actually said he didn’t know that, which lends great credibility to the title. Zack Ryder, fresh off of the career making one minute Royal Rumble appearance, interrupted. Incredibly, he then introduced Gregory Helms’ mugshot on the Titantron. He pointed out that Helms was a hypocrite and that he was the heart and soul of ECW. Christian came back by saying that Ryder was jealous because Helms was on TMZ and that he gets recognized in public. He then defended Helms by saying that everyone makes mistakes; like Tiffany giving Abe Washington a show, Christian appearing on the show, Ryder’s hairstyle and choice of “Tila Tequila” as a girlfriend. At that point, Washington and Atlas stepped between the two men and the show ended. By the way, it was never explained what Helms was arrested for, so that part of the segment went over a lot of people’s heads. This was a tolerable Washington Show, solely because of Christian.

Shelton Benjamin v. Vance Archer
Early on, Benjamin hit an impressive tope over the top rope and onto Archer on the floor. Returning to the ring, Archer tried to work a headlock but Shelton powered into a back suplex. Shelton sent Archer to the floor and tried a leap from the apron. Archer moved which sent Shelton crashing into the barricade. After a commercial break, Archer was working a pressure hold. He moved to a vertical suplex and then a side suplex for a couple of near falls. Archer missed a flying knee which led to Shelton’s comeback. He hit a hanging neck breaker into a near fall. In the corner, Archer sat down when Shelton tried for a sunset flip. Archer grabbed the ropes too soon and the referee had no choice but to disallow the pin. They awkwardly moved to a double takedown and pinning combination with Archer using his legs on the ropes for the pin. The first near was supposed to be the finish, I assume as they went for the same thing just a moment later. Archer completely blew the timing on the first one as he failed to wait until the referee got down to count the pin. All in all, this was just a mediocre match with a botched finish. After a couple months on television, it should be obvious by now that Vance Archer has nothing whatsoever to offer and is taking a roster spot and a push away from someone.
Archer d. Shelton, Pin 10:01, ½*.
The Raw Rebound focused on last night’s Bret Hart-Vince McMahon segment (well, it wasn’t going to focus on the Kofi Kingston-Big Show match). They plugged that they would show what happened between John Cena and Batista after the show went off the air on Smackdown, which is something different. And turning the Bret-Vince event into a tag team match is an obvious, but very wise decision, as I just do not see how Bret Hart and Vince McMahon can do anything credible in the ring at this point for any extended period of time.
Also, Christian and Zack Ryder was announced as the main event, not for the ECW championship presumably.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Trent Barreta
Each man’s tag team partner was at ringside. Yoshi started with a drop kick and arm drag combination. Barreta then used the referee as a shield to land a forearm which dropped Yoshi. Barreta got a near fall off of a standing drop kick. After a rest hold, Yoshi came back with a back body drop and a series of kicks. Going up to the top, Yoshi was caught by Barreta and a huracanrana. A rollup gave Barreta a long two count. Barreta argued the near fall which allowed Yoshi to hit a roundhouse kick to the head for the victory. The finish worked because the near fall prior to it was close enough where you bought Barreta arguing the call.
Yoshi d. Barreta, Pin, 3:59, **.

Vince McMahon came out to the top of the ramp and announced that in three weeks time, ECW will go off the air. He then announced a replacement in the timeslot, which would be the next evolution in television history. The whole promo lasted less than one minute.
In the ring, Gregory Helms introduced William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson. Helms tried to talk about Jackson losing on Sunday, but Regal turned to the arrest last week without actually explaining what happened. Regal and Jackson then double-teamed Helms for a minute. Christian ran down with a kendo stick, cleared the ring and made a belated save.

Christian v. Zack Ryder
Christian started with a spinning heel kick, sending Ryder to the apron. There, Christian tripped Ryder and followed up with a drop kick through the ropes sending Ryder to the floor. Christian went up top, but Ryder sidestepped Christian. Ryder then slingshot Christian under the bottom rope. Ryder connected with the rough Ryder leg lariat for a near fall. Ryder tried for a superplex but Christian pushed off and connected with a body press off the top rope. Christian used a flapjack and a missile dropkick off of the top rope for another near fall. The champ then attempted a springboard sunset flip but couldn’t get the leverage to pull over Ryder who nearly picked up the win with a counter. Ryder tried to follow up with a charge in the corner but Christian slipped out of the way and hit his pendulum kick. He then came off the middle rope with an elbow and connected with the kill switch. As Christian went for the decisive pin, Ezekiel Jackson and William Regal ran in for the disqualification. After the bell, Jackson fired Christian to the floor where Regal hit the knee tremble. Jackson fired Christian into the steps as the antepenultimate edition of ECW on SyFy concluded.
Christian d. Ryder, Pin, 5:29, **¼.

credit: Wrestling Observer

WWE ECW full episode/results

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In the ring, William Regal introduced Ezekiel Jackson and made mention of Zeke laying out Christian last week.

Jackson cut a very mediocre promo guaranteeing victory on Sunday. Christian began paraphrasing from the Book of Ezekiel. He then began running down the list of people he has beaten to retain the championship, including “creepy, pale British dudes.” He concluded by saying that it was two-on-one last week, but is two-on-two tonight bringing out Kane.

Christian & Kane v. Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal

The match began during the commercial break. Christian started by working over the arm of Regal. He hit a modified version of the code breaker which sent Regal into the corner. They did a double tag, which brought in Kane and Jackson. They both no sold shoulder block attempts before Kane put Jackson down with a clothesline. Christian worked with Jackson for a bit before tagging out to Kane. Jackson bullied Kane into the corner and the heels worked on the leg of Kane. After a nothing heat segment, Christian received the hot tag.

He hit a missile dropkick on Jackson but couldn’t turn him over for the kill switch. He did connect with a reverse DDT and cleared the ring of both heels. Christian hit a body press off of the top rope onto both men on the floor. The match went through another commercial break. Returning, Kane held the advantage on Jackson. Christian tagged in but Zeke managed to fire the champ over the top rope and drop him with a shoulder block on the floor. Regal went to work with a pressure hold before tagging in Jackson.

The heels kept the heat for a while with Regal using a double underhook suplex for a near fall. Regal set Christian up for a superplex, but Christian came back and hit an elbow off of the second rope. Kane tagged in and hit a back body drop, clothesline and side suplex. He then hit his chop off of the top rope. Jackson made the save, but Christian caught him with a crossbody off of the top rope. Jackson was sent outside where he rammed Kane into the post. Jackson was then able to make a blind tag to Regal who was taking a very sloppy kill switch. Zeke came from behind and the uranage on Christian for the victory.

For the most part, this was a dull match as Jackson just cannot do anything all that worthwhile in the ring. The heat segments, in particular, really dragged, though the last couple of minutes picked up a bit. This was the longest match on ECW TV in several months.
Jackson & Regal d. Christian & Kane, Pin, 18:14, *½.

The announcers ran down the card for the Royal Rumble and they replayed the preview packages which aired last night on Raw.

Backstage, Shelton Benjamin started to cut a promo about being in the Royal Rumble before Vance Archer jumped him from behind.

Goldust, Hurricane & Yoshi Tatsu d. Zack Ryder, Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft

Barreta and Croft each wore distinctive tights this week for the first time. Croft and Goldust started. Goldust hit an atomic drop, slingshot and big boot to get a near fall. He arm dragged Croft into the corner and tagged out to Hurricane. Ryder joined him and was promptly sent out to the floor. That led into a commercial break. Yoshi hit a deep arm drag on Croft after the break and tagged out to Goldust. The faces kept the advantage with Hurricane hitting a rana off of the middle rope onto Barreta. He then hit a baseball slide sending Barreta to the floor followed by a plancha. Barreta managed to trip Hurricane on the apron which allowed him to tag out to Ryder.

Ryder used some ground and pound and gave way to Croft who worked a full nelson. After Hurricane was setup in the corner, Barreta teased a springboard move but just landed on his feet without connecting with anything as a way to get heat (nice idea, but it failed). He did connect with a standing drop kick for a near fall. Ryder connected with a hanging neck breaker for a near fall. Hurricane was able to score a shining wizard on Croft and make the tag to Yoshi Tatsu. Off the hot tag, Yoshi hit a spinning heel kick and a back body drop on Barreta. He then went up top and hit another kick; Ryder made the save on the pinfall attempt.

All six men the hit the ring for a spell and it broke down to Yoshi and Barreta as the legal men. Yoshi connected with a roundhouse kick to the head for the deciding pin. This was a very well-worked main event.
Goldust, Hurricane & Yoshi d. Ryder, Barreta & Croft, Pin, 14:20, ***½.

credit: Wrestling Observer